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 Feb 2019 Janelise
Em MacKenzie
On Memory Lane with too much to give,
and in each block and cul desac  it’s all more exquisite.
Sometimes the place where you wish to live,
is only meant for a quick intense visit.
Just a wee write.
Twist of fate and time combine
puppet masters controlling with strings of twine
while dancing for the pleasure of the divine.
We tap our feet in times of war.
wearing smiles devoid of dread; corners pulled by string.
The eyes lack twine yet they remain closed.
Island of fantasy rather then choice
They have the hands, they have the feet, yet it is the minds they seek.
An awakened puppet is incalculable and rarely meek.
Crushing the mind they crush the will and
Strings of twine become steel
Aug 18, 2003
Your Crystal like body,
Shinning with cracks.
malicious sparkles.
Sharp facets.
Every chip, every drop,
That should have crystallized,
And then dropped off.
Has not.

Gorge on pain,
Revel in confusion,
Misery isn’t hereditary Like your back.
You can be happy.
Not seek out pain.
Is this what you want?

The girl I loved,
Is gone and missed.
Replaced by a miser of woes,
An unhappy beast.
That spits and sulks
Gone are the purrs.
The felicity.
The light.
I dated a wannabe corpse,
Not something I like,
Revel in your pain,
You can do it without me.
Everything brings you down,
Especially me,
That seems how you like it to be.

The girl I loved,
  Is gone and dead,
As are we,
Stop ******* with my head.

Love me.
Hate me.
Do both,
I don’t care.
Do whatever you want,
I’m not there
No more lords.
No more rules.
Dictated by cloud headed fools.
Dogmatic commands issued
from chairs in the sky.
Telling those without wings:
How we cannot live,
And terms when we die

Speaking endless promises
yet speaking in riddles,
circles, and lies.

Life is a game
Of slicked palmed
councils on clouds

Telling us,
Work hard enough!
Aspire high enough!
And you can earn your wings
of feathers and wax)
All your hard work
Will be rewarded at last!

So, work hard today
and pay us our taxes.
Perhaps tomorrow,
you get your wings.

All lies.
We toil today.
We toil tomorrow.
We toil until our loved ones
Gather in shared sorrow.
Buried with unfulfilled dreams
Of flying
 Dec 2014 Janelise
Thenay Cora
 Dec 2014 Janelise
Thenay Cora
Loving her
was like
in front of
a stone
and praying
for it
to come
to life.
 Nov 2012 Janelise
 Nov 2012 Janelise
he speaks a kind of
currency that could
pull the stars closer
if that kind of thing

were possible
(c) Brooke Otto
Neath night's velvet cloak
All sequin strewn, I turned,
Faced the wall and cried
 Sep 2012 Janelise
 Sep 2012 Janelise
I can't put into words
How I feel about you.
Three years and counting
And drawing a blank.
The love is there
All the love that I have.
But I just can't tell you...
How much
How long
Im really happy
But I can't express that on paper
I can't stress that you're perfect
And I don't deserve it, but...
I'll try by showing you
Im blessed to be knowing you
You're wonderful.
But my mind writes poems
About my single regret
My temptations
And my short comings
Never about you.
Maybe I fell in love
With a girl who...
Made the poet at a loss for words...
And I treasure you for that.
You took my breath away.
When my last thoughts fall
Like coins through Charon's digits
Who will hear them ring
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