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Bergen Franklin May 2015
The Rubber Bunny flew through the air
The Rubber Bunny gave me a scare
So I punched it in the face
It turned around and sprayed me with mace
I lay on the ground quivering with pain
The Rubber Bunny must be insane
I got up and ran
And Man oh Man!
That rabbit ran as fast as he can
The rabbit got tired and that slowed his run
I was about to grab him when he pulled out a gun
I got the gun out of his hand and my hand on his neck
He pulled a knife, I said 'what the heck!'
That rabbit was armed
And I was alarmed
He ran back to his hole in the ground
I was mugged I found
I didn't have my wallet
And when I looked inside his home, I saw it
I reached down into the ground
It was my wallet that I found
All of the sudden a sharpening pain
From the teeth of that rabbit so insane
I pulled my hand out with the rabbit too
I tried to think what to do
Once again I whacked him in the face
This time he did not turn with mace,
But with a grenade
Before I could stop him he yelled ?raid!?
Millions of bunnies came into sight,
I thought to use all my might
But they had overwhelming power
I thought I’d be dead within the hour
Grenades, mace, guns, knives
These bunnies will destroy many lives
Before I reached the edge of pain,
I realized why they were so insane
It turned out to be something funny
All they wanted was my money
The bunnies were about to attack
I had a stick and I gave it a whack
Blood squirted and I heard a scream
I thought I wiped out the entire team
But just when I thought I won the war
There was another, and more, and more
At about that time I had lost a thumb
A finger or two, or maybe some
I saw a rabbit go by with my toe
I think it was the rubber bunny but I’ll never know
And then with his teeth he pulled it apart
And all of the sudden he struck for my heart
At about that time the police showed
And now on my chest a stitch is sewed
And now I warn you to look out
He’s still in America without a doubt.
Bergen Franklin May 2015
la laa la la sing the happy song!
the smurfs... they told me to **** again...
la la laa, lasing the happy song all day long
noose to the toes popsicle stick up the nose...what great fun!
la laa la la
time to **** again
la la la laa
death is my friend, 80\'s cartoons tell me to **** again...
la la laa sing the happy song...
I have a collection of tongues nailed to a gong...
it rings quite happily with a happy song...
la la laa la la, sing the happy song
i wish i lived in hong kong. thums are in hong kong...
la la laa la... sing the happy song
skin is blue, teeth are red, only one is paint,
smurfs are good people are bad, who says I need meds?
la la laa la... sing the happy song
I lay my feet among human heads
la la laa la... sing the happy song
my walls were not always red,
I like to ring my gong w/ every added leg
it rings quite happily with a happy song...
la la laa la... sing the happy song
take a bow, reach in my pants
not for reasons you think my friend
la la laa la... sing the happy song
decorate the stage w/ happy brains..
sing the happy song!
Aug 2, 2003
Bergen Franklin May 2015
Wish I was there, yet I got my hair.
Do I dare? Rogaine is rare
Wish I was there yet I still got eyes to stare
Do I dare? I lost my hair
Is that fair? I do not dare, where’s my hair?
A hare has my hair!
Come hare, hare with my hair
Do I dare? The hare has my hair
It is very fair, my hair how could the hare dare?
What shall I wear? Everything matched my hair
Will the hare dare, it has my hair and could wear what I wear
That is a fair hair it is wearing what I wear, it dared!
The mare ate the hare and my hair!
I cant hurt the mare, it is the mayor of the mares, and it dared!
it is fair, do I dare, the mare is a fair mayor, that’s rare.
It’s not fair to hurt such a fair mayor, yet it has my hair.
The mayor took my eyes that stare for my hair, now what can I wear?
The hare will share, Rogaine is rare but hares are fair
A fair hare for Rogaine and the mayor
Wish I was there, yet I got my hair and ransom for the mayor
Written while listening to chicken dance on repeat.
Bergen Franklin May 2015
Twist of fate and time combine
puppet masters controlling with strings of twine
while dancing for the pleasure of the divine.
We tap our feet in times of war.
wearing smiles devoid of dread; corners pulled by string.
The eyes lack twine yet they remain closed.
Island of fantasy rather then choice
They have the hands, they have the feet, yet it is the minds they seek.
An awakened puppet is incalculable and rarely meek.
Crushing the mind they crush the will and
Strings of twine become steel
Aug 18, 2003
Bergen Franklin May 2015
Your Crystal like body,
Shinning with cracks.
malicious sparkles.
Sharp facets.
Every chip, every drop,
That should have crystallized,
And then dropped off.
Has not.

Gorge on pain,
Revel in confusion,
Misery isn’t hereditary Like your back.
You can be happy.
Not seek out pain.
Is this what you want?

The girl I loved,
Is gone and missed.
Replaced by a miser of woes,
An unhappy beast.
That spits and sulks
Gone are the purrs.
The felicity.
The light.
I dated a wannabe corpse,
Not something I like,
Revel in your pain,
You can do it without me.
Everything brings you down,
Especially me,
That seems how you like it to be.

The girl I loved,
  Is gone and dead,
As are we,
Stop ******* with my head.

Love me.
Hate me.
Do both,
I don’t care.
Do whatever you want,
I’m not there
Bergen Franklin May 2015
Some are the tundra, even- frozen smooth
Composure of permafrost, a stare of piercing blue
love, lust and affection, just amusements and games
numb with winters cold comfort
detachment comes across as aloof
Hidden by a tongue as slippery as ice
shrouded by a multi faceted coat shining
bending light
and bending will
before moving in for the ****

Some are deserts-extensive sun blasted sand
Intense burning passion
bright enough to peel skin
living, lively and loving but ever moving on
gone with a slip of the hand at the rising sun

Some are the seas-beauty untold
possessing a sirens voice ever in a sweet tone
a toast to sweet seductions call
and those who rode the calm too long
Unheeding of the red dawn

Some are the forests deep and alluring
wander at your own risk, you find the trees are moving
kick a skull here a knock over a femur there
all  quested too deep and became caught in trap and snare
beware all who enter there

some are the mountains-as deep as tall
a roller coaster of emotions
wind echoing emptily through valleys and peaks
everything of real importance
all the deep secrets
held in caves equally deep

The question is where do you fall
are you the icy calm?
the passionate sand?
The sirens call?
The trees shadow?
Or the mountains roots?

Are you one?
or two or all?
where do you fall?
Jul 6, 2004
Bergen Franklin May 2015
I beseech thee ;
forgive this gamblers mistakes;
his rash actions and large bets.
his rash words and brash bluffs.
for the *** is something he holds very precious,
and very dear,
something beyond
mere nickels and dimes.
mere twenties and tens.
for at stake is
not a something,
but a someone,
a her to be exact.
though he's only really known her two weeks.
she was long before a loyal and true friend.
and this, he doesn't want to end.
for friends can be lovers;
but lovers must be friends.
Feb 5, 2005
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