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3.3k · Sep 2012
Janelise Sep 2012
it surges through her.

the ability to bring you to your knees

with a single, longing look,

with a deep, lingering kiss,

and with an unbreakable, loving spirit.

rendering you helpless in her palms;

desperate to understand her qualms

and wishing

you were in her bed,

tossing and turning, but waking

next to someone that would cherish your everything.

your power.

Your sweet, moonlit eyes, bold hands, and a careful heart;

capturing any light

that she had shone on anyone else.
1.9k · Jun 2013
Janelise Jun 2013
the softness of my body will bring you comfort

and this is why you fear me

because my thighs touch in glorious wonder

leaving my sweetest of openings to secrecy.

i do not intend to follow your will

or your opinion of what is perfect.

because i know perfection…

i can find it amongst my many rolling curves

from the dimples in my thighs to the pokes to my thick sides.  

because plump, to me, is a decent word to describe

how my lips lay or how my apple bottom sways.

yes, i am rebelling against what you say

because i know im beautiful anyway.
1.6k · Oct 2018
Janelise Oct 2018
I am yours
And no ones
And everyones
And mine alone
            So alone.
Theres only so much
That i can be loyal to
I somehow always
Choose fealty to
1.2k · Aug 2013
Janelise Aug 2013
your lucid love makes me feel full

of hope

of doubt

of relief

and yet the tickle of your trembles keep me motivated.

there is a transparent need that could be associated with

tongue and cheek

but as you are between one

and in the presence of another—

we get milk; so sweet.
1.2k · Sep 2012
Janelise Sep 2012
there are nights when i drift to sleep

dreaming of things that will never be.

my imagination is colorful; open inside of me.

i see twisted trees and deepening plots;

peaceful seas and dancing pots.

i see us
not exactly done, i think...but right now i just love where it ends.
1.2k · Aug 2017
Janelise Aug 2017
i cant sleep.
my mind drifts back
to the night on the beach.
i remember how each breath
was in rhythm with the sea.
the taste of ocean air on warm lips, sweet.  
joy, happiness, and depth.
crashing waves, and you,
Opening me.
986 · Jul 2013
Something Profound
Janelise Jul 2013
i am a child of the sea;

floating and boundless.

and yet, i drift through time,

hell bent on finding ground.
860 · Aug 2013
Janelise Aug 2013
Now, here, is a woman who conquers.

She seeps into you,

between the cracks of your magmatic soul

to etch her love into your subconscious.

She will consume you while you gaze upon her,

spinning and sparkling, reaching the sky before the sun begins his shine.

That is her gift.

Her lips form words you’ve needed to hear whispered softly,

only to you;

and her body curves into your touch because tonight

you are the wind on her shores.

She is seduction; crashing destruction;

and you will lose yourself

only to her.
834 · Jul 2013
Janelise Jul 2013
why do i love skin?

because it tells warm infinite stories.

it opens your eyes and mind to a life lived in.

some could say It reminds them of personal pain

covered in scars and goosebumps like tattooed shame

and of course no one would argue

that the interactions theyve had when their skin received each ****

was more ****** than a loss of virtue

but its still an untarnished truth  

that they remain exquisite;

imperfectly honest and enchanting, too.
823 · Nov 2012
The Balance
Janelise Nov 2012
i saw you there,

dipped in shadow and filled with remorse,

whispering to me about twilight

and how freedom tasted sweet,

like tear sized stars ripped out of the palest moon.

your charmed brown eyes watering

as you looked away,


that all you wanted

was the heated balance

that she surrendered

on a silver platter.
756 · Jan 2014
Youre in bed, texting me.
Janelise Jan 2014
Laying on your side or
perhaps on your back with an idle arm
resting behind you.
and those eyes; tired, sweet, pale blue
puddles touched slightly by the moon.
groaning and shifting while your soft naked skin
invades the sea your sheets create with every move.
suddenly, feeling heat from places
you didnt expect.
and then, as if you were floating, you rest.
733 · Aug 2013
Janelise Aug 2013
I am in a weird place.

there is little i dont understand anymore

and i am gaining my footing

beginning to realize why

i was so hopeless

and why you felt

so much like home.
698 · Oct 2012
Janelise Oct 2012
soft were the minutes that ticked by

only noticeable by the subtle change of light

glistening off of your skin.

and the seconds that inched forward while

my hands devoured all of you in sight.

you sighed softly, at first, when my lips met your

shoulders, became acquainted with your neck, and my arms

****** the desire out of your pores.

while your mouth took mine; like a honey dipped burglar

stealing doubt from my lungs, i couldnt help but taste and think,

651 · Jan 2019
Janelise Jan 2019
put these desperate fingers to work.
Sit down and focus on smooth
Uncomplicated lines,
Bright beautiful colors,
And how the light turns your eyes into warm amber.

Instead, they shake and find my face.
They wipe away frustrated tears
because happiness is not easy
when I cannot see it as a possibility.
But still, I wish I could draw
anything but conclusions.
639 · Oct 2012
Aching Fingers
Janelise Oct 2012
his kisses tasted like futures lost and forgotten.

he was sweet but underneath his eyelids trouble lied;

this we had in common.

though, for those brief moments that he held me, in his arms, we were at ease;

we understood.

i will always remember his strong hands dressed in ardent whispers,

expressing more than painted need. yes, they settled arguments

and feigned complaints with their candy covered callouses

and sent shivers to the center of undiscovered parts of my being.

he was warm, burning, because i surrendered my heat.

he took it, palmed it, and expelled my inner demons with a flick of his wrist

and aching fingers.
631 · Dec 2012
Janelise Dec 2012
In my wildest fantasies

you are moving inside of me

with pieces and portions of my liquid being

dying your appendages; expressing my completion.

your touch, unforgettable, and not at all withholding,

driving us forward and bringing us closer

to another beginning crashing into a fitting end

where i finally stop singing your praises

and we are just friends again.
625 · Oct 2012
Janelise Oct 2012
he aches to rove about.
his soul is restless, yet he plays content.
he yearns for so much more,
though he attempts to stay caged.
the lonely lion paws desperately, trying
to make an honest connection,
taking leaps to the edges of unknown worlds.
just to feel again.
hoping to fall, fly, crawl or die
and always counting on an
earnest resurrection.
606 · Dec 2013
you are not alone
Janelise Dec 2013
"you are not alone"
she whispered to herself,
holding back tears of disbelief,
you are not alone
she thought, while she clenched her favorite pillow,
darkness closing in,
you are not alone
she tried to fight it, but it was too late, time had bent,
and the cold washed over her,
slowly, then all at once.
so, she curled into a desperate ball
and let the tears fall,
blinking simultaneously.
"always alone", he whispered
reminding her how little her reality meant.
598 · Feb 2014
Janelise Feb 2014
Cumin, Salt, Pepper.
Add these with love and letter.
never let her go.
596 · Mar 2014
Janelise Mar 2014
My mind is a prison - all on its own -
Pushing delicious propaganda;
For fun
for love
For just once more.
With the need to feel like someone's home.
Constantly reminding me
Of a searing heat,
Of a burning heart,
That loneliness is a chore.
That I want my fix.
That I want to be seen.
To finally be worth the risk.
592 · Jun 2013
Janelise Jun 2013
the salty beads of sweat,

that sweet smell of fading lust,

and the only thing keeping me from holding on forever.

that sultry look in your eye when i returned you to dust

and the feel of your lips on the nape of my neck;

because you were the one that kept me together.

those are the things i hold close to my chest.

they are pieces of loves that i hadnt really felt,

of roads i had never dreamt of being taken,

and there are no more words left

only pulsing tokens…
593 · Oct 2012
Instant Gratification
Janelise Oct 2012
the buttons on her sweater have never been more ripped

and the room carried on with that familiar shame, tear-filled scent.

those were the days of her life;

coming home from school, and finding him waiting

the rush and the fear,

anxiousness and now its fading

the only moments that allowed her to once feel love

now dashed into ramparts once dreamed of.

if the walls could speak then they would scream

‘shes just a **** with torn clothing and a broken spirit!’

even when it hurt,

even when he told her exactly what to feel.
524 · Dec 2013
Blue Lightening
Janelise Dec 2013
the sky seemed so clear then;

you, me, the storm, and a song.

we swayed and dreamed feeling the universe,

her swift and complicated hands,

drawing us ever closer to that desperate tipping point.

dropping you to your knees, world rocked,

and touching down on me.

we drifted and captured one another:

body on top of body, eyes closed, legs wrapped, lips locked.

and that blue lightening,

it never stopped.
514 · Dec 2012
Janelise Dec 2012
i want you to leave tender marks on my cinnamon skin

i need to be sore; to be reminded of where you've been.

id like bite marks and scratches;

a little pain mixed with pleasure and as the plan unhatches

we’ll fall further down the hole to something perfectly devastating

a twisted Disney world that is more than wonderful and tainting

because your hands will make me give you all of me

and whomever walks by our door will know

that we were there, connecting through marrow,

creating magical violet colored memories.
486 · Dec 2012
Janelise Dec 2012
bubbling underneath a smiling surface;

burning through my dimpled cheeks.

a feeling of frustration

unbreakable and deafening

making me see colors horridly beautiful

stealing the sleep from my eyes

and the quiet from my busy brain.

i hate this feeling,

this stagnant desperation.

its like a boulder breaking my spirit;

a red fashioned murderer of my inspiration.
476 · Oct 2012
Janelise Oct 2012
he suffers from bouts of lust
something that can only be cured by real love.
his loneliness expands past his hands
to touch no one but me.
he always says he's happy
but his goosebumps tell a different story
in a language i studied fully, dot by sensuous dot.
there is more to him, to us, than meets the eye
its powerful and deeply satisfying.
but,  i have to let him live his sullied peach toned lie.
474 · Jan 2013
edge of the bed
Janelise Jan 2013
my eyes opened slowly

to see you sitting at the edge of the bed

the light hitting your back and creating ***** shadows

where your skin begged to be touched softly

gripped ardently, and kissed eagerly.

but i watched, silently as you moved

because i was so caught in the very

distant and beautiful thought of you.
467 · Sep 2013
Janelise Sep 2013
She destroyed the walls of others

to rummage through their wreckage.

forcibly mending her waning parts

with what she considered jewel.

because some monsters are birthed

from torturous beginnings

like the scorching ashes of an angry sun

or the silence of a broken heart.
464 · Sep 2013
Janelise Sep 2013
the boldest sliver

of a tortured soul,

floating --aimless-- in her tempting sea,

will never fully grasp his

need to be whole but—fateless—

and  kept within naivety.

still,  it seems that,

her  honeyed deep

always had a way of making this

lost man feel --weightless--.
451 · Feb 2019
Janelise Feb 2019
The wind brought us here;
The slate, the dirt, the lava.
We congregate at the edge
Of the endings we did not
See coming.

Dealing with debris that we
Did not ask for. Forming our
Desperation into impenetrable
walls. Pushing our hope down
To the sea floor, erecting our issues with trust.

Raising mountains has never been
so perfect, so exquisite.
Growing in strength without resentment.
Attempting architecture so complicated
that even the gods are jealous.
450 · Sep 2012
Janelise Sep 2012
She looked down at the floor while

salty tears stung her eyes.

they felt like hot betrayal against her cool demeanor and apart of her

fell away.

He stood there awestruck that she had let him see all

that she had held back.

that it flowed out of her completely; melted her.

he reached out to hold her; to carry a piece of her pain,

to wipe the sweet droplets from her soft cheek.

but like the wind, she wished to be untethered, to be free

and before he could touch her punished skin,

she was gone.
449 · Jun 2018
Ocean air
Janelise Jun 2018
The air and the sea were once lovers.
Their romance was beautiful, tragic,
And well lit by the others.

He would lick her waves and she would ease his winds. Together, they committed the perfect sin.

The air  mirrored her anchor and the ocean promised he'd always have her but they reflected the sadness in eachother.

So, it all fell to the wayside. The winds and the tides.Though there was still an ache behind their storming eyes.
425 · Jan 2019
Janelise Jan 2019
Your face fills my mind.
Tear stained cheeks.
Trembling brown eyes;
even you -
so sweet,
Kind, and damaged;
My kin.
Owner of this very skin.
Burned and beaten
By an unforgiving sun
In a distant forrest.
You saved me.
When our world
Fell apart around us.
While we sat under this rotten tree,
Even there -
You vowed
to help me find peace.
414 · Sep 2012
I couldnt help it
Janelise Sep 2012
My chest tightened up, as if my muscles were

Fighting me; fighting the loss of you.

It seemed like a dream. Drowning me.

Something filling my lungs; fear, hope,


Then the tears came; Slowly,

Quietly, softly.

Neverending. Insomnia inducing.

Making me think of crazy things

Like emotions I want to be unafraid to feel,

things I want to do, and those words I want

So desperately to say;

I love you.
412 · Feb 2017
Janelise Feb 2017
I wish life was like a movie
Where the best moments were accompanied by perfect music; your heart
pitterpattering to the beat by serene sunset.

And when you met the one, When you held  him in your arms, youd get goosebumps. Thered be a spark; Your heart would stop,
for just a second.

And when you missed someone, they would miss you, too. When you saw them in your dreams they, too, would be tossing and turning, clearly yearning to be by your side.

But, no, sadly, this is real life.
405 · Dec 2013
Janelise Dec 2013
i have always wanted to drive someone over the edge;

breaking a willing, open heart.

enchanting  them to the brink of destruction

with only a soft kiss.

instead, you, sweetly,  tore me apart;

and i remembered our creation

with satisfying red bliss.
403 · Jan 2019
The push
Janelise Jan 2019
You snuck into my heart.

With sweet smiles and
Chocolate ice cream covered kisses.

One day we were separate,
The next, far too intimate.

One night, you held me while i spilled, all over you, on to the floor.

I remember it like it was yesterday
And I want to push it out of my brain.

And yet the moment remains treasured, anyway.
394 · Sep 2012
Janelise Sep 2012
We are subject matter.
constantly on the tips
of each others tongues.
391 · Aug 2013
Janelise Aug 2013
They say you bring smiles to faces
the light you shed is so penetrating,
it seeps
and you're so hard to ignore.
Even the flowers open to meet your gazes
while the ocean reflects your bright blue skies
but i see through you with these brown eyes,
and you cast the longest shadows
so dark;
so deep.
388 · Jun 2015
Janelise Jun 2015
A soul crushing loneliness
like the feeling of a sudden hurricane,
forcing you up and out of your home;
warm and safe.

And all along the wet streets
my heart hangs from sleeves, ready for slaying,
trusting all, too much, too soon;
but why wait?
384 · Oct 2012
Janelise Oct 2012
There is something about the way we move,

as if we've been here before,

as if nothing is the matter,

as if there could be more.

but then,

there is the truth; that we are broken and harmful,

willing to burst for a single armful

of what should be bliss

if we would, for a second, forget all of this.
382 · Oct 2012
Janelise Oct 2012
You are my enemy

twisting and turning

In the dark blue parts of me.

making me say things, most

sacred, with time slipping

away and causing dread

in its lapsing place.

you grow through me;

more amazing with every

decisive inch. So sweet are

your dewy petals, blooming as

if tomorrow’s skies are

undoubtedly bright.

as if I had any other choice

when I first saw his storming soul

burn through his eyes.
377 · Oct 2017
Janelise Oct 2017
I'm in love with being touched
Like im the only one you've ever wanted.

I must feel crashing crescendos and gravitational draws when we wax and wane.

Because, the moments we share are as enchanting as our ever growing celestial potential.

Bodies alive with the same tensions that tether the darkest corners of the universe; pulling us in.
366 · Mar 2014
Janelise Mar 2014
the clock reads
and sleep doesnt follow, even though my eyes slide closed every once and a while.
instead i replay
when we slipped into the sensuous abyss; when your touch solved me.
You stayed.
359 · Sep 2012
Today I noticed
Janelise Sep 2012
your bottom lip between your teeth, ever so sweetly,

as if you were holding in a secret.

and i remember thinking that i wanted to release it.

that i wanted to lean in slow and hear your breath hitch

while my hands found their places, one amongst your chest and

the other resting softly on your cheek. both feeling warmth

but only one feeling your trusting heart beat.

and i wanted our eyes to lock before our mouths parted slightly,

my lips trembling and slick yours nervous and freshly licked,

to connect our excitedly entwining tongues as they sang and swayed.

i remember thinking that you would make me giggle and that maybe,

in that moment, i could take your breath away.
357 · Feb 2014
Janelise Feb 2014
i cant stop thinking about you.

not even for a second.

in the grocery store, at parties, everywhere,

there you are

looking at me the way you did that first night we met

with your smile bright and your eyes wide

an entire night of possibilities lying ahead of us

and the heat.
342 · Sep 2013
it goes on
Janelise Sep 2013
it goes on.

like the universe

never ending,

perhaps forever trending.

yes, life is on going

and whole

the things misleading

and short-sighted

are our souls.
333 · May 2013
Janelise May 2013
no body thinks about us.

     they only care about what we puncture;

            the tasty meat, sweet fruit, and  the good intentions.

                      they never think of the sticky residue

                                                         left behind  

                                       and how we

                                                 will never be

                                           truly clean

327 · Aug 2014
Janelise Aug 2014
She rises from the flames.
that is the story,
that she was broken and beaten
and yet
she rose.

I've heard it told so many ways,
the history of the dragon.
the truth is that her heart was eaten,
heat swallowed
by earth.

and yet
her eyes, her ache
she burned.
Not done yet
326 · May 2015
Janelise May 2015
Creativity, ****** into me from something
called a beginning.
And his deep rumble of a chuckle reminds me
that despite the simplicity of nurture
humans are intricate beings
of an intimate nature.
Even when we do break, in anger or spite,
there's perfection in the heights of our peaks.
So, he slips me slivers of encouragement
with every plunge, buried deep,
before we drift off to sleep.
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