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Hjalmar Ekström Oct 2017
This is the end of the beginning.

I woke up in the dark.
A leap but no fall to remember.
The panic but no will to vanish.
Waiting in a corridor.
Driven mad by sirens.
A fragile memory.

Surrounded by friends and strangers.
Growing thirstier with every case of stairs.
Inventing. Connecting. Accelerating. Speeding forward.
A spark of the unexplainable.

Speaking with a new voice, I found myself in a dangerous way.
Laughter is the bane of control.
Be happy and kind.

No one to trust, everything to gain.
Focus on what is important.
When met with faces and words at high temperatures.
Miles from home and hours later.

This is the beginning of the end.
A trip to learn spanish a decade ago that went wrong.
Hjalmar Ekström Oct 2017
If I was a cat,
I would be orange and fat.
Meow meow,
meow meow.
Purring to some human chitchat.

Instead I am human,
Nothing but a feline fan.
Meow meow,
purr meow.
Be more than one thing, yes you can.
Hjalmar Ekström Oct 2017
I am robot.
Built for entertainment.
Bringing smiles and laughter.
My creators gave me a rockin' role.

Inside me.
Ones and zeroes play.
But blues runs through my circuits.
My audience have no clue to my code.

Elvis lives.
A king among kings.
Rusting from the inside out.
An iron heart with a human smile.
Hjalmar Ekström Sep 2017
Regularity at its best.
***** space and time at hand.
Covering my ears so I can hear the singing.

A clean space when the time is up.
Regularity comforts a moving mind.
When I no longer hear the singing.

Serenity can be a shining knight,
Today it is a shining interior.

— The End —