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Heather Mar 17
I used to think I would never fall in love
But after him all I do is fall in love
Over and over
But I never let anyone feel secure enough to love me back.

I fall in love again and again and again
In silent torture
Heather Mar 17
What is it called when the very act of being near someone makes you want to drive full speed off of a cliff?

But you can’t be without them.
Heather Mar 17
Smoke curls
Prison soap

Eyes nose throat


Eyes nose throat
Heather Jan 6
If it were one of the girls
I would tell them to run
Why do I not think I’m good enough to run
Heather Jan 1
It’s in the good morning texts
And the look of pain when he smacks my ***
The way you tease me about Joanne
And spray cologne to visit me on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s in the way you stroke the crest where scalp meets face
Brushing my hair behind my ears
And then stroke where legs meet hips
Making my toes curl and back arch

I love you.
  Dec 2020 Heather
in this world
everything  is important
before getting
after loosing
Heather Dec 2020
Glassy and red
But oh so crystal blue
They’re beautiful
When you make me cry
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