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HasnaShereen Apr 2020
Missing someone is like a waving ocean..   Both an endless emotion
HasnaShereen Apr 2020
An angel without wings
Desires to care with a sparkling gaze
Sleepless nights, restless work
They hold strain and treat our pain
Aye, they are the true heroes
Wearing scrubs lacking capes
HasnaShereen Apr 2020
It's as a pearl in its shell
Not oppressed as you spell

You judge us for what we wear!
This we wear for what we care,

My beliefs bring me relief
I'm free, please don't weep for me

This is to please my creator
Not to impress the creation!
HasnaShereen Apr 2020
My little friend,
I'm sure you are in the best hands now
who sees everything up above,
Where there will be no sorrow

My little friend,
This is a world of insanity
Human without humanity
Becoming a place for calamity

Hey world,
As we slowly destroy the earth
Will you ever learn the lesson?
Find yourself deep, feel your heartbeat!
Where is the love? where is the fairness?

— The End —