19h Nasira
Ace Loren
Help me.
Her cry could be
Heard over
Hills and
Hells, and the cries of
Heathens and
Harlots and whores.
His lips smacked
Hard against each other, already tasting
His tongue
Had already anticipated
Her neck, the neck that protects
Her voice, the voice that was stolen by cries for
Help, over and over and over again
He invaded
Her body, but crushed
Her spirit, and speared
Her soul.
He didn’t steal
Her virtue.
He stole
Her light.
He smothered it with
His body, covering every inch.
Here is the story of
Her and
Her daughter and
Her daughter’s daughter, and every woman that ever lived.

Here is
Her story.
Nasira Mar 29
It was September when I came undone
Called my mama and told her I found the one
And then January came
My life became
Centred on yours
Moth to flame
But the flame burned bigger and I burnt raw
And then one day
"I can't be with you anymore"
But how can I abandon you when you're a part of my being
A kidney, a heart, a wound un-healing
And you say you're a fighter, so where's your fight?
There in the morning and gone by night.
And my heart asks me how to forget you
Your laugh and your smile and your cowardice too
But the thing about night is that it always turns to day
The thing about wounds is that they always fade
The thing about pain is that we don’t remember it when it goes away
The thing about you?
Well when you're gone, then gone you'll stay.
Nasira Mar 14
At night I stare at the moon and remind my Heart to stand
And my Brain warns me to yearn not for what I can't have
"It's unattainable, an impossibility. Don't you understand?"
Then tonight you let me hold my palm to your chest
And now my Heart storms upon my Brain with a marching band
"Tonight the moon stared back at her.
Tonight she held the moon in her hand"
Nasira Mar 9
boys like you smell of mint and wood and pain
and taste like my insatiable thirst and the midsummer rain

bringing an array of gifts to girls like me
chocolate for breakfast and heartbreak for afternoon tea

boys like you rarely have time to stop, stare and rue
but boy, time stops to stare at you

boys like you bolt their hearts in golden chains
and have vengeance in their eyes and titanium in their veins

an impenetrable fortress deaf to my love's incessant humming
Boy you are my wreckage, my destruction.
My unbecoming.
  Feb 15 Nasira
You must've misunderstood the type of women I was raised by
Because when they rose their fist and shouted
they did not put it down to raise me
But instead lifted me by their shoulders and showed me how to raise my own
Nasira Feb 15
Little girl who taught you
that your body is an object of shame
Girl of God
of Truth

Who taught you to hide
When you hear his name
Girl of blood
of power
of pain

Little girl who taught you
To be timid and tame
Girl of wrath
of beauty
of flame

Listen to me girl
Fight your demons for a longer while
Girl, little girl, I taste the revolution
             in your smile
This one is special to me. I hope it speaks to you too. Girl, little girl, we're one and the same.

A luta continua.
  Feb 15 Nasira
Boy just take it easy
Boy just take it slow
Please don't give up now
You have so much further to go

Put that gun down boy
Step away from the ledge
All the demons your fighting
Don't have to stay in your head

Let me help you boy
Let me be your light
You and I together boy
We'll give 'em a hell of a fight

This is it boy
It's time for war
With me by your side
It'll be easier than before

We got this boy
We won't back down
We'll take 'em all on
We'll knock 'em to the ground

Boy let's take it easy
Boy let's take it slow
All the demons you fight
Will no longer call you home
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