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Nasira Oct 2018
We laugh then we fight
I'm wrong
No I'm right
Our fairytale exploding
The fears that we're holding
He tells me loves me
I am his life
But its hate in his eyes in the morning
I love you on his lips at night
And i love him too.
I do.
I do
God, I really do.
I fight the demons in his head
He lies naked in my bed
I cry I scream
But this is the dream
My nightmare come to life
Our fantasy our extreme
personalities come apart at the seams
And we're on the brink
Of a lifetime bond an eternal link
All the cold coffee we drink
While he tells me what he thinks
And he thinks. And he thinks.
But thoughts don't do.
They live in your mind
Like molten flaming glue
But I love him
I do.
******* I do.
And if I could do it again
Old borrowed and blue
I'd say it again
I do.
I do.
I do.
Nasira Jun 2018
tell me what ill is it of me
that you can say by tongue or pen
that i haven't already screamed at a mirror
a thousand times over
a thousand times again

but i have faced far worse than you before
and will face a hundred more
and then
i fight and pray and survive
a thousand times over
a thousand times again
Nasira Jun 2018
Ceiling beams wooden floors
Fur blankets satin sheets
Lace curtains sliding doors
Velvet covered seats
Once in time there was yours and mine
And an exchange of yellow flowers
But hopes climb, promises Divine
And soon there's only "ours"
Don't need no shrine
No place to dine
Things that can be exhanged
For a dollar sign
Don't need no chrome no golden dome
Or sparkly gowns so fine
You are my heart my soul my own
My single measure of time
You are my platinum my silver my gold
Darling, you are my home
  May 2018 Nasira
Ace Loren
Help me.
Her cry could be
Heard over
Hills and
Hells, and the cries of
Heathens and
Harlots and ******.
His lips smacked
Hard against each other, already tasting
His tongue
Had already anticipated
Her neck, the neck that protects
Her voice, the voice that was stolen by cries for
Help, over and over and over again
He invaded
Her body, but crushed
Her spirit, and speared
Her soul.
He didn’t steal
Her virtue.
He stole
Her light.
He smothered it with
His body, covering every inch.
Here is the story of
Her and
Her daughter and
Her daughter’s daughter, and every woman that ever lived.

Here is
Her story.
Nasira Mar 2018
It was September when I came undone
Called my mama and told her I found the one
And then January came
My life became
Centred on yours
Moth to flame
But the flame burned bigger and I burnt raw
And then one day
"I can't be with you anymore"
But how can I abandon you when you're a part of my being
A kidney, a heart, a wound un-healing
And you say you're a fighter, so where's your fight?
There in the morning and gone by night.
And my heart asks me how to forget you
Your laugh and your smile and your cowardice too
But the thing about night is that it always turns to day
The thing about wounds is that they always fade
The thing about pain is that we don’t remember it when it goes away
The thing about you?
Well when you're gone, then gone you'll stay.
Nasira Mar 2018
At night I stare at the moon and remind my Heart to stand
And my Brain warns me to yearn not for what I can't have
"It's unattainable, an impossibility. Don't you understand?"
Then tonight you let me hold my palm to your chest
And now my Heart storms upon my Brain with a marching band
"Tonight the moon stared back at her.
Tonight she held the moon in her hand"
Nasira Mar 2018
boys like you smell of mint and wood and pain
and taste like my insatiable thirst and the midsummer rain

bringing an array of gifts to girls like me
chocolate for breakfast and heartbreak for afternoon tea

boys like you rarely have time to stop, stare and rue
but boy, time stops to stare at you

boys like you bolt their hearts in golden chains
and have vengeance in their eyes and titanium in their veins

an impenetrable fortress deaf to my love's incessant humming
Boy you are my wreckage, my destruction.
My unbecoming.
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