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Gulishta Aug 2020
A long route taken
To make sense of an emotion
A war wedged inside...
If it does or doesn't matter?

To see three different sides
The sides of an action
Hurt and heartache aside
Just find a conclusion.

Gathering the pieces
Work towards conviction
The Judge and jury assigned
To work through confession.

See three different sides
The sides of an action
To overcome and make sense
The sense of an emotion.
Gulishta Jun 2019
As the night descends upon,
The aloofness washes away.
As the world slows down,
And the truth starts to sway.

The lustre and the shine,
Shedding like yesterday's wardrobe.
The flames are siren's call,
The sailors turns to moth.

The pretense,
       The living of the lie.
The hard truth,
       Staring back right into the eyes.
The washed away makeup,
       The scars and spots back to life.
The smile that hurts,
        Returning to that smile.

The face of unknown,
      The body still feel the same.
The warmth you're looking for,
      In the pleasure that aches.

You are me
      And I am you.
Wishing for the moment,
       That I was loving you.

The darkness of the night,
      Everything turns too bright.
A 3 am reality....
                   Turning off the light.
Gulishta Mar 2018
You loved me for that moment. .
Why should I ask you to love me forever.?
It was enough for me....
                         to know you ..
I won't change it for the world.
It was the best....
                       while it lasted.
We had a tremendous time.
It was beautiful...
                       Please don't be sad.
We got what we wanted. .
                It doesn't matter for how long.
Can you imagine??..what a tragedy it would've been..
                 Not knowing you at all?...
I'll carry a part of you with me .
You carry a part of me..
       In the long down future ....
You smile when see me..
And I'll smile with all the light and memories that you left with me.
Gulishta Sep 2018
Tangling your wings,
      With a thread.
Not caring to fall,
       Or any other threat.
Flapping and flagging,
       Still try to fly.
Abandoning your nest,
       For a flight in the sky.
Keeping the promises,
      Taking the dive.
Trusting the wind,
      Hoping to survive.
Having one end,
      Around your neck.
Sharpened your beak,
     Been ready to strike.
Defying the gravity,
      The stubborn polite.
Grasping the straws,
      Remembering the fight.
Will it be you or me,
      Is left to decide.
Cut through the thread,
      It will be us that you'll sacrifice.
Gulishta Sep 2018
I met a woman,
          On my daily jog.
She was my lookalike,
          Walking with a dog.

The parameter that surrounded,
It changed in that moment.
We were somewhere else,
Change of a second or may be a minute.

I saw her ghost-like skin,
I saw the redemption she was seeking for her sins.
I saw a battered mind,
I saw those dead but piercing eyes.

I tried to communicate,
Couldn't read her mind.
She tried as well,
Then she vanished from my sight.

It was an experience,
     I can't explain.
It stopped me there,
     Lured me to see,what I'm trying to gain.

I knew the path I was walking,
Will get me there.
Where I was someone,
That I can't seems to bare.

Knowing what's going to happen,
Left me reeling.
Knowing there was a possibility of loosing;
Everything that I hold dear,
Everything that I want near.

It took me a moment to realise,
There wasn't a ghost I was seeing,
Just a trick of my unconscious mind.

It was an awakening,
I didn't knew I was waiting for,
It was an opportunity,
To change what could happen and maybe being more.
It was a blessing.....
And it was a curse.
It changed the facts and the future...
And everything that could've occurred.
#blessing  #curse
Gulishta Dec 2017
There was this girl. .
   Living her life in peace. ..
      There was she,her books and poetry. .
             Then a boy came. ...
                   And swept her off her feet. .

Maybe she was looking for a friend.
Didn't wanted to complicate what could've been a simple to an extent.
She didn't realise that life doesn't work that way,
Whenever you think you have it under control.
It will ****** it away. .

It wasn't her life she was living. .
Don't know when but she started believing. .
The boy wasn't a part of the plan..
Those feeling couldn't be a part of her plan..

Manipulated and justified action..
Suppressed and false reactions. .
Then it changed drastically. .
She was baffled basically. .
But what could've been done about it? .
She was the one who didn't do anything about it.

Now,she is back..
living her life in peace. .
Where there's she,her books and poetry.
Does it matter? ..
That there are pieces where her heart should've beat. .
It was a borrowed life. . Never her's. .
Still. ..loosing it does hurt.
Gulishta Dec 2017
I have a confession.
I'm scared.
I'm overwhelmed.
I'm not thinking straight.
I've never been more afraid.
I'm losing it.
This feeling is becoming an essential.
I can't accept a partial.
It's cutting me deep.
It's making me bleed.
It's grazing on my heart.
It's tearing me apart.
It's blurring my vision.
It's raising the suspicion.
And It's becoming consuming.
Gulishta Sep 2018
Weaving my hand through your hairs,
I wanna hold you and keep you there.
Sole object of your attention,
Every minute,every second you could spare.

Being on top of your priority list,
My commend your every wish.
You and me an us,
Without you I can't exist.

So many boundaries keeping us apart,
A wish for a moment,just for a moment.
I could forget about that.

I want to touch your face with my fingertips,
See your eyes up close.
I wanna trace your every feature,
Memorise your cologne.
I wanna mark your skin with my teeth,
Smother you with my lips.
I wanna hold on to your solid arms,
Hear your every hitch in your breath.
I wanna tear down your walls,
Make a home in your heart.
I wanna hold your hand in the street,
Kiss you on the dance floor.
I wanna cherish being in love,
Shout it at the roof top.

My last sight your smile,
My last breath your name.
My last lesson your love,
My last tear on your face.
My last bed your arms,
My last reality your surname.
Gulishta Nov 2017
The innocence of childhood.
The excitement of learning something new.
The process of growing up.
The hustle bustle of teenagers.
The hide and seek in the street.
Riding the bicycle for the first time.
Getting A+ in least favourite subject.
The increasing trophies on shelf.
The collection of stupid things .
The crushes on movie stars.
The understanding of friendship.
The push and pull of relationship.
The hovering of parents.
The annoying interference of siblings.
The first love.
The stepping into adulthood.
The going through college.
The torture of professors.
The experience of heartbreak.
The first hangover.
The process of finding the job.
And starting the "adult life".
The finding of forever.
Making a life together.
And starting a family.
And here's come the new circle.
Gulishta Jul 2019
On a certain moment of your life,
You will think about. ..
What is it that you've achieved? ?or
What is it that you've earned?

Is it the material you've collected? ?
Or the emotions you've felt??
Is it the grand gestures you've received?
Or the moments of eternal peace? ?

Are the relations made for life?
Or the life made for relations? ?
Does love conquer all?
Or it doesn't matter at all. .

A life before the death. .
A life lived without the depth. .
Insignificant. ..extra...or ordinary. .
A life of big.....or a life of small? ?
So many questions. ...
No one answers anymore.
Gulishta Mar 2018
He came to my life..
When I wasn't expecting him.
He stayed for four days.
And I lost my everything to him.

I didn't know how that happened! !
We were just doing what felt right.
Now I can't get him out of my mind.

I want him to come back.
I told him to go.
I wish there was another world.
Where he and I can have more.

Now I wish him the happiness.
And someone to fill his loneliness.
To have a good and fulfill life.
And a love to last a lifetime.
Gulishta Feb 2019
A fragile innocence,
    A demon trying to steal.
A family sworn to protect,
    And a witch fighting to heal.

The powers and priorities.
    The assets and liabilities.
The friends and allies.
    The duty and responsibilities.

The friends became the foe.
    The loved ones are lost.
The spells of protection.
    And the truth trying to cloak.

The harness of pain,
    The threads of sanity.
The switch between the brothers,
    In exchange with clarity.

To defeat the monsters,
    The family should stick together.
Even demons and monsters are afraid,
    Of their always and forever.
It's inspired by a show I watched a while ago.
This always and forever stole my heart.
Gulishta Nov 2017
My mind is a mess.
This game of life,
Really similar to chess.
I don't know what is right or wrong.
I don't know ,if I wanna be with someone or stay all alone.

I'm trying to solve this puzzle.
Everytime I come close ,
There's another one.
I don't know what to believe.
I don't know,if I should be scared or relieved.
Should I enjoy this feeling?
Or run for the hills??

Maybe it's a bad thing,
My lack of experience.
Or Maybe I shouldn't,
Take this That seriously.
Gulishta Jul 2018
I asked you to let it go,
    You kept chasing me .
I told you there isn't any us,
   You choose to ignore me.
I asked you to knock it off,
   You kept being cheesy.
After all these things,
     How can you blame me?
On ever turn ....
              I feel your watching.
At every moment. ..
              I see you waiting.
Even if I wanted to..
               I can't force the feeling.
Am I actually reason for your heartbreak? ?
     Or you just refuse to see it?
If I hadn't make myself clear. ..
   You are nowhere near my head or heart baby.
Gulishta May 2018
Another day of waiting,
Another day of hoping,
Another day of thinking,this might be it.
Another day of feeling drained,needing to recharge it.
Another day of praying,
Another day of realising ,God have another plans.
Another day of trying to get it out of my head.
Another day of working on being optimist.
Another day of being bone tired ,and trying not to resist.
Another day of moving,because it's required.
Another day of not letting my mind loose.
Another day of wishing to have a choice to choose.
Another day of smiling for others.
Another day of living just see another.
Another day of waiting ,
Another day of Hoping,
Just another one praying.
Gulishta Nov 2018
Waking before the dawn,
Chasing the sunrise.
Rushing over the work load,
Being on TIME.
Carrying a casserole filled with,
Exotic aroma and spice.
Planning and plotting in front,
Dropping the hints behind.
Building an unmeasured,
an anticipated delight.
Waiting and watching,
Your annoying secret holding smile.
You were not very good by the way,
Or were you just pretending to hide?
It was all in open,
But I couldn't contain my high.
I was so bumped when you told me,
There wasn't even a surprise.
You actually fooled me,I'll give you that,
Started calling myself stupid and naive.
And I wanted to **** you,when you exposed,
Your ill hided and goofiest  birthday surprise.
Gulishta Dec 2017
LOVE....a four letter word.
It's beautiful if it's in your favour..
It's ugly if it's not.
           I've seen an ugly side of love.
It breaks you..
     Shatter you....
          Consumes you...
                   Becomes you...

It have a dark side.
  It will always be in front of your mind,
     No matter how badly you want to keep it aside.
   It will **** your soul right out of you.
It won't let you feel anything else..
Any other emotion...
joy,happiness,satisfaction, pleasure nothing.
All you can feel is it...
All you can see is it...
It will make you search for yourself over and over again.
It will make you a habitual to feel the pain.
It won't let you overcome it. .
No matter how hard you try.
It will a constant always trying to pry.

And at the end.....
You will become it.
You will be the ugly side of love.
You will be the thing you were running from.
You will be what you hated the most.
Then maybe..not loving wouldn't have been the worst.
Gulishta Nov 2017
He said,
I like you, a little.
I want you, a little.
I trust you, a little.
Wanna be with you, a little.
Wanna love you, a little.

I said,
I don't think it's possible.
That my decision is irreplaceable.
That I wouldn't let this happen.

Then why?
I was the one to fall.
I was the one who couldn't be alone.
After knowing everything all along,
Why am I the one who couldn't keep,
My head and heart apart?
Why am I the one,with a broken heart?.
Gulishta Apr 2020
I tried to walk slow
To always look for you
To take the life in pieces
But I can't anymore...

To hold inside my heart
Your pains your secrets
To look the other way
When you broke me to pieces.

To love you with all of me
To be your only constant
To be the love you hate
To let you be my only mistake.

I was struggling to find
The love I hoped for myself
But the dreams I lived
The dreams of your eyes..

The light was yours
While I burn like a candle
There was only a spark
But we made the fire.

A star shine in the sky
You made me the night
I hold on to your darkness
Onto the hope to be alright.

But the harder I hold
The faster you slipped
The dreams of us forgotten
I'll let you live in your bliss.

Maybe it's worth saving
But I can't save it anymore
Maybe it's my destiny
But maybe.... it's not.
Gulishta Apr 2019
A perfect poem...
   Is it the one that's well written,
Or the one having a greater meaning.?
   Is it the one with perfect verses,
Or required a perfect rhyming?
   Is it the one that speaks to all,
Or the one having hidden mysteries?
   Is it the one that let you vent,
Or the one with you wouldn't deal?
   Is it the one that opens wounds,
Or the one that makes you heal?
    Is it the one that came out of a chaos,
Or the one describing the peace?
    Is it the one that told the tale of the chains,
Or the one giving you freedom wings?
    Is it the one about the Prince charming,
Or the one exercising the demons?
    Is it the one describing the vast beauty of the nature,
Or the one about havoc of disaster?
     Is it the one that makes you smile,
Or the one that bring tears in the eyes?
     Is it the one that's written with the ink,
Or the one that bled through it all?

I'll say perfect is overrated. ..
  A poem is what that smooths an ache within the soul you never knew existed.
Just being able to pen down the thoughts gives an immense joy that you can't buy anywhere in this world.
And being brave enough to put it out there to be judged and commented that itself is a perfect poetry!!.
Gulishta Dec 2017
You were music and sunshine.
You were laughter and light.
You burned so bright while having a dark side.
When you were around. ..
                           I felt alive.
I was unstoppable. ......
                           With you by my side.
You inspired emotions. ....
                           And intense feelings.
You became my muse....
                         Made writing easy.
Then you left....
                    Took away my words with you.
Now I'm a poet ...
          Struggling to write anything that doesn't remind me of you.
           Every word feel dishonest.
           Every verse broken.
           Every promise a lie.
           Every poem incomplete.
          And I'm trying to get by.
I let you go...
            Because you wanted me to.
I closed the door...
            I thought it'll help me through.
Just please return my words...
           Then go back to being you.
Gulishta Nov 2017
Your innocence is what captured me first,
Then your personality became elixir for my thirst.
You were always too witty,
Used to make my jaw gritty.
Then you started to look cute,
And I knew the chances of being something between us were acute.

One day suddenly it strucked me,
That you became a big part of me.
I started to look forward to our banter,
And every other interesting encounter.
You were every thing that I didn't wanted,
Now it feels, for you I've waited.

But I'm too afraid to say.
What happens if you wants me away?
Should I risk already good relation and my heart?
Would it be the end or a fresh start?.
Gulishta Dec 2017
The first time I saw him.
He had a far away look in his eyes.
I couldn't look away.
He was the most beautiful of the sights.

Next time,
He was talking with his hands.
I stood on sidewalk, tried to understand.
He looked at me, gave me a nod.
Acknowledging my presence, still leaving it alone.

It was the fifth or maybe sixth time,
then he talked.
For a second, my breathing, my heart, my world has stopped.

His eyes hypnotising.
His voice a song written just for me.
His smile made the world lit up.
And the confidence to never give up.

He was the wind,I was the dust.
floating with him,with a blind trust.
He did everthing right.
I did what I could to make our future bright.

Then he left. ..without a backward glance.
Now I'm a shell of a person. ..
Struggling to give love a second chance.
Gulishta Nov 2019
If it was possible..
I would exchange my heart,
With an eve bark...
So that someone will write,
Something this beautiful about it.
Someone once said to me're
Like a symphonic conductor in an auditorium...and it made me work harder in very aspect of my life not just writing. ..I'm so thankful for that support..
This is for you:):)
Gulishta Dec 2019
Maybe the thing you always thought that was right for you ...was always has been the wrong thing...
Maybe the one thing you thought would complete you...was the thing that made you feel hallow...
Maybe the beautiful illusion was just that an illusion... hiding the one beautiful ugly from your wretched heart.
Gulishta Mar 2020
It's been a while,
      But I still got time.
Still fighting the night,
      Still reviving the light.

The journey goes on,
      And the life keeps moving.
Weight on the wings increased,
      Still flopping them for flight.

It's been a while,
     Still trying to write.
The same old pain,
     With some different lines.

Nice to see you around,
      Oh yeah...I'm also fine.
Still hoping for better,
       And I still got time.

It's been a while,
     Still keeping us aside.
The chaos keep erupting,
     But I find it alright.

The labyrinth we called life,
     The way I'm trying to find.
The Blood went icy,
      Then the fire you ignite.

It's been a while,
      Prayers keep us live,
Buried under the mud,
      Still wish to survive.

It's been a while,
     I'll see you again sometime.
Without the pins and needles,
    Then it will be alright.
Gulishta Dec 2020
It's crazy attractive to get away
                         With a perfect crime.
Slicing one's heart    
                         With a cold butter knife.

Frown or hide away
                        Behind a sinister smile.
Lure the prey with warmth
                       End it...with a perfect strike.
Gulishta Nov 2017
I was high on your love.
But the reality sobered me up.
I was floating on the cloud nine.
Then I realised that you'll never be mine.

But I'm okay! !..I've accepted it.
That sometimes that just it.
This thing between you and me.
I'm gonna behold and cherish it.

I promise to be your sacred place.
Where you can be anything you want.
I promise to be always there for you.
No matter what it is that you want.
Just be my friend,
Trust me we're gonna have a blast.
Gulishta Nov 2017
I'm happy,that you are happy.
I'm celebrating your love.
I'm standing here beside you.
Watching you walking down the aisle,
Toward your one true love.

I pray to God everyday,
For him to never let you loose your smile.
I'm asking him to take care of you,
Since I've given up on what has been mine.

You've asked me,
if I ever fell for someone,
If I  ever missed someone.
I didn't answered,just walked off,
Then I looked up in the sky and said

You have a life,
full of love ahead of you,
Don't ask me to come back.
You have everything you ever wanted,
Just loose your best friend.
Gulishta Dec 2018
Choked throat.        
        Rough voice.
                   Ringing ears.
                            And stinking eyes.

River of thoughts.
         Hazy with the fog.
                 A lump formed in stomach.
                        Burning a hole from inside.

Standing on top of the hill.
        Swaying with the wind.
               Grasping straws to hold on.
                       Couldn't stand still.

Hands shivering.
            Emotions leaking.
                What a tough task it is.
                        To just keep breathing.
An apology.
          Or a sacrifice.  
                 The only love possible.
                         Is with the one with sharp edges and hard eyes.
Gulishta Feb 2018
The things I've never said.
The emotions I was too afraid to express.
Why?..why I didn't tell you?
What you mean to me.
Why ?..why I didn't accept your love?.
Instead of being mean to you.
Is it too late now??
Can I say it to you somehow?
That ..
For me you are the rotation of the earth.
That I miss you with my every passing breath.
You are the sunshine on the black stormy night.
You are my smile.
You are my expression,
when its hard for me to express.
You are my joy in the time of stress..
I wanna say come back to me. ..
But I won't.
Because baby!!! deserve far better than me.
Gulishta Sep 2018
A known stranger,
An unknown blood tie.
A bond formed by truth,
A relation tangled in lies.

A manipulative familiarity,
An aching small piece of mine.
A place darker then night sky,
A light resurrect everytime it die.

The hatred lurching,
Underneath blinding smile.
A soothing presence,
On other side of the phone line.

Hands raised,
To sooth the ache.
Inflicted by the sworn,
Proctector of this life.

Authorities,making decisions.
Certain rules seems to apply.
The duty left to fullfil,
By another,keeping on stand by.

Being yours,
           Is a curse.
Not being yours,
           Is certainly worse.

Identity crises,
      Or maybe crises of a life time.
Comes the time to pick,
      Still choose the blood tie.
Gulishta Oct 2017
Sitting here thinking about my life,
There's a darkness, not an ounce of light.
Battered, shattered wings,
Sadness flowing and consuming like the wind.
Tears left my eyes dry,
Questioning, if I'll ever fly.
They asked, why am I depress?
There's no way I could express.
Sitting over here,wondering what to do?
Situation out of hand,my life never looked so blue.
Looking around myself,
Everything's covering in itself.
I'll walk a road of thousands of miles,
Where no one can say when to smile.
If only I have the courage to fight,
My life can take anothere height.
Gulishta Mar 2019
Sometimes I like looking at the world without my specs on...
Like the world is a painting that had an accident with water.
Undefined lines.
Unexplained sides.
Unsharpened edges.
And Unseen emotions.

Smudged together like a make-up artist working in a hurry..
Like world is a canvas for an apprentice.
Unmade faces.
Undisturbed innocence.
Unclear visions.
And unsolved equations.
Gulishta Nov 2019
Start from the beginning. ..
From the ins and outs of the shadows
Lurking just underneath
The righteous path you've chosen.

Let it flow through your veins
Direct to your heart
Let it direct you to the darkness
You're trying to hide from.
To become something
You're supposed to be
Rather being someone
You meant to  be.

Tell me about the courage
You've found within the Hopelessness
About the moment
Where you've found the solace in your darkness
The acceptance you've given yourself
About the emotion that made you decide
About not wanting the approval
Of the ones who broke the promise
To love you unconditionally.

Where you broke the chains
Binding you to everything
You've known to know
Exactly what it's like
To be the supporting character
In your own story.

And about the out of  body experience
And the knowledge that
It was you all along
Who held the cards
Just didn't know the play...

The prison felt like the home
Or the home was the prison
You were the key to it all...

Tell me about how you found it
To break free.
I was kinda unsure about this one...but it felt like I needed to share it...this one doesn't have rhymes and proper Verses. ..but still one of the closest to my heart.
Gulishta Oct 2018
Sadness creeping from every side,
Seeping into my bones.
A curtain falls like a thick fog,
Blurred vision,can't see anymore.

This thing inside my chest,
Out of control,bleeding.
Then shattering into a million pieces.

An Explosion so deafening,
Didn't make a sound.
Little needles running through my veins,
Turning me inside out.

It felt like shards of glass,
Piercing, cutting,hurting,
Then settling in my chest ,
A knock out punch,
Making it hard to breath.
Gulishta Feb 2018
I wanna hold still,
     But wanna keep moving.
I don't want a choice,
     But the choice of choosing.
I wanna stay ahead,
      But so far behind.
I wanna live on the edge,
     But with a precocious mind.
I want you to let me go,
     But hold on to me tight.
I wanna fly in the sky,
     But with my feet touching the ground.
I wanna loose it all ,
     But still want to survive.
I wanna be alone,
     But with someone by my side.
Gulishta Mar 2018
Can you hear me??
    I'm calling you....
             Without my words.
Can you feel me??
    I'm touching you....
             With my presence.
Can you see me??
   I'm right there....
               Besides you.
Can you exist? ?
   With or without me??
Can you smell me??
   I'm living in your essence.
Can you live??
   As I'm alive for your breath.
Or can you let go??
   So I could die in peace.
Gulishta Apr 2019
Coming home is what it feels,
When you look me in the eyes.

At ease is how it was,
When you were standing by my side.

Enchanted is how it sounds,
When you say my name.

Essential is what it is,
You are for me to survive .

The tips of your fingers,
         Running through my hairs.
Doing double time it over,
            The blood in my veins.
The world ceased to exist,
                When you started to stare.

Beating like a drum,
                 The uncontrolled emotions.
Loud enough to focus,
                 On that uncertain moment.
Exerting with a flow,
                  My love in liquid notion.

The beauty held within,
              The captor of an angel.
Don't care about the righteousness,
              I'm happy in this moment.
Gulishta Dec 2020
Been a while
     Since my last write
           You moved me a little again
                  So let's give it another try!.

What a burden
        To uphold
              It's a door
                      We should just close.

On your way
      Back home
           Don't turn back
                  Please don't knock.
Gulishta Apr 2020
On the sidewalk
As we bumped into each other
I saw a familiar face
In the face of a stranger.

The look of surprise
As we found a kindred spirit
A fleeting recognition left
Left me quiet reeling.

A face emerged
A face of my dreams
A trick of the light maybe
But the face I kept seeing.

A face with a secret smile
A face holding a joke inside
A face full of longing
A face as dear as mine.

But the time passed
Made a few mistakes
Then the face unveiled
A stranger... wearing the familiar face.

A face of a storm
A face I couldn't blame
A face filled with ugly
But ugly was on surface.

I stare for few minutes
In the hope of a recognition
I wanted to peel the mask
To see.. the face of my dreams again.

Instead I find
Few more of little surprise
The face I become afraid of
The face I no longer recognise.
Gulishta Jul 2018
You don't know where to begin,
               But it's not too late.
I'll take you there don't worry,
               I won't let you escape.
Even if I'm a consolation,
               Don't try to manipulate.
You are my salvation,
                I can be your clean slate.
Gulishta Nov 2017
This thing between us is not clear,
But it's so beautiful and pure.
I don't care about it's name,
I won't be able to if you ask me to elaborate.
This feeling I get whenever you're near,
This spark and charm that you inspire.
The more and more space in my heart you seems gain,
I'm just a moth to your flame.
The intensity of my feelings for you is scary,
As oppose to the easiness in your life that you seems to carry.
Everytime you come close to me,
My heart skips a beat.
I know it's cliché that I just repeat.
You are what they say "bad for health",
I don't know how I'll keep this strength.
But I don't wanna get lost in you,
All I Want is to be close to you.
Gulishta Feb 2019
How do you see the light in anyone,,?
When all you've known is darkness.
How do you trust anyone,,?
When the one that hurt the most had seemed harmless.
How do you chase away your demons,,?
When you've lost all your innocence.

When the small things become bigger,
When all you can think about is betrayal,
When the purgatory is perpetual,
Is it really about revenge or is it the only way to complete the circle.?

Would you wish upon yourself another loss..?
If you couldn't have the victory.
Would you fight when you know..
You'll give into the attraction eventually.

Or is it better to live in fear?..
Rather than becoming it yourself..
Has it really been a question?..
If it can provide that much need closure.
Gulishta Dec 2017
Under the darkness of the night.
Under the brightness of starlight.
Come slowly my love.
Come slowly.

Under the moon high up in the sky.
Hearing the mums singing the lullaby.
Come slowly my love
Come slowly.

A night without the sunrise.
A night to claim you as mine.
Come slowly my love.
Come slowly.
Gulishta Jan 2018
Your breath fanning my face.
Your hands in my hairs.
The depth of your dark eyes staring at me.
The power that flows from you to me.
The intensity with you love.
This spark simmering between us.
Blood flowing with undercurrent.
The pulse beating behind your ear.
My hands drifting down your back.
Our breathing that's increasing every passing sec.
The buildup of this chemistry..
Hovering over the edge.
Diving down from this cliff.
One touch..... is all what it took,
For me to come undone.
Gulishta Mar 2019
Confused cute creator,
A habit of keeping it inside.
I've died in every moment,
For you to uncover it,
Waited...for you to come outside.

Mysterious mystical moments,
A smile worth millions.
Hardened shell around it,
My heart took a hammer,
For cracking it.

Dangerous discovered desires,
An ignorant tactic.
Looking the other way and around,
Changes the courses of action,
For you...just to avoid it.

Ever expressive eyes,
An emotion couldn't able to hide.
Watching beyond the surface,
A contact held,
For embrace it.

Failure free future,
An attempt being fruitless.
A break up without relation,
My heart couldn't reach,
To you...what's been your innocence.
Gulishta Dec 2020
Only missing you
When the lights are out.

That kinda relation
Have you ever thought about?

One moment ....
       After another.
In this toxic.....
       Chemical reaction.

A constant...
        Tug of war
Is that what...
  You called a solution?

A memory lost...
    On an empty emotion.
A scar left behind...
     A serious need to question.

To hear the unsung...
    On the wavy flow of motion.
Struggle to contain within...
    Go ahead ...have a conversation.
Gulishta May 2020
Days and nights
All mend together
Live inside your brain
Free for the moment.

Bleak midwinter
Angry coloured sky
The Sun's constant struggle
How'd the day goes by.

Far beyond the view
A hope or a mirage
A fight against invisible
Hang in there...
We will see the sunshine.
Gulishta Sep 2020
My eyes saw...
     But my heart believed.
With my battered heart,
    And an insignificant mind.
With some empty threats,
     I chose to live.

With a broken trust,
      And some deceptive truth.
A lie concealed quietly,
      With the help of my trust.

The boundaries set,
     Then the boundaries broken.
My earnings of lifetime,
      Somehow got stolen.

But my eyes saw...
Heart didn't believe.
My mind could tell..
But the heart didn't see.

With some broken bones,
      I mend my soul...
Been choosing to free,
      With a permit to steal.

With that insignificant mind,
      I learned to seal.
And with my battered heart,
      I choose to live.
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