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3d · 171
It's the easiest thing in the world
To fall in love...
But keep being in it
It's the toughest of them at all.
Jan 13 · 44
Gulishta Jan 13
Is it possible to be able to live with a constant ache that starts to feel like it's  the only thing that's keeping you alive?

Is it possible to somehow be able to live with a hole shape of your heart in your chest?

Is it possible to become one with ones deepest darkest pain as if that's the only significant thing left?

Is it the brain or the heart that's need to shut up for one to completely lose themselves?
Jan 5 · 96
Gulishta Jan 5
Deep enough to hurt,
You crawled under my skin.
Cut through my veins,
You bleed like a sin.
A face of ***** desire,
Bonded on dark kinship.
Dec 2019 · 227
Unwelcome goodbye.
Gulishta Dec 2019
Dreams I see
Dreams of you .....with me
Dreams I live
Dreams of us....I see.

Wrapped around my heart
I feel your fingers
Bleeding through
The warmth ....icy.

Deceptive real
Virtual perception
The truth I see
The truth of reality.
Dec 2019 · 40
Beautiful ugly.
Gulishta Dec 2019
Maybe the thing you always thought that was right for you ...was always has been the wrong thing...
Maybe the one thing you thought would complete you...was the thing that made you feel hallow...
Maybe the beautiful illusion was just that an illusion... hiding the one beautiful ugly from your wretched heart.
Dec 2019 · 496
Gulishta Dec 2019
Tired enough to let go
I've learned to breath
Under the water
Accepting that drowning
From this overwhelming
Unrequited desire
Is what meant to be
The thing people called
Dec 2019 · 54
Gulishta Dec 2019
A rhythm goes on
With the sound effect
Of your laugh.

A beat beating
with the beat
Of your heart.

Forming music
The instrument
You played every part.

Spotlight smile  
Full of life
Like a shining star.

Magic words
Making verse
On a merry world.

Dance of souls
On a song of love
That goes on and on.
Dec 2019 · 274
Gulishta Dec 2019
Picked up my pen
And thought about the things
I wanna write about.

Closed my eyes
For inspiration
You are still the only thing
I could think about.
Dec 2019 · 110
Tears dry.
Gulishta Dec 2019
                      And burning eyes.
                         And despise.
                        And smile.
                           In disguise.
Tears left,
                   And Tears dry.
Dec 2019 · 170
Just this day
Gulishta Dec 2019
As we walk over the lawn
     Facing the wrath of the crashing waves
    Feeling the dew beneath the sole of our foot
     As the grass tickles on every footstep

As the sun rises up with all of it's technicolour glory
    Bathing the sky with golden glitter
         Burning the water in it's yellow liquid rage.

As the wind chilled our bones
      But the beauty keep us warm
As the birds take flight
      To keep the young one fed
As the smell of the ocean
       Nurture wounds as a balm
As Foam form ashore
        Wet sand on our toes
As the day embrace the light
        The promise kept by the night
As a new hope emerges
         Just this day we'll keep up the fight.
Dec 2019 · 112
Happy birthday
Gulishta Dec 2019
Echo of your silent footsteps
Playing on the loop
Strange remembrance
Of the Words spoken out
Under false pretense
And the  moments
of curiosity
Tricking me to believe
You're somewhere near.
Dec 2019 · 55
Missing piece.
Gulishta Dec 2019
To be lost
never found,
I'm afraid
To be found.

Missing piece
Of a puzzle
I'm afraid
To be found.

Without a life
I'm afraid
To be alive.

Missing piece
of a puzzle
I'm afraid
To be found.

Close your eyes
To see me
Right beside you
I'm afraid
To be seen.

Missing piece
of a puzzle
I'm afraid
To be found.

Hold your hands
Above your head
I'm afraid
To look down.

Missing piece
Of a puzzle
I'm afraid
To be found.

Hear me
In my quite
I'm afraid
To be loud.

Missing piece
Of a puzzle
I'm afraid
To be found.

You exist
Without me
I'm afraid
To exist.

Missing piece
Of a puzzle
I'm afraid
To be found.
Dec 2019 · 47
Gulishta Dec 2019
You should go home
It's late. ... I said
He went right into my arms. ...
I'm already here...he said.
Dec 2019 · 49
Going places.
Gulishta Dec 2019
Drift with the wind....
     Float above the water.
Relish the thirst. ...
     Consume the hunger.

Dive under the water. ..
      Breath through your soul.

Live among the rest. ..
      Until you're one whole.

Shine under the shadows. .
      Dance through the pain.

Calm within the storm...
      Burn under the rain.

Dark beyond the light ...
       No passion forgotten.

Blister within ice...
       Don't wait for tomorrow.
Dec 2019 · 79
Less than forever
Gulishta Dec 2019
You hide beneath the mask,
You see through the glass.
You run around in shadows,
You lurk beyond the dark.

You're saved from the desire,
You're learning the truth.
You're too vacant to hire,
Just something I went through.

Dark among the stars,
You refuse to shine.
Too bound too broken,
To protect or to hide?.

Dreamlike state,
The life passing through .
Wasting away my soul,
The world turned too blue.

You were a part of me,
Was I the part of you?
It's all lost and forgotten,
Crashing the break through.

You made me believe,
You made me hate,
You've shown me the world,
You introduced me to pain,
You are the purpose,
You are despair,
You are my sole destroyer,
Yet I still love... less than forever.
Nov 2019 · 446
I remember. ..
Gulishta Nov 2019
Someone asked me today ...
       Do you even remember what it's like to fall in love that early in your life.?...
       "you were just a kid with out of reach dreams ...with an innocence about life that only be stolen with coming years and experience ".
       Do you even remember??

I actually don't remember. ..
     When you turn into my home?...
      When I first started noticing you?...
       When you become the core to my existence? ..
         When you stood out among the rest?
I don't remember. ..
         When or why I started craving the arguments we used to have?
          When you became the highlight of the day?
          Why I always went back to you?.
          When you became the centre of my gravity?.
I don't remember. ..

I just remember. ..
    That we used to live across the street from each other.
    That I grew up in your family as a member.
     That you were an aloof personality.
     That once I called you an arrogant with hostility.

I remember. ..
     Crying my eyes out on your shoulder. ..when the world was closing down.
I remember. ..
     Being surprised by your fierceness and the strength of your arms.
I remember. ..
     You pulling me upward and keeping me together...when my heart's about to gave out.
I remember. ..
    Losing myself but finding you in the end.
I remember. ..
    Being crazy scared about your reaction when I found the courage to confess.
I remember. ..
    Coming home when you said yes.
Ahh...when I was kid I used to think that its such a cliché when people say that they wanna go back in their lives and live childhood again..
Now I'm the walking talking prime example of that...
Some days are good ....some are fluctuate with the wavelength of the motion set inside my heart. .
Nov 2019 · 510
Smiled again.
Gulishta Nov 2019
Contemplating the mess
We all called life,
Sitting on a bench
Like dear old times.

Thoughts drifted back
Towards the starry night,
Where it all had began
First time you called yourself mine.

A stroll down the memory lane
Bits and pieces
Some still the same,
Fresh like it happened yesterday
When I wasn't struggling
To be sane.

The way you smiled shyly
Everytime you saw me,
The way your eyes Sparkled
With mischievous glint,
The way you got choked up
Overwhelmed with the love,
That used to flow like a current
Between us.
The intensity you used to
Watch me with.
And the goofy laugh
We used to share on my
Stupid nerdy jokes.

Flashes after flashes
Of the time spent together,
You and me...the world
Nothing else ever mattered.

Then I came back to
Myself. ..
And a heavy sigh escaped.
Still kinda weird,
But you made me smile again.
Nov 2019 · 98
Peaceful chaos.
Gulishta Nov 2019
When the darkness of my heart,
Took over the shiny parts.
When the fog lifted,
The calmness of chaos sat in.

When I lost the dream colored glasses,
Only then I could really focus.
The Scowl  behind the smile,
The wretchedness of the mind.

I saw the colours of the faces,
The colours of people's heart.
The ugliness hidden behind,
The stony glittered mask.

Lost amidst the crowd,
The family of one.
All about the blood,
Emotions mattered to no one.

A mental struggle,
Faith losing the lustre.
Concerned about the health,
Why don't you see a doctor!?.

Open eyes...
Narrowed mind.
Push and pull of acceptance,
I hope you wouldn't mind!.

Couldn't stand out,
Wouldn't be among the crowd.
The final decision made,
It was.. which no one talked about!.
I would rather have a peaceful chaos than false calm....rather chose a fight than coward way out.
Nov 2019 · 66
Place of dread.
Gulishta Nov 2019
It's all blurred,
Comes in flashes and pieces.
The Mind betrayed,
But the heart changes the beating.

You look familiar,
Like the face of my truth.
It's kinda scary,
If I'm being honest.

The hope I see in your eyes,
Ease up my breathing.
Bone crushing desire,
But I'm still dreaming.

The place we met,
Is a place no one should go.
It's the world of pain,
I enjoyed it though.

To search for what is lost,
I gotta lose myself.
Don't vanish this time,
Need a little help.

Prior to the history,
Of seeking redemption.
We were once whole too,
I'm not making assumptions.

Why can't I see you,
When the world is bright?
My darkness is enough,
For you to shine the light.

No sound comes out,
You don't do the talking.
World conjured in my mind,
Again...found myself seeking.

An attempt to focus,
To survive through the night.
Back to the place of dread,
I still close my eyes.
Nov 2019 · 78
Break free.
Gulishta Nov 2019
Start from the beginning. ..
From the ins and outs of the shadows
Lurking just underneath
The righteous path you've chosen.

Let it flow through your veins
Direct to your heart
Let it direct you to the darkness
You're trying to hide from.
To become something
You're supposed to be
Rather being someone
You meant to  be.

Tell me about the courage
You've found within the Hopelessness
About the moment
Where you've found the solace in your darkness
The acceptance you've given yourself
About the emotion that made you decide
About not wanting the approval
Of the ones who broke the promise
To love you unconditionally.

Where you broke the chains
Binding you to everything
You've known to know
Exactly what it's like
To be the supporting character
In your own story.

And about the out of  body experience
And the knowledge that
It was you all along
Who held the cards
Just didn't know the play...

The prison felt like the home
Or the home was the prison
You were the key to it all...

Tell me about how you found it
To break free.
I was kinda unsure about this one...but it felt like I needed to share it...this one doesn't have rhymes and proper Verses. ..but still one of the closest to my heart.
Nov 2019 · 105
Reasons enough
Gulishta Nov 2019
Wandering eyes,
Find a way,
Hopeless. ..
Live a little,
World worth seeing,

On the menu card,
Of the course called life.
It all comes back,
With the price beside.

Main course is needed,
Gotta work for dessert.
Smell the aroma,
It's all a starter.

Reasons enough,
The reasons made.
Choices provide,
Or choices made.
Nov 2019 · 137
One by two.
Gulishta Nov 2019
On a perfect contrary
To a perfect deception,
Hearts in the eyes
Signals weak for reception.
Another day. ..another illusion,
Sit back a little,
Just read through instructions.
Nov 2019 · 1.7k
Beautiful dream
Gulishta Nov 2019
If it was possible..
I would exchange my heart,
With an eve bark...
So that someone will write,
Something this beautiful about it.
Someone once said to me're
Like a symphonic conductor in an auditorium...and it made me work harder in very aspect of my life not just writing. ..I'm so thankful for that support..
This is for you:):)
Oct 2019 · 133
Gulishta Oct 2019
Innocent young eyes..
Laying awake at night,
It all seems bright,
The dreams full of starlight.

Schemes resides mind,
The path plain and wide,
Popular among the population,
Be ready for surprise.

The world is small,
The hearts are smaller,
Dance on your own rhythm,
Stand above or stand taller.

Step ahead of steps,
Take one at a time,
Falling was never part of the dream,
But the core of the life.

As the time passes,
Still hold on to your dreams tight,
It's magic in your hands,
Don't bet on someone else's mind.

Ask to learn....or learn to ask,
Don't be ashamed of your yearning,
Put behind the fear of rejection,
Make it so...if the time isn't right.

It's true... you can achieve it,
Just have the courage to work it,
Don't rest till you get what you want,
And yes!!'re still magic!!.
Oct 2019 · 149
Gulishta Oct 2019
He said he knew me...
For who I was.
Said he saw me....
As I was.
Loved me to the core...
For what I was.

Perfection.... he said I defined.
Projection....but his heart was mine.
Respect and adoration ...
Made his eyes shine.

His words ....left a greater meaning.
His eyes....told me from the beginning.
His smile...finally reached his eyes.
The last he did decide.

The faith in me...
     ...more about the faith in him.
The love for me...
     ...more the love for him.
Oct 2019 · 94
Gulishta Oct 2019
What is the meaning?
Of this thing called life.
Where is the existence?
That is mine.

A hard earned trust,
A moment of judgement.
A faith loosing lustre,
A tainted portrait perfection.

An iron clad control,
An emotion sneaking in.
A quietly hidden persona,
An ocean to be dived in.

The projection of expectations,
Dull echo of breathing.
A drifted soul towards,
A friend turns to an enemy.

A trust broken,
A soul shattered.
A bond mutilated,
The one not being a bother.

A game of chess,
Everyone already ahead.
A move of betrayal,
The army half dead.

Sole focus to destroy,
No one even looked back.
The doubt of worth arisen,
but the question left unsaid.
Sep 2019 · 86
Murder mystery.
Gulishta Sep 2019
A double edged sword,
Found with a blood stain.
No sign of struggle,
A crime of passion or pain?.

The quite among the siren,
Blood boiling to sustain.
Everything pristine white,
The sky started to rain.

Body nowhere to be found,
Did crime happen at all?
Everything back to normal,
What was the hustle for?

The prime time mystery,
Or the desire to destroy it all?
The professional mercenary exists,
Or the work done inside the home?.

A double edged sword,
Washed from it's stain.
The shining blade recover,
A life lost in vain.
Sep 2019 · 249
Forever twenty-five.
Gulishta Sep 2019
On the journey of finding myself,
                   I found a broken heart.
We went on an adventure together,
                   No questions asked.

We bonded on shared love for music,
            Movies,books and abstract art.
We huddled when the road bumped,
            Then....we drifted apart.

With a constant ache for more,
           We Kept trying to make it last.
An unspoken rule to let go,
            To not think about the future past.

A rocky Mountain,
         With smooth silk lane.
A fresh perspective of storm,
          Just to keep us sane.

An impossible possibility,
        An uncharacteristic faith.
A bond formed with respect,
        No caring for mutual gain.

An attachment. ..or attraction...
                 Didn't know the name.
Just a bug ruptured,
                 Driving us insane.

One couldn't express,
                 One couldn't hide.
Push and pull of desire,
                  Love came in blind.

Few smiles. ...immensely expressive eyes.
One look of naked emotions. ...
The dam broke....and the ice vaporised.
Sep 2019 · 86
When Angel fall.
Gulishta Sep 2019
Prime and proper
Smile be sober
Blend don't bother
Dull be copper.

don't let them see
You will me
Before you leave
If you please.

It's fate
You will be happy
Grow up
Do not be sappy
It's *******
they call it preppy
Oh c'mon
I am your daddy.

You grew up fast
My pride
You make it last
The struggle
It's part of life
You are
My brightest child.

The weight is yours
Don't let it fall
Don't bother denying
You owe me all.

Keep them dry
I've given you wings
Don't  you dare fly.

Let it pass by
You have everything
Why you choose to defy.

The mistake
Was all mine
I've chosen this
With my sane mind

if I have to
It's not mine
Even the sacrifice.
Sep 2019 · 155
Hate to love you.
Gulishta Sep 2019
An innocent connection,
              A trap set to entrap.
A twisted tale of desperation,
               A bond left inept.

An angel....
       With a smile of the devil,
Got a heart full of warmth. ..          
        With the mind of an evil.

Desired to reach inside...
       Within the vaults you tried to hide.
A crack left it open....
         The door stretched wide.

The hand reached out to help...
       The hand snatched it away.
A single question asked...
        Stand the ground and just stay.

A step closer to the glory....
        A step closer to the doom.
There's no time to flourish...
         There's no time to bloom.

The beginning was the end. ..
       The end was the beginning.
The round and round and round. ..
        It's about time to let it stand still.
Aug 2019 · 114
The final goodbye.
Gulishta Aug 2019
Emotions filled up to the brim
starts to leak out...
It hurts all over the place
Someone please tell my mind 'time-out'.

The tears seems unending. ..
The heart uncontrolled. ..
The way to my home...
Blocked with an open door.

I've seen the worst of it,
I'm standing at the same place.
It's been a thing to forget,
It was kinda my safe place.

As if the world slows down,
With my each passing breath.
As if my heart trying to fight,
It's way out my chest.
As if I'm soon gonna wake up,
From this life in nightmare.
As if I could wash it all way,
With nothing but my tears.
As if it would stop being inside me,
If I take it out on paper.
As if I can fill this void,
With just my sheer passion,
As if I can go back,
and start from the beginning.

No words can describe,
What it's like to be here.
No words can portray,
This collateral damage.

It's a funeral of my heart,
Don't know how I've survived.
The faces I love,
Wanna run away from and just hide.

Can I say what I want?
Would it matter?....absolutely not.
Everything is a waste..
Every effort in vain..
Every moment drags..
Every life a sentence..

I'm alone in every memory,
Why I miss.. anything wasn't here..
Why does it feels...
As if you left in this very moment.

I won't show anymore...
The feelings I have.
I won't relish being in pain...
This poem will be the last.
Aug 2019 · 88
Gulishta Aug 2019
Come closer if you please,
I'll calm the storm you're trying to ease.
Being pliant in your hands,
Oh baby!..I won't make demands.

Give me anything you have..
It's alright. ...I won't ask for what you can't.
In this unknown we're living in,
I promise...I won't expect.

It's all hidden in the depth of your soul,
We're something to be proud...just keep on holding on.
A secret closest to the heart...
To only us it's known.

Navigate your way through your heart,
You won't ever be astray.
I know what it's like...
Oh baby. ..I ain't got no complaints.

You win...I'll lose,
You lose...I'll lose.
The argument we keep having,
Maybe it's us. ..trying not to chose.

We are perfect the way we are,
I don't want anything more.
I've got the most precious thing,
Nothing else can be given anymore.
Aug 2019 · 58
Gulishta Aug 2019
Little by little,
It started with some smiles.
Coming closer to the end,
But baby how we survive.

Inside my heart forever,
You've made home for yourself,
My mind on the constant loop,
You are the only thing making sense.

A battle between,
The love and desire.
My thirst unquenchable,
My heart's a bonfire.

I'm in the feelings,
Or the feelings are in me.
Your greatest gift acquire,
But I can't give you me.
Jul 2019 · 141
The moment.
Gulishta Jul 2019
As I made the journey...
       From "what I could" "what I should "..
I died a thousand million deaths.

Every insecurity. ..
       Every doubt...
               Every failure...
                      Every fear....
Came rushing towards....
           knocking me a few pegs down.

The mirror.......the reality..
The choices.......the destiny..
My sanctuary. .
My safe sanity.

The mess I've created...
    The Love I crave...
My heart losing control. ...
     My mind telling to behave.

The battle ground inside...
    Which side to choose...
No matter how I play it...
     It is me whose gonna lose.

My eyes cry...
     My lips smile...
          My heart beats...
                My soul dies.

One moment. emotion.
I was lost to oblivion...
      A different version of myself.
For better or for worse??
       You were there......
              Do you not like me anymore?.
Jul 2019 · 99
A Life before death.
Gulishta Jul 2019
On a certain moment of your life,
You will think about. ..
What is it that you've achieved? ?or
What is it that you've earned?

Is it the material you've collected? ?
Or the emotions you've felt??
Is it the grand gestures you've received?
Or the moments of eternal peace? ?

Are the relations made for life?
Or the life made for relations? ?
Does love conquer all?
Or it doesn't matter at all. .

A life before the death. .
A life lived without the depth. .
Insignificant. ..extra...or ordinary. .
A life of big.....or a life of small? ?
So many questions. ...
No one answers anymore.
Jul 2019 · 97
Gulishta Jul 2019
Breathing under the water,
Lost in the sea.
One step away from drowning,
But the fire keeps burning.

Losing my mind,
Losing the sanity.
Grasping the straws,
Before I loose reality.

One breath,
One blink,
One smile,
And sink.

No ropes to tie,
No anchor to pull ashore.
No hands out to reach,
No faith left anymore.

The beat of the heart,
Slowing to dull rhythm.
The Love I had for water,
The reason of my Dimiss.
Jul 2019 · 61
Practical strangers.
Gulishta Jul 2019
Knowing you..
Or not knowing you at all.
We are all in it,
Or maybe it's nothing at all.

An invisible thread,
Tieing down the bond.
Or maybe it's a thread,
Tighten around our throat.

Knowing your name,
Not knowing your soul.
Knowing your soul,
Not knowing your name.

The push and pull,
This backward and forward.
Hard to describe,
But felt easy believe it or not.

Logical mind,
Illogical heart.
The beginning of the end,
The ending from the start.

Stolen moments,
On borrowed time.
Unexplained desire,
Of you being mine.

The reality,
A struggle with sanity.
The fantasy,
A better version of reality.

Two parallel lines,
Two shore of the sea.
An impossible merge,
The struggle to meet.
Jun 2019 · 83
For him.
Gulishta Jun 2019
A battle without a cause,
A fight already lost.
An empty smile aside,
Not much there to hide.

No stain on the canvas,
A bloodbath white.
A sacred holy place,
An unwanted desired mind.

A love lost in lie,
Hiding in plain sight.
Single longing for affection,
An affection for what you apologise.

The give and take,
This aggression and pain.
Run run and hide,
An impossible escape.

Pen down the thoughts,
Read and enjoy.
The silver lining keeping,
Tears drowns in vain.
Jun 2019 · 66
A 3am reality.
Gulishta Jun 2019
As the night descends upon,
The aloofness washes away.
As the world slows down,
And the truth starts to sway.

The lustre and the shine,
Shedding like yesterday's wardrobe.
The flames are siren's call,
The sailors turns to moth.

The pretense,
       The living of the lie.
The hard truth,
       Staring back right into the eyes.
The washed away makeup,
       The scars and spots back to life.
The smile that hurts,
        Returning to that smile.

The face of unknown,
      The body still feel the same.
The warmth you're looking for,
      In the pleasure that aches.

You are me
      And I am you.
Wishing for the moment,
       That I was loving you.

The darkness of the night,
      Everything turns too bright.
A 3 am reality....
                   Turning off the light.
Jun 2019 · 176
Gulishta Jun 2019
As I walked the dark hallways
To navigate my way through
The desperation to feel something
Something real
Or the promises to reach out to
The brightest part or corner of my heart
Where it all lies in a jumbled mess
To solve it I gotta resolve
The issue inside the conditional box
Tucked below my bed
In a color coordinated portfolio
To lure away the bogeyman
I gotta wake up from this
Insomnia to prevent it from
Turning the dream into the nightmare.
Jun 2019 · 87
Think of me.
Gulishta Jun 2019
The light won't shine on your part.
The sun will not engulf you in it's warmth.
You'd lose your power to restore,
To rejuvenate. be worthy of it's essence.
When the morning turns to dark,
Think of me.

The road to your happiness will be blocked,
The door that had been cracking open,
and making your way smooth will be closed.
You'd lose your power to open whats enclosed.
When you walk down the road to your doom.
Think of me.

The home you left behind will be there no more.
The address of your distress is what will be waiting for .
Everything that's good will be a privilege you can not afford.
When you make your final journey to the thing you called home.
Think of me.

There won't a twilight zone.
The stars so far beyond your eyes reach.
Nothing beautiful you'll ever be able to see .
The wind won't caress your skin.
The softness of an affection you will never feel.
When the night turn the darkest before the dawn.
Think of me.

And When you'll be left alone to defend your own.
Think of me.
Jun 2019 · 90
Gulishta Jun 2019
With the promise to never see each other again,
we started our journey on the separate paths.
Crossing the bridges,
Mounting the hurdles,
When we reached our destined destinations,
We were facing the same side.
Jun 2019 · 57
Stand by.
Gulishta Jun 2019
Keep on smiling ..
     If you wish for me to smile.
Keep on moving...
     If you wish for me to walk by.

Keep on reaching...
     Someone will hold you tight.
Keep on pursuing...
      No one can make you hide.

Keep on looking...
     If you wish someone to find.
Keep on loving...
     And I'll meet you on the other side.

I'm a picture ...
     You're my portrait.
I'm abstract. ..
       You're there present.
Live in the moment. ..
         Life's too short to waste on stand by.
May 2019 · 123
Gulishta May 2019
I know that

        you are waiting

                    For me to say something

                                    Like always.

But this time

        I'm choosing

                     To stay quite.
May 2019 · 100
Gulishta May 2019
The look on her face,
Told the story of her life.
The wrinkles on her cheeks,
The fine laugh lines.
The scrutiny in her gaze,
Her guarded smile.

The roughened hands,
Fingers having the needle holes.
A born nurture,
Patches of skin in knots.
Palms losing the soft touch,
But still filled with warmth.

The hard personality,
With the gentle core.
The protector in disguise,
The fierce fighter soul.

The reasons,
The practical world.
The emotions,
And the lesson learned.

The up and the downs,
The highs and around.
The fort of adventures,
She's the one holding the ground.

She laugh,   she cry.
She sing,    she fly.
She teach,    she smile.
She hurts,     she hides.
May 2019 · 75
Destiny or not..
Gulishta May 2019
Strength of your soul,
Is what keeps you going on.
It's easy to break the bones,
What's tough is to learn to keep on holding on.

Destiny is not something concrete,
You can mend it according to your will.
The hard work, the passion,
The habit of not taking a no for an answer.
You break it, start it over,
Keeping going at it,
Until,it is what you want it to be.

Luck plays a crucial role,
But I've seen people own it.
The power you possess within yourself,
No luck or Destiny have any weight over it.

So, stop accepting the crapy deals,
Stop saying it is what it is.
Stand up, pull your weight up.
Start making a new path,
You will have what you want,
Destiny or not.
May 2019 · 76
Version 2.0
Gulishta May 2019
It was a mirage,
       A hallucination of my mind.
I was consumed by it,
       From out to inside.

Every step,
      An echo of the last.
Every move,
      Reflection from the past.

The dire sense of responsibility,
Not caring about faith or fidelity.

I sit on my bed,
     I think about you for ages.
I think about our shared past,
     The childhood, the youth.
I think about the present,
      Or the lack of it,if I'm being honest.
I think about the isolated despair,
      That we're currently living in.
I think about the non existing future.

And then,
Slowly. ...slower than slowly..
The world around me started to change.
The possibilities of the possibility is the reality in this world.
In here it went exactly according to the plan.
We didn't loose our innocence or the part our souls.
There wasn't any restrictions or boundaries.
There wasn't any walls between us,
    Didn't have to fight for security.

As world proceeded...
Chip by chip...brick by brick..
It all started to fall,
In this alternative reality..
We didn't knew the sadness. ..but we didn't knew the happiness. .
Everything important lost the lustre.
Every lesson forgotten. .
Every scar vanished...
We were now different personalities.
The bond weakens,
Submitting to the true nature.
You weren't the person I loved ...
I wasn't a person to be loved.

Which one was better?... In between two different realities..
That question remained unanswered.
May 2019 · 169
Soul pilgrimage.
Gulishta May 2019
Keeping everyone at the arm length,
    Not trusting a soul.
This isolation you choose for yourself,
    Is it yours or someone else's fault?

A jaded heart,
     A broken trust.
          A love unfinished,
                And an unquenched thirst.

It hurts to love,
    More so to be loved.
           A race unending,
                  But finishing is must.

Trusting the instinct,
     No fear to be ashtray.
              Fighting the battle,
                     No shelter  ,   no escape.

A pilgrimage of your own,
          Don't need the rest.
                 Everyone left behind,
                       Turned to ashes or dust.

Is it really about?
        If you need someone or not.
You came alone in this world,
        You gonna go alone as well.
May 2019 · 185
Gulishta May 2019
Respect comes from inside
No fear can earn it
Prioritiesing is the way
To resolve the conflict
They say this is all
A game of certain
Rules and expectations
Are the proof of
One finding you their own.
Apr 2019 · 90
Open letter.
Gulishta Apr 2019
Don't change yourself for anyone,
When someone ask you to.
Don't let the hardships define you,
Cause scars are beautiful too.

The scars represents,
The battles you've conquered.
You've made sacrifices,
To make this a better world.

So what??...if you're not a cliché,
Don't hear!!..that you don't deserve.
It's all you could've done,
With the purpose that you serve.

Holding your head up high,
Walk with the pride.
Be the best version of yourself,
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Changes are not always bad,
Sometimes they are wise.
Have the faith within yourself,
But also keep an open mind.

Test your limits,
But don't break the boundary.
The bird always come back home,
No matter how far he flee.

Not an ounce of uncertainty,
You've made a beautiful life.
Hold on to it with both hands,
I'll see you on the other side.
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