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Feb 2019 · 4.4k
FreyaXO Feb 2019
I am phenomenal,
Fierce, strong, and brave.
I am proud to be owned,
Honored to be His slave.

I find strength in my servitude,
A peace I’ve never known.
By His hand I have flourished,
Through His teachings I’ve grown.

With devotion I serve Him,
With gratitude I kneel.
He awakens the deepest parts of me,
Where once I could not feel.

He protects me from harm,
When I lose my way.
He always finds me,
When I get scared and run away.

He knows just how
To summon the goddess in me,
His words are enough,
To set the wild woman free.

The sound of His voice,
Like music to my soul.
Singing to my broken heart,
Making it once again whole.
A love so true, so profound, I kneel in gratitude.  Grateful for all good which found its way to me through you.
Feb 2019 · 1.3k
Passion Ablaze
FreyaXO Feb 2019
Passion Ablaze

My love for You is like an ever-flowing spring,
From which only you can drink.
It tastes bitter, like poison to others,
But like sweet nectar only to you

You touch me deep into my soul,
In places only you can find.
Your breath like sparks
as it sweeps across my skin

For the sparks soon become flames
Made of passion, lust. and love
The match meets the flame
And we are ablaze

Dance with me, Lover, through the fire
Bask in the heat with me
The flames kissing your lips
No match for the heat of my own.

Take me to the other side
To the shadows of our love
Drift to bliss with me
In the darkness once again
This is my first free verse poem.  It comes from the depths of my soul.  I hope you feel it as deeply as i.
Feb 2019 · 2.3k
FreyaXO Feb 2019
Walk with confidence.
Keep your head held high.
The hate in your heart
Is all based on a lie.

You’re not like them, my love.
One day you will see.
The pain in your past is a gift.
It will set you free.

Use it to speak your truth unapologetically.
To those who manipulate you.
Use your intuition.
You know what to do.

Teach them how to treat you.
Don’t take their crap.
They will learn the hard way.
When they poke the beast
They are sure to snap the trap.

Bite them with your words.
Bring them to their knees.
Make them beg for forgiveness.
Do it for yourself.
And walk away with ease.

Leave them speechless,
Their jaws on the floor.
Spit the truth like daggers.
Cut them to the core.

Watch them stare in disbelief,
As your inner goddess shines through.
This is your awakening.
You are born anew.

Leave them in your dust.
No apologies, no regrets.
Start living for you.
And see how good your life gets.

No one can tell who you are.
But one thing is for sure.
You are a beautiful goddess.
A warrior to the core.

You have overcome so much;
More than you know.
Those who once doubted you are your haters now.
Shake that ***** as you go.

They love to hate you.
Hate to love.
Let them talk mess.
Spread your wings and rise above.

Achieve your goals and dreams.
Let nothing hold you back.
Where you once were a follower,
You are now the leader of the pack.

The world is yours,
The moon and stars too.
When you can’t see the light,
Remember, I believe in you.

— The End —