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Jan 2021 · 1.2k
Fiel Jan 2021
There's nothing left to say
Everything felt hollow
Like empty glass bottles
Left lying around the corner
Waiting to be shattered and thrown

Time passed and I saw shards scattered
All over the place, this unlikely image
A phantom of what was once a lovely figure
That painted smiles to the faces of many
And served as a crying shoulder
To those who were broken and hurt

The image echoed through my head
As realizations dawned upon me
I took a glimpse at the mirror
And what I saw on the reflection
Was a figure of an empty glass bottle
Standing in front of me
It's been a year, I finally took the courage to write again...
Jan 2020 · 218
Fiel Jan 2020
The Truth is,
I am the Earth and You are the Sun
And I revolve around You
Without You, everything would be in chaos
The Earth would be a dark and cold planet
A lifeless ball of ice,
You are the Sun that warms me
And your warm gives me life,
I am the Earth and You are the Sun
And this is my way of saying Good night.
Bonne nuit Adeliz
Feb 2019 · 461
Fiel Feb 2019
This fantasy of mine
That you and I together
Dancing in the meadow
While the rain falls over our head
Jumping over the puddles
Catching our breath
Entangling you within my arms
My embrace keeps you warm
And with your touch I feel secure
As we gazed on each other
Your eyes dream of tomorrow
While waiting for the sun
To shine its ray again
Pressing my lips on your forehead
My hands on yours
And yours mine
Realizing again that it was all just a fantasy.
Jan 2019 · 168
Fiel Jan 2019
Your love is my light
The light that keeps me away
From the monsters inside my closet
Will you be my light?
Jan 2019 · 185
Phases in life
Fiel Jan 2019
It is like traversing the path unknown

You can go by groups, by dyad or alone

If you want it to be real move out of your comfort zone

Because in this journey you will not always sit on a Golden throne.
#Life is hard #πνεῦμα
Dec 2018 · 363
Fiel Dec 2018
Zeal is vital in life
Yearn for it like a lion who stalks its prey
Resist anything that comes in your way
And it’s guaranteed that your struggles will pay
Hearken my friend, yearn for it and pray.
#Passion #Devotion
Oct 2018 · 202
One more time
Fiel Oct 2018
Everything went smoothly
I would  say to myself that it's fine
But that thinking of mine changed
By the passing of time
Why did you have to leave me?
And now I'm stuck in this bottomless pit

How long will I have to wait?
I am getting tired of this state
Your warm embrace
Your gentle smile
How I long to feel it
One more time
Just one more...
Sep 2018 · 361
Break Up
Fiel Sep 2018
It started with a simple hello
How I wish it also ended
With a simple goodbye
Sep 2018 · 393
Eighty Six Four Hundred
Fiel Sep 2018
86/400 seconds
That's the only time we've got each day
You are the master of yourself
Would you waste it all up?
Or stow it all away?

86/400 seconds
I know it will not stay
Like life it fades away

86/400 seconds
An ample time to say
"I'm Sorry"
"I Love You"
"I Miss You"
"I Forgive You"
You could do all that today

86/400 seconds
A precious time we have
give everything you've got
You could be at rest today
So live like it's your last each day.
Remember that time waits for no one.
86,400 seconds embrace it and live it to the full
Sep 2018 · 165
Fiel Sep 2018
And in Pain

That was my life before you came
What a concept
Sep 2018 · 425
Fiel Sep 2018
They say reality won't bite
I gave it a chance
But it bit me anyway
'Twas painful
So I resolved to live in solitude
Curled myself up
And dozed off in my comfort

My experience with reality
Was beyond compare
The people
The struggles
The emotions
Everything was there
Though it gave me discomfort
Reality never failed to plant its wisdom

That all of us must have a taste of it
To feel what it is like to be human
"We must taste the bitter before we can appreciate the sweet"
Vulnerable, Fragile and Afraid but not "alone"
Sep 2018 · 142
Fiel Sep 2018
His world fell into a deep chasm

                                   Consumed by the endless void

                                                           ­          Hoping to get it back





Don't lose hope!
Sep 2018 · 787
Fiel Sep 2018
We all know we have this haunting ghost
That follows us wherever we go
It's not that scary and doesn't say boo!
It's in our mind, stuck like a goo

Maybe because it is from the past
But I will not say that it will perpetually last
Remember there are things you can divert
If you can't do it, you can always avert.
It still nags me
Sep 2018 · 208
Fiel Sep 2018
Your beauty enchants me
There is a kind of beauty that seems made to be painted on my heart, and such was hers. She was, indeed, a model of symmetry.
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
Fiel Sep 2018
You are my phobia
The darkness that covers the night
Who obscures my line of sight
And the reason why my courage took flight

You instill this crippling fear
Everytime when you are near
I could not help but cry a tear
Even my strength would not adhere
Aug 2018 · 627
Celestial rhythm
Fiel Aug 2018
As the sun dips through the sea
The darkness starts dancing in the night
The moon once again took the spotlight
As the stars sways by its side

But all of this will not long
For the glorious sun will take its throne
It will stroke its ray through vast unknown
And the cycle goes on and on
Aug 2018 · 103
Fiel Aug 2018
I sat dumbfounded
With words circling in my mind
The smell of the paper
Tore my wishful thinking
I just sat there
My eyes gazed on the thing
How could a piece of paper
Determine my worldly fate

The inkling in my mind faded
As I realized
That the time was up
But the thing made out of leaves
On my desk lies away empty
Bare like the heathens heart
But what more I could do?
It was my fault after all
I failed
Jan 2018 · 871
Supernova ✨
Fiel Jan 2018
You came into his life
Like a supernova
A brilliant point of light
That has captured his sight

You're unlike any other
you're a supernova
A huge explosion of light
That sets his universe alight

A star so bright
An extraordinary view
You're his Supernova
And He's captivated by you.
στον φίλο μου
Jan 2018 · 256
Deo Gratias
Fiel Jan 2018
Graces flowing free
From a marvelous Being
Filled with love and peace
Για το Θεό
Jan 2018 · 342
Fiel Jan 2018
I need to confess
That I'm not giving my best
Sorry not sorry
Overcome it "Never settle for mediocrity"
Jan 2018 · 233
My Mind
Fiel Jan 2018

My mind right now is empty like a blank slate
Jan 2018 · 207
Hana ga saite imasu
Fiel Jan 2018
Flowers are blooming
Took a glimpse of everything
So mesmerizing
It is my First Haiku, Depicts the goodness of everything even to the smallest flower.  The beauty of nature that we took for granted.
Jan 2018 · 2.1k
Fiel Jan 2018
As I look at the horizon
I saw a place not far away
A place where we could be
So Happy and Free

Come with me as I venture to
The place I've been saying so
A place where we could be...


Just You and Me.
Esto es para ti Fati
Jan 2018 · 263
Fiel Jan 2018
The fire was out and blazing
Its heat so dense It is consuming
Hurts your eyes just by gazing
The Flame lived up 'til the morning

O sure this fire so great it brought forth
Mourning over people lost and hurt
Lives was taken as easy as birth
It'll need a long time to rekindle the hearth.
Oct 2017 · 258
Fiel Oct 2017
Deep in the mountains
Where I laid and sleep
In the lonely mountain
With a glittering heap

Don't dare to disturb me
In my state of slumber
For if I wake...
I'll reduce you to ashes through fire

For men feared me for the fire I breathe
And the Dwarves despised me for in their city I live
Wreaked them havoc and drove away their kin
No one could stop me, I've got might from within

I am Smaug the great worm of Erebor
Where I brought forth a great form of hysteria
For my eyes flashes embers of fire
Come to me if Death is what you desire.
Behold! Smaug the Tremendous #Tolkiendil #The Hobbit
Oct 2017 · 111
Fiel Oct 2017
Time is Sublime
Oct 2017 · 197
Fiel Oct 2017
I am not much of a poet
But I hope everybody can get it
When life gives you lemons, squeeze it!
And make a juice out of it.

It may taste tangy and sour
But it depends on how you mix it so far
Sugars, Candies, Peppers and Mint
It goes great together with it

Just make sure that it is not so sweet
Till you can get the flavor that you need
Because life is not all about pleasure
There are bad things you can even treasure

Oh what wonders will you unfold
When you struck the flavor of Gold
Bit sweet, Bit sour and Bit tangy
Are the flavors that will come in handy
While I was drinking a lemon juice earlier... #Life #Positive
Oct 2017 · 126
Fiel Oct 2017
She's like an old statue
That is still and stale
No one could even remember
But her presence still prevail
Oct 2017 · 317
Fiel Oct 2017
Love is like a precious thing
That man could keep and bring
With his eyes forever on it
And brags to those who look at it

O Foolish man of courage and Wit
Forgots he could not keep a bit
Cause all days pass and by
In due time he will die

Like the flower that withers and fades
Is the fate of man he can't evade
And surely it won't be that long
Where he rest on the place he belong

— The End —