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Pluto Jun 2020
She arrived right on
time, now she is forever
in my twisted mind.

Her razor love sliced  
me deep, a never ending
river of blood seeps.

My heart and spirit’s
been torn, she killed me so that
I may be reborn.
Pluto Jun 2020
Scars on
my soul
and body,
I leave
my skin.
pain imparting,
are the
souls of
In the
empty night
I’m flying,
I pass this
gift unto
my kin.
I feel
like dying,
light infused
with dark
Pluto May 2020
by copper,
Armed with
blazing lead,
Looming over
soaked in
****** red.
Pluto May 2020
I’ve racked up far too many almost lovers.
Pluto May 2020
Sparrows flee ruby
apple laden boughs for the
warmth of the spring air.
Pluto May 2020
I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know I want to take you with me.
Pluto May 2020
Her love was like a beautiful whirlwind, obliterating men and uprooting oaks.

She was an irresistible constrictor
that shattered my bones and left me helpless.

Her spirit was potent like the poison of a viper, infecting my soul and leaving me to rot.
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