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♡ The wasted years
The wasted youth
The pretty lies
The ugly truth ♡
And the day has come where
I have died only to find
♡ I have come alive

~Marina x Diamonds
In ♡
with this verse.
Times in life
I feel as if I am lost, floating
~Alone in a turbulent sea~
Solitude inside, the sun sets
~~~~Full moon rises~~~~
I stand straight up~and pray~~
To face existence of fear
The clouds begin to dissipate
~~Water rippling peacefully~
The stars send forth glimmer
Hope, Our Father will guide my way
~~~~~I will always be free~~~~
His Holy Spirit guiding me~~~~~
A muse plays my harp
strings made of veins and thread,
cobblestones line over my body
having bric-a-bracs in the evening,

Rain splashes over shelves
and ego vapourizes like helium,
pyres burn my effigy tonight
stardust shines the bubble
tearing ashes like paper,

Warheads crack my halo from within
setting me up like the haze,
my lip syncs with the beats
dancing my limbs as it heeds away,

Clouds shower blessings upon my head
the chakra opens as if unbolted by wind,
clear conscience reigns inside me
and photos set us apart like fences .
As the sins partied the night away in the country Darkness the sun came rising in the country Tranquility.
"Are you ready to spend all eternity together?" Loyalty asked Love as they stood on their balcony.  "My dear, dear, husband soon to be you already know the answer to the question you ask" said Love.  As Loyalty and Love stood locked in a warming embrace being kissed by the rays of the sun the two share a kiss of their own.
Beep, beep, beep, "Well this is a perfect time for my communicator to beep" said Love.  Love broke her embrace with Loyalty and answered her communicator.  "Hello Faith how are you?" asked Love.  "I'm fine Love and how are you?" answered Faith.  "I'm ready to start this new era in my life" said Love.  "I'm looking over your wedding file.  Are there any last minute changes you want to make?" said Faith.  "No Faith everything's perfect" said Love.  "Lets get going" said Faith.  "I'll be right down.  I have to go Loyalty" said Love.  "Loyalty grabbed Love by her waist and pulled her close.  He whispers in her ear "Are you sure this is what you want?"  "I've wanted you when I first saw you.  Now if you'll excuse me Faith is waiting for me" said Love
When Love exited her house she found Faith hovering in her brand new transporter.  "Wow Faith this is beautiful" said Love.  "Thank you Love.  This is the new Neo 7000.  It was the last one left" said Faith.  Interrupted by her communicator Faith answers her call from Loyalty.  
"Hello Loyalty what do you want?" said Faith.  "Why you have to ask like that Faith?" said Loyalty.  "Just make sure Knowledge have you at the chapel on time.  Now if you'll excuse me I have things to do" said Faith.  "C'mon Faith we don't have time to play with Loyalty" said Love.  Rising higher in the air Faith and Love zoomed away.
As they flew through the sky Faith asked Love about her humanitarian organization S.O.U.L.  "How was your peace keeping mission in the country
Limbo?" asked Faith.  "The citizens there had a lot of raw emotions from war.  There is a big scar dividing the country" said Love.  "Your organization S.O.U.L. has a lot of positive influence.  How long has S.O.U.L. been active in the humanitarian field?" asked Faith.  "Five years" answered Love.  When Faith and Love landed at the chapel Wisdom was waiting for them.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
A poem that tells a story.  Prose poetry.
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