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Ellentelligence Sep 2016
The numerous attempts were futile. The stars warned the moon not to go out during the day. He retaliated... he probably shouldn't have.

And then he saw her, the sun. Her beautiful radiance overcame him. So once in a while he snuck off to watch her...from a distance.

But when he cooked up enough courage to face her...on that day, that midday, the curse was cast. The world was in darkness.
Ellentelligence Sep 2016
When i am lost at a crossroads, unsure of the direction to take...i find retracing my steps and starting over to be nifty
Ellentelligence Aug 2016
I remember the way he stood behind me with his hands raised in the air.
He shouted along with the crowd as the music played out loud.
I can't seem to tell whether it was because he was overtaken in the glorious gospel music,
Or whether it was because he stole gazes at me while he did it...
But all i know is that in that moment when i caught him stealing, my heart froze.
I realised late that from me, he had stolen more than just mere gazes.
Ellentelligence Aug 2016
In times like these, reality seems to be too cruel to bear.

All dreams lie shambled, like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.

All friendships seize, like it was nothing in all those years it lasted.

Neighbors become enemies like they never shared Sunday meals together.

Loved ones stab you at the back, like it didn't hurt enough when you carved out your heart for them.

In times like these, I wish I could go back in time to when it was all simpler.

When we could all share a joke without reading in between the lines.

When we could play all day without picking out each others mistakes.

When the only thing we worried about was when night would be morning that we could play with our friends again.
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
I woke up with thoughts of longing
it must have been a vivid dream
the one place where my heart wasn't empty
like a porcelain doll to a little girl
my heart ached for you  

The dust in my heart needs cleaning
for if I do not, the picture of you will fade
then I will not see your face, that face
which is so full of glorious technicolor
my heart longs for you

clear out oh the dust in my heart
so that I may once more dance to the music
so that I may once more be filled with joyous celebrations
As my heart longs for the Lord
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
50 million heartbeats ago you were my reason to live...we fell in love. We shared our precious moments together. Then you saw me cry for the first time...we lost all hope. Then we let go...we must have given up.
50 million heartbeats ago I saw the world through you. But now, I see it through me. Now we grew up. We let go of that love which choked us.

Ellentelligence Jul 2016
Along the journey
Along the laughs and the tears
Along the sleepless nights and restless days
Along the fights and the makeups
Along the fake smiles and hurtful words
Along the reconciliations and comprises
Along the backstabbing and heartbreaking
Along the hidden phone calls and texts
Along the long breaks and short conversations
Along the doubted trust and vile behavior
Along the alcohol shots and cigar smokes...

...*I forgot love was supposed to be beautiful
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