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David Saunders Nov 2015
I am not without emotion.
I have been pulled deep
under the sea by the rope
attached to my heart. Oysters
welcome me as I scoot
and mostly tumble atop them.
They can't speak, but
their hard shell creates a bumpy
landing. But that doesn't hurt.
It hurts me that they
don't speak.
#speak #life #flaws #heart
David Saunders Apr 2015
Amidst the crowded globe there lies,
a pasture seen by the most common eyes.
There, glorious edibles are ripe;
and Eve's nectar we all delight.
Desire sends us searching for where it lies,
but vain when seeking pries.

Little words are worth
the emotion collected in tranquility.
At the gate of the orange groves,
the momentary event embraces me.
Fat hugs. Squeeze. Let go.
David Saunders Apr 2015
Glide with the wind downward,
and pioneer the ****** dust
that's filled with opportunity,
or decay with the crust.

Rocky fruits, wait--unharvested,
while warriors, ready, stand.
Stopped fingers are on the trigger,
awaiting their command.
David Saunders Feb 2015
As my story is short
and you are so bold,
please put your consciousness on hold.

The people I attract wear three shapes,
infants, meditative, dead.
I come in waves--a quiet hymn--
reflection, wears me thin.
My preference is existence, yet
my presence is happenstance
in the mind-filled man.

Humans are mov'n and hunt'n
for those thought jewels, distract'n--
win'n their eyes and ears over,
and blind'n them from silence.
Someth'n ain't right, and you ought
to stop feast'n Mr. Cognizant
And lay aside your thoughts.
David Saunders Jan 2015
I must be overheating,
cause my air tubes are filled with steam.
My movement cogs are rattling,
awkwardly, clashing joints screech.

There is combustion in the oiled pits,
which catch fire all to quick,
and boils stomach grease
and releases gassy silage.

The gas seeps out the crevices
and pollutes the wholesome air.
Poison in and out,
hot smog--a warning sign.

I must be overheating,
as a mechanic rushes toward me.
He wets me with his coolant,
and cools me with his sweat.
David Saunders May 2013
I am so confused,
I grew up christian,
I knew we were all sinners.
We are all equal,
Drunkards, Smokers, Trans, Disabled, Murderers, Gays, Children, Sick, Bullies, Rich, Prostitutes.

Today we interpret words of a culture-book
Its words weren't wrong, but maybe the people who've explored the text are misguided.
I believe the bible can't be taken as the final verdict to our lives,
because we change, culture changes, life changes!
Maybe Jesus wanted us to explore the bible as an ongoing conversation
which begs us to join into the discussion.
Don't stand by,
Or deny,
The preaching of pastors or priests, just because they teach you.
Explore the bible,
See what the bible says,
Then make a decision,
Will you be apart of the conversation?
Life is too short to except a path of relativism,
We are both right,
"Agree to Disagree."
Find out what you believe and back it up and argue it!
That is the only way to find truth.
So maybe God does love
Maybe he doesn't.
Come to that conclusion yourself,
and not through someone else.
David Saunders Feb 2013
Partner for life,
We do as we please
And I am reminded that you've taught me that.
But I can't hear your steps as you left the house anymore.
Long gone,
I circle on.
I sleep still.
Just pull the rug from under my body, awake me.
Rekindle my heart with your wisdom.
You were never supposed to leave,
Keep a candle aflame by your bedside,
So when I arrive I can see.
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