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Don't say it
I can feel each word
Last time we had this conversation ,every word you said slit my veins
Felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest
So don't say them
Don't say you love me but as a friend
Don’t say you don’t want to loose me
Just don’t say it
Friend zone replies
She was never mine
But loosing her broke my heart
It’s like everything I see ,I need to speak to her about it
I just need to speak to her again
Cos everything I do ,I do it for her
Cos she is exactly the type of girl I always wanted
The feeling when you can't over someone who can't even remember you in the wildest wondering thoughts of hers or his
Hey don’t be weak do it ,
My thoughts hurt me sharper than
The distance between me and her
I got over her but forget to forget her
It digs deeper than a borehole driller
I cried in the mirror as I
Pinched my ****** skin to feel alive

Once again the first enemy on my list
Came closer,my thoughts
Slash that blade across your wrists
I thought
Have never loved so hard
Never did I know love can be a twisted
The pain inside of me made me loose my mind
How can something so free something so gentle turn this venomous

I over dosed on pills ,and any other sort of ecstasy stimulants to make me feel some kind of way
My mind was jailed
This was one **** of a prison that even Michael scorfield couldn’t break me out of

I hated my life period
But I hated it more that she was gone
Tears would always stream down my cheeks
My emotional cuts got deeper and deeper
But I asked myself if I died today would she remember me tomorrow ?
Love and thoughts of suicide when you loose someone
Clinton munaba Nov 2018
there are words i wish i could take back
there are moments i wish they never actually happened
there are words i wish i never heard
there are pictures i wish i never took
there are wishes i wish i never made because i was so young and
afraid of being alone

my life literary *****
my world rapidly shrinks
my esteem slowly fades
my veins creepily block the blood to my brain

she could not stay for me
she said she loved me
she said she cares
she said she would never lie to me
but she also once said she loves herself a lot more

she was all i ever wanted
she was all i could hold on to
she was ,who she was thats why she left me for herself
Clinton munaba Nov 2018
Rice machine gone to warm mode
My laptop on the bed goes to power save mode
My phone goes to night view mode
Been staring for nearly the whole day
To feel some type of way
But you again ,was in my way
You have always had it your way
I wish I could throw these me memories away
Clinton munaba Nov 2018
i cant remember when i last held your waist
i bet he does so at every chance he gets
but whats in there for me
do you think of the cold days and warm evenings spent together?
i guess i guessed wrong but who cares
better you happy anyway
that moment you seem not the shake off the dreams you held with particular lady and she seems to have shaken you off like already dissolved in this new whole reality faster than you doing

— The End —