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Hear me out
Let me talk
See and know I can help
Listen I, I know I can

Don't doubt on me yet have trust
I failed once but thats in the past
Give me a second chance
Here me out just glance
And see

I'm positive I do really
Don't pity me
I ain't the same
I'm tired standing still in shame

Hear me out and see
You'll be amazed by me
And know that I can.
Hear me out
There's trouble in my thoughts
There's guilt in my conscience,
It feels like hollow inside
With a confusion I cannot confide.

In my self there's a heavy burden
Added with the fear of being abandon,
Thoughtfully unto it but heartily  not
I'm in it yet there's one question "but?".

I cannot reckon myself anymore
My mind's in troublesome horror!
Help oh please , please ,please !
Assist me to feel at ease.

I cannot sleep
Thinking all steep,
I'm lucky having that is mine
Yet this does not make me feel satisfied.
Here  stands
Holding both hands,
In my mind there was a girl
With a hair slightly curled
I waved and say hi
As she marched along the church aisle

Thoughts of being with her
Thoughts of commiting forever,
As the bell rings'
I imagine of white curtains on hung.

I can hear the ***** playing
With it, groups of people were singing,
I will be with you forever
We will live together.

As the father say Do you accept this woman?
I do with all I am
And you will say the same
As you tossed that bouquet

I  carried you around my arms
And I promised when you're with me you'll be unharm,
As we go on with our new life
With I as your husband and you as my wife.

Cause I fell inlove
I once a loner
Cared less nor more
A colorless world
Communicating with no words

Sitting Under  thunder clouds
As lightning struck and burned a house
Hear my heart as it howls
All will be clarified of what it sounds

Black bag ,jeans, & shoes
Roads cheap light post
I alone walks
With no one to talk

Pokered face
With the breezes' cold embrace
Emotionless days and nights
Its dark ,it was ,please let me feel the light.
Be friendly
For me your eyes are the brightest
You're perfection at its best,
With your rosy cheek
like, them goddesses you mimic.

You're mysterious I could say
But you can make me smile  by your own way,
You're sweet yet bashful
Also an Artist so beautiful.

Like sweet cottons in the sky
With the winds' sweet lullaby
I want you here in my arms
I'll kiss your forehead as you yawns'

Gods' beautiful gift was you
Serving Him and commiting to you is my queue  
Till death do as apart
You will still be in my heart.
Don't be blind
First tale where I'm lost
Standing under a light post
Wandering subconsciously
Living my life aimlessly .

Second tale I can't breath
That my hand flit,
Pumping my chest
Remembering my lifes' mess.

Third tale I was found
Somebody lifted me up from the ground ,
With His light I was  reborn
I can hear the angels  horns .

Fourth tale I'm living new
He made my life construe,
I'm blessed beyond the curse
For His love will endure.
Know  who's worthy
With the musics rhythm
Clearing the  dim
Igniting the light
Comforted my sight.

Melodic to my ear
Dried all of my tear,
In my days
You are here in my every ways.

Break those walls
Announce His name to all
He's Jesus Christ our Lord
Know Him people at all sorts.

With Hymn
Give thanks to Him
All shall kneel and bow
And confess all of your sins
Praise and vow.
Thank you poets
I am very happy about you reading my works
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