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Burlone 3d
With sweat poring
with desire adorning
And our bodies burning.

With two cigarettes
One for after
And one for the morning

Another rendezvous
trembling in each others grip
Smile and bite your lip
Like you always do.

In ten thousand lifetimes
I never thought they'd be a scenario
Where your arms would be wrapped around me.
Burlone Jan 12
Watch your last tears fall
Crashing upon your death bed
Drew the last of wine from the well
Repeating the last words you said.

So kiss me goodbye
A cold lesson learned
God knows i try
I can't stay here
This fine wine has turned

The wilting grapevine
I must go
Nothing to drink anymore
embattled in an emotional postwar decline.
This strength I must find
like walking a tightrope on a fault line.

Go off and find
your well in the sand.
You fantasy and my bad dreams
Your mirage and your man.
The unlucky and the ******.
Trying to quench their thirst
with the dead streams in quicksand.
Burlone Jan 11
There it was..
Sun soaked smiles
I held your hand
Laughter for miles
As we wiped off all this itchy sand.

There it was...
Moving clouds and you splashing puddles under your feet
I smile, ask you to listen to the rain drops
You smile and tell me I'm sweet.

Rain begins to splinter
With every snow flake
The idea of loving you begins to awake
We drop in to the drift
Waiting to make snow angels in the winter

Head so high, drunk on your clouds
Leaving your warmth for the moment  
For the cover of lascivious linen shrouds

My eye was caught in the beauty of another brand
I am no cheat
Grandstanding on clay feet.
I feel so small as I crash land

So Here it comes...
The loneliness.  
Footprints of accountability
Brings a brushfire of guilt
Standing, spitting into the wind

Here it comes...
Discontented swan dive
As I drown every single emotion
Stuff it in an empty bottle
Cap it all off and let nothing escape
Before I drink it all and the bitterness eats me alive

Here it comes...
This sense of reality leaves me dimwitted  
My sense of humor was all for naught
I realized I'm not as funny as I thought.  
Poking holes in my glass ceiling
You throw one last stone, to begin the healing.

Here it is...
Mistaken moments
Like floaters in my eyes
It all catches on fire, this paper virtue crafted with lies
Cardboard cutouts warping from the scorching heat

Here I am...
Transparent aggression, Flimsy and amusing
Plastic right down to the core
A crocodile getting his head bitten off at his own watering hole
Now laughing at me through the glass door.
Guilt and shame become mounting debts
So now it's that time to run and hide
Borrow from tomorrow
To forget the end of day regrets

I will no longer complain
I will ignore the pain mounting
I will turn and burry my face in my hands
Go ahead and run and hide
I'll never stop counting
I will no longer try to find a way out of this hole
I promise I will never be so bold
Quite and dumb
I'll just lay under the fold.
Where the rain no longer makes a sound
And the snow melts before it hits the ground

You left before I ruined you
You dodged a bullet from this emotional killing spree
You can watch as the shell of me cracks
I rather you pity me than despise me.        

So stay and watch me fall from the tree
no longer this clinging fruit
exist under the field of wilted weeds
Silent and Unseen I lay waiting in this dying root.
I just wish someone could of seen
The beauty that once laid within me...
Burlone Jan 11
Still walking this murky road
Holding hands in pretence
I see the anguish
While your left pointing at a mirage
Persevere to this broken bridge
Thinking about a future that makes no sense

All the little things
Have all been growing
All this **** Decor
And the home you really want
I'm not welcome anymore

The frustration overflows
It cracks your back
It all becomes one straw to many
As you sneak off to vent
As i find a line between want and content

Slowly Becoming the third wheel
In this crippled love affair
And the air we share is not enough for us to breathe
So the your **** for another will incessantly seethe

I am the boat that breached
You snicker and watch me drown
I am the boat that is breached
It's all rising as I plug every hole
But it just sinks back down
Maybe if I drink enough
I'll float rather than drown

So it doesn't matter
Straight out of the ****
I've been in love with my wound
So it doesn't matter
I lay back
Like a creation started, but undone
Sitting in the back of the bus
Nestling into my favourite songs
Learning to embrace my lull

So many feelings
Protected by these secrets  
Some day you'll regret what you did to me
But for now have your fun...
Burlone Dec 2018
Another day introduces this clown
Clandestine knock knock joke
Everyone loves my self deprecation knock down

Can not hide from all the jokes on the cell wall
The laughter never dies down
I will have no curtain call

Get up and smile
Walk away and laugh
This mockery...
All on your behalf.
Burlone Dec 2018
I think the moon has been enslaved
As you pull the bright light.
Turn and gaze through me
and let me shine so bright.

You ware the moons halo
Your head, the perfect eclipse
Cheap wine swimming through us
As we taste it on each others lips.

A conversation so positive
we build each other up with unreachable pedestals.
The welcomed night breeze
tickles my face with your whisking hair.
Mixes summer with your perfume
this absolute moment
Is here for us to consume.

Shall we break dawn for the jealous sun.
It's almost here...
Let every single breath take effect
This is one of those moments, isn't it?
A fragment of time where the world seems so perfect.

The breathless journey to your smile
Every footstep seems like a mile  
The growing warmth that simmers inside me
The longing is just not enough
As your arms slide around me.
All for the scent of your kiss
This split second bliss... to forever reminisce.

Senses come alive as our fingers glide
Taste and smell become one
As our senses collided

Loving the warm feeling in my heart
As the cool touch of your thigh wraps around my leg.
A taste of morning ocean mist
Yellow begins to spread across the horizon
Ocean peaks begin shining
Your body becomes golden
My eye squint
Reflecting Gods creation....
Burlone Dec 2018
See my world
Caught in the blades
See my looks
Watch as it fades

Take notice of my wisdom
When silence is my decree
Over there with a ****** smile
Is where my voice use to be

See my strength
Being smeared beneath my clay feet
Struggling with limitations
asphyxiating in defeat

You invoke that in me
Every commitment, all done in vain
You invoke that in me
Holding myself at arms length
with this look of disdain

And yet another cold wind blows
Whisks away every contention
Right down to the last grain.

What will remain
As I grin and bear
Struggle to look young
while the mirror echoes my senescent face

And the relinquishment of my dreams
seems clearer
What might of been, what could of been...
It all gets lost in the mirror, behind the mirror

— The End —