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Emily Starr Jun 6
Scallywags, scamps and *****
Loki, Ladies and lust
Crowley, Lana and rust
Dandies, pirates and trust
Emily Starr Jun 6
Desperation bears belief
And finally
You find relief
You wish and you dream
And you spin and you weave
And finally
You only leave
Emily Starr May 14
Lords and Ladies
Sleek and Fine & Tall and Dark
One's white wine
The other's snark

Emily Starr May 14
No No No No
Cold as brittle ice
Frown at every joke
Shed a tear for little lies
Live a life of sorrow
And Accept with just a sigh
Emily Starr May 14
I'll never wed
That common expectation never met

And mother said
If only I had chosen someone else

In secret smiled
Oh, dearie, it is never quite that dire

You see, I lied
It's you alone, the reason that I hide
Emily Starr May 10
Keep the devil on my shoulder
And your wisdom in my ear
Counteract the ignorance
And poisonous refrains

Bend an ear to every rebel
Every sacrilegious mirror
Tally all the benefits
Of every "betters" gain
Emily Starr Dec 2023
Did Earth feel slighted
For Her credit due
She turns our lives so carefully
For praises sparse and few
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