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I'm going but coming to you again
when the train of love begins to start
then I found myself in love and live
such a bond that bound you to stand beneath the tree

I'm coming but going to you again
when my soul never found any goal
looking for a heart that flies like a bird
as a little bit of anguish which distinguished me without you

If I had not taken birth in this earth, I could not love
as long as I expect you that grew in me
an old empty silent tree even that never been free
from hot dust that always made a long thirst
even alone but still belongs
in the heart of mine

my darling! you know this is nostril
where I'm drilling,  
going but coming back to home again
to tell unspoken words which above all the intolerance of
in the desert burning grains

@Musfiq us shaleheen
behind the shadow a distinct lost dream  
standing opposite of a long bridge
crossing through the middle cutoff
see the river flowing beneath

illusive calling but can't go
on the edge a dark sharp sign  
known voices floating over
echoing an ego which cover the shadow

how many days offset!
and try to touch the last sunset
still silhouette stands on the shore
what is mystic that always opens the door

the river bumping with waves
between the broken parts of the bridge
passing a phase of life on the ridge
yet subconscious grew a cohesion of dream
@Musfiq us shaleheen
When so much light around
but you say the dark
I could not understand
my top layer

When I was in the womb
Then, and not
But there was light
Then when I saw your universe that you have made
everything was there

My playing companions
The Sun
The Moon
My beloved,
And that delighted
Night's north star was
on her forehead  
Where all of my senses have
grown up

Then at one sudden night of the new moon
I saw a thick overlay on the sky,
between you and me
The North Star has disappeared

I think that you were true
In the dark I find my known world
One by one,
Trying out through the thick layer

It seems to cover the end
As light yellow yolk
See a light-colored tint
which awakens my sixth sense again

A shadowy obsession
Which has yet to create an illusion
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Then, if ever, is the red color grows fade
The petals of red roses drop
If the birds don't sing any songs
And even a butterfly doesn't
Play on a purple flower

If the mistake happens in the rain
You 'll not cry
You can't be afraid of thunder
They will cleanse you

And when I am gone
Forgive me, but the melody in the air
You will come, playing in the garden,
Dance with the lost grasshoppers

Any yellow day when red flamboyant will be bloomed
Will have to take off your colorful sunglasses
At the very noon will be floated on the Cuckoo's love song
Again and Again it will prove your arrival,

O' Spring

You'll be the very white sky after rain
Will bloom red hibiscus
On that gilded day  
Red flamboyant 'll be loved with yellow flamboyant

Patched up with melody and words
Will be made new Songs,
New Poetry,
With the yellow flowers tune

Then again,
You 'll not  sing a song of despair,
Not even a song of hiatus,
Will sing the Songs of Joy,
Stir in the way of dreams,

Back to again and again
I 'll come back to you
Both 'll make a love  
For the creation of a new life
Where I stand
Hundreds of thousands of years,
I see
Among times, a time,
In the form of waves
repeatedly touch my feet on the shore

In one milliseconds
with the speed of light
I go to the back of time
response could kiss my ancestors forehead
Come back again
In front of you

I beg love to you
If you give
After a moment,
An angel carries me to Space
To learn the secrets of creation

I do not know where is the end of the road
not to return home
not even call you at all
But continuing with the dreams
Running from one end to the other end of the universe

Anywhere else in the thought
The outcome beyond what is love
Then Another bunch of waves
Seemed to push my feet again-
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
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When the wooden door leads a little,
To a force is put
In the erst of the body fleece wells,  
Sweet sweating as the dew is deposited

The clamor of the known birds,
Be filled,
North wind changes direction,
Comes through my southern window

When harmonic air,
Passed over the yellow paddy fields,
Farmers perches hope's aroma
Into the hearts  

At the mid of the noon,
Cowboys keep exhaustion on flute
Swelling of the new message,

After a Long waiting,
Pied crested Cuckoo singing
Mating songs
The peacock repeatedly whispering peahen

My beloved,
Your one "April" desires
bought us,
Cuddly child as the light purple rose

And they say you
Sing your song of arrival
O' April O' come!
Once Again!

Show Your Cyclone form
Engross your soul
Bring the rain,
Chill the Nature
Add to birth New Child for the unscathed time
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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wind of summer
too vagabond
touching the melancholy afternoon
of the last pale season

flowing over the
deep yellow barren field
echoing the last mystic sound
though yet romantic
the purples are deep

butterflies are flying around
a few birds playing
on the ground
suddenly singing
uttering love

the golden yellow floating
in the eyes  
over hued

dropping on the ignored
wither leaves
as the rain drops that has made
a blue
day dream

crossing over the mind  
a jingle
leap singing
the very lost spring
scrolling into

even in the lonely dark night
rolling up
the sound
as the rolling stone
of the sounding sea

@Musfiq us shaleheen
*Rain drops falling into water
Creates the sounds of ripples
As when she dancing
Hearing the Sound of anklet

Words are floating in the words of many
Could make pain,
Tunes of despair
When the rain drops falling into tunes,

Dances of waves overflowing,
Rolling on the shore of Sea
Play the melody with the words
The Soul could leap

But that is not raining in the desert
On top of hot sand  
The sand storm flowing
Building sand dunes
Could hide
But can't survive

Empty thirsty mind seeking Oasis
If not yet found
Find Lives
Restless heart
Word out
Seeking love

Looping to look at dreams
With the gravity of love
In another way
In any other day's

@Musfiq us shaleheen
*Empty thirsty mind seeking Oasis*
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