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Mar 2015 · 1.1k
He was on toes in his twenties
She was in tunes in her teens
He was alone, she was along
He was curious, she was cordial
She was catering to his senses:
With her ply, play and ploy
Her electrifying looks
Greeted his soul to seek
Tricked and kicked his heart
Her smiles rolled on his lips
Her face fashioned fair n’ familiar
Beauty was her boon, his moon
An intangible asset to cassette
It was one to one homely affair
Win-win scene in solitude
Her free style was explicit -
Board of her body language
Her chromatic costumes,
And cosmetic feel of touch
Enshrined in the tablet of his memory
She sang, danced n’ pounced in passion
Coupled up his thoughts  
For a couple of hours
Her smart artistic calibre,
Teeming teenage tickle,
Shook up and hooked up
His conduct and character
He could see her face to face
In her filmy on-screen display
Of moving movie telecast
He was her fan in disguise
She was his fiancée in guise
As an artist and articulate
Lo! Love is the mother of life
Mar 2015 · 787
Arithmetics of love
We are existing
You & I are but
The numerator
And denominator
Or vice versa
As per whims and fancies

Let us break
That diabolic dividing line
And multiply our lullable love
To reduce worldly woes
And add life to the yearning years
By the joy and jubilation
Embedded in our hearts
Mar 2015 · 663
Essence of Absence
Super Dad had
Has His fad
To be formless
To keep us in form
To be homeless
To stay with us
To be selfless
To keep us harmless
To be ceaseless
To besiege relentless
To be of no origin
To originate  
To be fathomless
To keep us afloat
To be unreachable
To reach us all at once
To be infinity
To carry us thru’ infinity
Essence of His absence
Is to sense His presence.
Mar 2015 · 587
Heavenly home
Heaven is not my home
Let my home be heaven!
Mar 2015 · 1.4k
You & I
are the rhyme & rhythm
song and dance
spring and fall
subject and predicate

Lung and heart
care and caution
health and wealth
strength and solace
power and peace
present and future
Life and death

Given the choice/chance,
Let us repeat the show
a milling million times,
in the pavilion of life
as Adam & Eve
Mar 2015 · 479
synopsis of love
Love is a zeal to possess
And not a deal for access
Mar 2015 · 340
Your future is in your hands
Let it not slip into others'
Mar 2015 · 828
Private and Confidential
Whisper .....
Private and Confidential
Both on oath
To wrestle and sweat
on the plank of blinking light
in the pirated privacy
to a gasping breath
in the light of darkness
one loses to the other
and win each other
Lest winning alone
is more shameful
than the game itself
Dim light more delight!
The end of the game!!
Mar 2015 · 468
Symphony of sea
High tides on a hideout
Scuffling high and low  
Sought shelter off sea
At a downward cradle resort
In high land island assort
Cuddled in grip n grasp
To enjoy the balm and calm

Back waters beckoned me
To the wedlock o’ bed lock
Of islands’ land n liquid
I peddled my winding way
The beat about the boat afloat
Swayed away fair and far
The wiling willing precincts
Untidy tide untied my ties

Sea saw swing sang a song
Amidst tunes of windy wand
As though to unwind my mind
***** of breeze doused me to brim
Frills and spills lulled into thrill
Oh! What a symphony of scenery
The treat lasted from dawn to dusk
Waves waved off my retreat not to risk
Mar 2015 · 331
Lovely nature
Loved her tooth and nail
Head over heels
She is my pace-maker
And peace keeper
Her air in my breath,
Eye behind eye,
Her beauty is seasonal
And sensational
She glows silver cream
Glitters green sheen
Cools and warms
Rarely wild, often mild
Stands thru thick and thin
Her curves and curls
Touch my heart
Her enthralling structure
Often captures my rapture
She is of high yielding variety
For long lasting pleasure
My will treks on her hill tracks
Rallies in her voluptuous valleys
I love to live with her
As long as I live in her lap
All I see is her nature
Thanks to Mother Earth!
Mar 2015 · 706
Dream damsel
Simmering youth
On adultery flame
Of passionate dreams
Under the ******
Of thirsty hunger, hankering
To anchor the pranks
Of pubertal parking

Slipped into slumber sullen
At the trick of biometric-clock
The intrinsic instinct awake amidst,
Awoke his inner self off the shelf
In pursuit of pelf of passion
In a stress-free realm of dreams

Infatuation surfed n’ spun its web
Obsessive, his highness sought
Unfair affair with her fairness
In his dreamy creamy fare  
That planted a futile kiss
With a figurative hiss
On her fertile cheek n’ chin
Raw was war at love he saw
Alas, the best of his lovely lass
Perhaps never to figure out
From his naughty mesh
Of wish of vanishing dreams
That often franchise and fantasize
Mar 2015 · 413
If only
I hate to live
If only living is to hate  
I choose to lie
If only lying is good
I prefer to ignore
If only ignorance is pardonable
I opt to fight
If only fighting ends fright
I go for instant war
If only war brings pure peace
I love to be lazy
If only lethargy enhances life
I like to be crazy
If only craze brings laurels  
I propose to steal
If only stealing is love of people
I venture to offend
If only offending is way to defend
I dare to be unethical
If only I stand to justice
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
Ocean Park
See Seesaw Sea, Swing in ecstasy
Rhythmic tides, Rhyming strokes
Soothing breeze, Pleasing nodes
Surfing banks, Boxing waves
Tiding ebbs, Ebbing tides
Unabated buzz, Ferry minds
Merry crowds, Downing sun
Cooling beach, Evening dawns
Immolating sun, Immortal journey

On double shift,
Off side wakeup call,
On side adieu  
Pushed up moon as a parting gift
On alighting night
Good oh the heavens!
Kudos to the Ocean Park.
Mar 2015 · 295
Dosage of love (10W)
Once a day is okay
One a day is decay
Mar 2015 · 338
Time sequence
Seconds come first in time,
Minutes are mostly on time,
Hours take their sweet time.

Days come time after time,
Months are from time to time,
Years have long waiting time.

You and I get living time,
We have a testing time,
Let us live for full time,
And leave the world in time.
Mar 2015 · 556
A brochure on nature
What’s thy nature?
Scorching than warming,
Chilling than cooling,
Drowning than drizzling,

Earth is thy ground,
Where we are around.
To unleash a storm, a quake,
A thunder and a lightning,
Or an uncanny volcano,
And a lot more to our lot,

Thy beauty is skin deep,
What’s thy nature?
If not a ******* terrorist's.
At times.
Mar 2015 · 362
Parting Soul
I am in the abode of heaven,
You are on board the earth,
You did not care me,
When I loved you most,
Nor did conceive my value,
When I was alive.

My heart throbbed for you,
Till it ceased in relentless pain,
You were impatient, when I was a patient,
And now you repent and lament,
As my soul is freed heart.

I see you helpless but can’t rescue,
Not even the pretty little children.
Awake, oh my sweet heart!
The kid is wetting and crying,
Take care, adieu, my soul is plunging,
Into another body unknown,
And severing the ultimate link with you,
May God bless you all my love!
Mar 2015 · 482
A day in city traffic
Trapped in traffic in the city of density,
Warmed up and wormed forth my way,
Thru’ wild and wayward wheelers.
Whose motion commissioned in commotion.

Each movement a moment of maze,
With lurking fear looming large,
As tri-colour signals flagged ever green,
To a crisscross invader at a jittery junction.

Rules rolled are trampled on unruly roads,
Capped up cops snapped and coped up in vain,
Tutored wheelers swerved and swarmed,
Rules defined, flouters fined but never refined.

Will and wit overtook wisdom to breach and reach,
As taunting time forced a daunting spree,
My feet on ABC pads in a cosy car chair,
Danced up and down hand in hand,
With a wavering steering wheel at hand,
And tow my way in brushing bruising wand.

All and sundry on a shaky rock and roll,
Risk from dawn to dusk on explosive toll,
Rains draining up on potholes end up in pitfalls,
No solution or salvation in sight for safety,
Oh city users, muscle up your mind,
For a tough tussle of travel ahead around.
Mar 2015 · 571
Wings of Love
Adolescent pair qualified
For adultery love
She loved to land in his life
So too, he liked her alike
Puberty took liberty
Mutual parents liked mutually
To be mutual parents-in-law
Cleared pair’s passport and visa
Stamped each valid thru life
Wings of love took off
Wandered in a lonely resort
Love was long and longing
Hours melted in minutes
Days vanished in hours
Years rolled in days
And swallowed love and life
Stamps no more valid

Soul and spirit fled in time
To the empire of love free from pyre
For resting in eternal peace
Heaven enforced its discretion
Stamped out soul  
To the slot it deserved
When, where and how
God only knows!
Mar 2015 · 423
Sky is the limit for stars
Soul is the limit for lovers
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
Tea an entity
Berthed and tailed in Almighty,
Tea showed its mite as an entity
In daily life with its novelty
In reality tea is in plenty

Producers and users make it tasty
To sip in habitual punctuality
Its beauty lies in its utility
Take it hot, not to be hasty

For a break in work, it has its sanctity
In extreme hot or cold, it is naughty
Its quantity goes well with quality
It has limited warranty and guaranty
No pantry without tea
Kudos to tea’s entreaty
For its welcome treat in any treaty
Oh! Behold its entry and pageantry
Mar 2015 · 248
Sweet love (10W)
My sugar level is optimum
with sweetness of your love
Mar 2015 · 423
Divine dimensions
We work for ourselves
He works for us

We work to live on
He works to enliven

We work from a place
He works every where

We work as we please
He works  to please us

We work for fixed hours
He works for all hours

We are the creatures
He is the Creator
His is the Nature
It is His nature.
Feb 2015 · 609
My First Flight
My first flight was a fancy funny dream cream delight,
Of crafty wings swinging in thrifty winds of daylight,
Propelled by pilots cocooned in the cozy cockpit,
For a grand take off, of the roaring and rising craft.

I was spotted and seated by a dainty bounty beauty,
Beckoning me to buckle up for reckoning safety,
With slippery smiles from her clipping rosy lips,
After brisk demo for self -help on risk rescue tips.

Skiing wings nosed up plush and puffy heights,
And up and up I went and gazed through vent,
As basking clouds shone in tender light and heat,
Flight floated on velvet carpet glowing silver white.

The sailing swan in sky moved in majestic style,
Eased and caused nagging nap of lull and pull,
Her long and lavish belly hosting high fly guests,
Rays and rain gifted a colorful bow to the far west.

The queen in quest lensed on landing scene of the city,
Focused on the crown of castles of unseen beauty,
Trespassed vibrant greenery and scenery, hills and hillocks,
Rivers and rivulets, flora and fauna in all mix and make,

The mettle of men and machine did its marvel in travel,
As the veiled wheels unveiled and wielded to safe land,
The metal bird grounded on a grand ground around,
And rejoiced rousing reception of the curious crowd.
Feb 2015 · 441
On a dating day
Hear me, my dear....
Let me pop up my plans
on this blue moon day delight

Your glittering eyes
Fluttered my shuttered heart
Your cherry cheers
shored up my sunken soul

Your melodious voice
Mellowed my bullish ego
Your bouncing beauty
spurred up my dormant passions

Your heart is my home divine
So sure I am for you
Your matchless features
Make me your perfect catch

May I warm up with your charm
And lead a princely life
of my princess choice?
For the blush of wife to be
Be the bliss of life that be
Feb 2015 · 664
Throw your smiles, my dear,
Viewers take a crazy catch
Blush, it is all they wish
Cheer up, to cheer the peering eyes

Pep up your pleasing lips,
Veering eyes carry the sips
Laugh louder, you are allowed
Cry all out, they enjoy no doubt
Sob, nothing to feel sorry

Reflex your face, keep ready to face
Wink your eye, it sprinkles lust
Frown, you are the crown
Voice your tongue, it caters

Let the pearls in your cup of lips radiate
  fragrant flowers of joy and jubilation
May your breath resonate cool
  in the ears of the audience for years!

Sweeten your words, toast the taste
Sing, for an all-round swing
Synchronize your body language
With the symphony of the scene

You are the debonair in debut,
Heralding heroine of this film.
The quick buck of this movie,
Much depends on your quirk
Lens is ready to sense your synergy
Bless you my budding artist, go ahead!
Feb 2015 · 270
As much as
I love my duty
As much as
I love my beauty
I love poetry
As much as
I love pantry
I love my country
As much as
I love currency
I love you
As much as
You love me
Feb 2015 · 628
On a deadly day
Air-locked lungs
Severed air-links
By tyranny of time

Yester beauty lost in pesters
In the travail travel of life
Deeds, deals are doomed
Solo soul slipped out sad
Of static veins, bones and blood
Body is now nobody to anybody

Unlocked fast food counter;
The paradise of parasites
The stray dogs’ dish delight
The flying hawk’s eye-catch
Wholesome diet for the day

Stinking corpse threatened
Endangered epidemics
World worried and buried
The Esquire in a square
Of engraved box in a grave

Soul in hunt of sprouting seeds
Of vibrant hygienic genes
For long sustained body’s succor
Of its own make – sane or sin,
Of heaven’s choicest justice
Feb 2015 · 669
Beauty often
tabled its love
Crazy enjoyed
taste of toast in toto
Cutleries stinking
in sink of sins.
Feb 2015 · 227
Book me (10W)
Without you
life is a file
With you, a book
Feb 2015 · 432
Over to a beach
Bee line in the beach lane
on to a resourceful resort
Of styles, shorts and sorts
in search of freedom
from enforced routine

Bales of barren clouds
Mushroomed the sky line
Set a merry mood in motion
of the touting tots n' lots

The band of souls pitched
hand in hand on sand
Gay was the day at bay
All and sundry fielded the day

Bask and bath
Rock and roll
Fun and frolic
Wind and weather
Hoot and beat
Hip hip hurray
soaked in the sea of ecstasy

Slim shut swim suit
hemming here and there
Bikini blonde bouncing
Spicy curves and colors
pushed up passions
Of the passers by

Sand sipping sea
Sea slipping sand
Land and sea lip to lip
A great fun to run around
Feb 2015 · 480
Body and Soul
Soul inducts
Body conducts
Soul without body is like
   Current without conductor
Body without soul is like
   Conductor without current
United they live
Divided; one flies
And the other dies
The burning question lies
to keep them ever in ties
Feb 2015 · 552
A dame in dream
Simmering youth
On adultery flame
Of passionate dreams
Under the ******
Of thirsty hunger, hankering
To anchor the pranks
Of pubertal parking

Slipped into slumber sullen
At the trick of biometric-clock
The intrinsic instinct awake amidst,
Awoke his inner self off the shelf
In pursuit of pelf of passion
In a stress-free realm of dreams

Infatuation surfed n’ spun its web
Obsessive, his highness sought
Unfair affair with her fairness
In his dreamy creamy fare  
That planted a futile kiss
With a figurative hiss
On her fertile cheek n’ chin
Raw was war at love he saw
Alas, the best of his lovely lass
Perhaps never to figure out
From his naughty mesh
Of wish of vanishing dreams
That often franchise and fantasize
Feb 2015 · 272
Heaven & Love
Heaven is the word I knew
Not the world I viewed
Love is the world I viewed
Not only the word I knew
Feb 2015 · 573
Filament of love
Love is like the filament of life
That glows in vacuum and
Blows out in erratic current
Between the lover and the loved
Feb 2015 · 584
Bouquet of Beauty
Eye catching rose among roses
Enlivened lotus amidst lotuses
As cute as chrysanthemum
Her enticing beauty is a bouquet
Of seen and unseen flowers
Add cosmetic touch to cosmic look
Piles of lily white smiles
Peels of lovely laugh
Lunar face, stellar grace
Solar radiance bracing up cosmos
Down her tempting temple canvas
Stupid cupid in hurry to canvass
Queen in the garden of lovers
Akin to bunch of brilliant flowers
Cascading hair crown her head
Hang around her face in hunger
In tune with wayward breeze
Her refined face defines beauty
Cup of lips grip her tasty tone
The rest of her coveted cover
To be discovered by none
Other than owner’s crazy mirror
Oh behold to adore the beauty
And admire its adept architect
When to win her cheek and cheer
And who the victor of the nectar
Not for us to speculate on spot
Feb 2015 · 1.8k
Heaven is  the nucleus of universe
Love is the nucleus of life
Feb 2015 · 553
Clouds in cluster fleeing fast
Shed crocodile tears
On sandy sprawling land
En-route green western range

Fallen tears rolled down,
Filtering thru’ grain of sand  
Cooling nerves,
En-route unnerved

Hapless tears pooled in ponds
Hither and thither
To quench and feed
Camel and caravan

Only lonely daring guests
Seeking desserts in desert,  
In hot n’ high end wind  
For dates and palm to calm

Without sand, who knows,
Whole world would have been a desert
For there couldn't be structures
Feb 2015 · 425
Whole-life Policy
Mind cultivates the psyche
Heart irrigates the body
Love navigates the life
Together they make
Whole-life policy
Feb 2015 · 451
View point
Some like sky view
Some like star view
Some like sun view
Some like moon view
Some like ocean view
Some like hill view
Some like valley view
Some like woods view
Some like bird view
And all that.
I like your view,
as I can have
all in one.
Feb 2015 · 227
My views carry no weight
Your 'view' carries more weight
Feb 2015 · 834
Heart pumps
Eyes see
Ears hear
Tongue tastes
Mouth speaks
Skin senses
Their presence goes unnoticed
Their absence is mourned
So is the fate of a few
Feb 2015 · 351
Open your eyes
to see others
Close your eyes
to see yourself
Open your eyes
to see what happens
Close your eyes
to see what happened
Open your eyes
to see what others have done
Close your eyes
to see what you have done
Open your eyes
to know others’ mind
Close your eyes
to know your mind
Feb 2015 · 720
Deep love
I love you
to the depth
of your body & soul
Feb 2015 · 299
Write a poem
Feel sleepless
Read a poem
Feel sleepy
Feb 2015 · 700
Salute the Absolute
Kudos to the Promoter –
The oblivious n’ obliging  
That planned and precipitated
This Perpetual Peninsular Planet
Kudos to the Governor
Who lit nuclear fire in far fulcrum
For a clear day light delight
Creamy kind to the mankind
Kudos the Sole Soul Administrator
Who gifted circular air corridor
And nosed it down into lungs
To beat to the heart’s content
Kudos the Chief Organizer
Who sponsored organic life around
Induced conducive premises
To belong and live long along
Kudos to the Ace Architect
Who opened up infinite cosmos
To host finite entities to thrive
Cycle and recycle thru infinity
Kudos to the Ubiquitous
Who master minded gene n’ genre
To organize sensory organs
And make chosen living
Feb 2015 · 340
On a winter day
Overcast canvas wide within the visible range,
Down the canopy of crowded clouds in rage,
Nature sprayed its petals and pellets of snow,
From the ethereal sky in a cool blend of harmony,
Oh behold!  the scenic splendor of its sway in its way.

As the day opened up and glittered silver ground,
Dauntless daunting flora and fauna lie dry and high,
Long await cool each its day to bounce and blossom.
And the studious heads heading on foot,
Armoured with hefty winter wear to capture
The beauty in their hunt to haul the wealth in books,  
In the city of university towering high on hill ridge.

It rained and drained thoughts in me to vent,
Sans a day out on stroll in flowery rain to venture,
As I peeped safe through the window panes,
The bewitching landscape in adamant restraint.

And then I looked and locked my iris open on ice,
As pals and pets plying and playing at length so nice.
Towing transport wade through the salted roads,
No matter how hard the day to drag in heaps of odds.

Evening lights highlight twilight of the day,
In a bid to bid good night for the lovely day,
And welcome the day next for the recurring show
Of ceaseless breath of life amidst flying flakes.
Feb 2015 · 695
Mind and Muscle
Muscle up your mind
To keep up to a task  
Mind your muscle
To keep out of tussle
Feb 2015 · 531
Bubble Blow
Baby’s birthday bash
That sleeveless evening
Reveling rendezvous
Kith n’ kin couth akin
Muse, music, amused
Clown’s pranks amazed  
Toddlers fulfilled the field day
Guests gazed gala in gusto  
Hosting parents rejoiced
Of tots hurray in balloons array
Kid of the day was blessed n’ blushed
Banquet dished out warm recipe
Did its delicious duties to invitees
Parting gifts parted the day

Alas! Dad had bad mad day next
A deadly devil of truck struck
The unholy moment hauled him off  
Satan had his say on that evil day
Massive melancholy moved in pain
Passive crowd cursed in air in vain
Time is not we think at times
Beware of untimely tyranny of Time!
Feb 2015 · 409
My smile is an elation
Your smile is a relation
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