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Love is a zeal to possess
And not a deal for access
Your future is in your hands
Let it not slip into others'
Whisper .....
Private and Confidential
Both on oath
To wrestle and sweat
on the plank of blinking light
in the pirated privacy
to a gasping breath
in the light of darkness
one loses to the other
and win each other
Lest winning alone
is more shameful
than the game itself
Dim light more delight!
The end of the game!!
High tides on a hideout
Scuffling high and low  
Sought shelter off sea
At a downward cradle resort
In high land island assort
Cuddled in grip n grasp
To enjoy the balm and calm

Back waters beckoned me
To the wedlock o’ bed lock
Of islands’ land n liquid
I peddled my winding way
The beat about the boat afloat
Swayed away fair and far
The wiling willing precincts
Untidy tide untied my ties

Sea saw swing sang a song
Amidst tunes of windy wand
As though to unwind my mind
***** of breeze doused me to brim
Frills and spills lulled into thrill
Oh! What a symphony of scenery
The treat lasted from dawn to dusk
Waves waved off my retreat not to risk
Loved her tooth and nail
Head over heels
She is my pace-maker
And peace keeper
Her air in my breath,
Eye behind eye,
Her beauty is seasonal
And sensational
She glows silver cream
Glitters green sheen
Cools and warms
Rarely wild, often mild
Stands thru thick and thin
Her curves and curls
Touch my heart
Her enthralling structure
Often captures my rapture
She is of high yielding variety
For long lasting pleasure
My will treks on her hill tracks
Rallies in her voluptuous valleys
I love to live with her
As long as I live in her lap
All I see is her nature
Thanks to Mother Earth!
Simmering youth
On adultery flame
Of passionate dreams
Under the ******
Of thirsty hunger, hankering
To anchor the pranks
Of pubertal parking

Slipped into slumber sullen
At the trick of biometric-clock
The intrinsic instinct awake amidst,
Awoke his inner self off the shelf
In pursuit of pelf of passion
In a stress-free realm of dreams

Infatuation surfed n’ spun its web
Obsessive, his highness sought
Unfair affair with her fairness
In his dreamy creamy fare  
That planted a futile kiss
With a figurative hiss
On her fertile cheek n’ chin
Raw was war at love he saw
Alas, the best of his lovely lass
Perhaps never to figure out
From his naughty mesh
Of wish of vanishing dreams
That often franchise and fantasize
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