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Rhiannon Apr 2020
To comprehend the idea of freedom,
Thrown around me in retort,
Goes along the path of reason,
The very thing that I was taught.

Unbeknownst to me this beginning,
Built up of loss and flames,
Brings me courage to carry on winning,
Lifes ever changing games.

I bring you chance of please and pardon,
A route not yet walked by,
Snakes slither round you in this garden,
But you do not flinch or cry.

From broken bones and desperate illusions,
To a place to rest and drink,
We open our minds to other conclusions,
The worlds bigger than we think.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
She tried her best to save me,
Had redemption slathered on her tongue,
But I was a goner before she found me,
There was nothing she could have done.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
For love it is a wretched word,
It does not sit well in my mouth.
Opposed to me in twos and thirds,
Consumes my brain in doubt.

For it keeps lingering ominously,
I do feel it in my skull,
Stuck, jarring sounds, cacophony,
My mind remaining dull.

And harsh it is to feel the sting,
A wasp crawled up my arm,
What ebbing state, vile thing,
Light up my thoughts in alarm.

But you are seen more in light,
Than darkness is to say.
I clench my fists in noble fight,
But you will not go away.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
We alternate between the ashes,
Of a father in past tense,
With blood, bone and family clashes,
A wolf pack of a differen't scent.

A hiearchy deformed in nature,
My eye colour confined,
To those who left us a broken hater,
Slaving away to time.

Our fortunes forbidden to show and tell,
You'll find it in a luxury drink,
Thoughts and feelings your mind expels,
So you let the words sink.

A carrier of the family gene,
One we do not accept,
As we mop the floor of the dirt and gore,
Then carry on with all we have left.
#Brutal beginnings #Never give up #Keeping going
Rhiannon Apr 2020
There upon a rocky shore,
Stood strong sailors ten or more.
Some had smeared their hair with tar,
All sorts of people from near and far.

A sirens call there could be heard,
But not one person uttered a word.
"Don't dwell on it" they'd all think,
Like trying to ignore a boat about to sink.

Oh, but no man can resist the call,
And those who say they can are no more than fools.
Entrancing music carries you beyond this realm,
No matter how tight you hold onto the helm.

As the last sailor leaves blissfully unaware,
Only the shipwreck and trees can tell us what was there.
Upon a sandy shore seeming so fine,
The sirens call as rich as wine.
#Sailor #Mythology #Sea
Rhiannon Apr 2020
This whole thing makes me feel lethargic,
There's nothing more to do.
I've washed up, Fed the cats,
I've even polished my shoes.

I've watched all the series on Netflix,
There's nothing more to see,
Three more weeks of this?
Oh, You've got to be kidding me.
Quarantine is boring
Rhiannon Apr 2020
There has been many a wanderer on this trek,
endure and survive the only advice we're told.
Most fallen short just before discovery,
Led into the world so bare and cold.

Trudging along heavy footed,
We limp in circles scared and sore,
Our minds, our hearts, our souls embedded,
With a heavy thirst for something more.
#Difficult journey
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