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5d · 183
April 5d
As raindrops shatter on the walk
And water gilds the leaves
A sparrow huddles in the damp
Beneath the dripping eaves

It’s feathers, brown and white, drawn close
To keep the cold at bay
A silent bird awaits the dawn
That heralds coming day
April Jan 31
Frigid talons brush my face
In a lover’s caress
Icy wind steals my breath
In a searing kiss
And I am lost.

A last attempt at reason echoes faint
A blood red flag set waving in the snow
But a gust of wind, swift sent, obscures the sight
And I am lost

That hazy thought of struggle passes, fleet,
For in surrender lies eternal peace.
Jan 8 · 390
When I’m Gone
April Jan 8
When I am gone,
Don’t think of me.
Don’t mourn for me
Don’t weep for me.

I won’t be there
To turn away
The pain.

Some other arms would
Hold you tight,
Another’s voice would
Soothe your sleep;
And I will be
A million miles away.

So please,
Don’t miss me
Oct 2018 · 65
April Oct 2018
Thank God for generosity
For kindness and

The brotherhood of humankind
Connects us all

The Lord be praised

For this is our guard against hatred
A bond that is older than time
And that no man can break

Compassion can hold us together
When gunshots would tear us apart
Eleven have died in a synagogue, victims of hate and of fear. Together now we must heal, compassion and kindness always uppermost in our minds.
Oct 2018 · 297
Love’s Gift
April Oct 2018
The best gift in the world
Is so simple

A corsage
Even when we aren’t going
To the dance

A bowl of warm soup
When I’m sick,
Hand delivered

And three small words
More than all:
I love you

If love could cure the flu,
I would be well.
And may the Lord be praised for that.
Oct 2018 · 157
The Nature of Love
April Oct 2018
Love is comfort when he’s hurting
Love is solace when he grieves
Love will listen when he’s worried
And hear beyond the things he says  

Love will watch with pride and pleasure
As he learns to be a man
Love will catch him when he stumbles,
And support him as he grows

Love sustains me when I leave him
Love connects us even now
The love that binds us never severed
Short of death, or yet beyond
Oct 2018 · 977
Little Things
April Oct 2018
Thank God for
Little things
Like teacups with
Roses on the rim

For flowers late in
When I thought they
All were gone

And the brush of
Fingers over my hand
When I’m feeling sad

It’s the little things
I’m thankful for
The most
Sep 2018 · 93
Puppet Dance
April Sep 2018
In circles convoluted still
We poor dumb puppets turn;
The wind, a thief
Of voices, screaming
That which once was ours-
A shrieking cry more animal
Than man.
Time itself is dancing on
The puppet master’s strings.
April Sep 2018
Sometimes I see
Behind the mask she wears
To the beautiful woman she is.
I wish she could see her
In the mirror
Instead of the mask
She hates

If only she could see herself
Through my eyes
Sep 2018 · 87
Time Gone
April Sep 2018
How can I face the passing hours,
Years and days still slipping by?
How to confront the creeping seconds,
Measured now for those I love?
How to accept that time is flowing,
Sweeping past my outstretched palms?
The few who are left are slipping through my hands.
It’s so hard to know that they, too, will leave
Sep 2018 · 105
Action, Reaction
April Sep 2018
I fear our world is going mad
This place that we call home
With fires, gunshots, protests, panic,
Chaos rules and we react

Our laws mean nothing in the cosmos
Nature cares naught for our lives
I fear the world will end in fire
Lit by flames of our unrest
Sep 2018 · 74
When Trouble Finds You
April Sep 2018
Light flashing
Pulse pounding
Heart racing

Time slows

Blue shirt
Kind eyes
Soft voice

We’ve done nothing wrong
He says
Aug 2018 · 94
In Nature’s Triumph
April Aug 2018
Frail blades waving, soft in the wind
A triumph of Earth over Man
Strength from the weakest
Whose whispers are lost
In the tramping of conquering soles.
A tuft of grass springs from the pavement,
Alone between the cars.
Aug 2018 · 105
Sweet Dreams
April Aug 2018
I dreamt a dream last night
That I was brave
That I could ask the questions
That I need to know

But I am weak
And scared
Of losing what I have if
I push too hard

In my dream I had courage
But dreams must end
And this was but a dream
Aug 2018 · 141
Who Am I?
April Aug 2018
I am my hands and my feet
My arms and my legs
My torso and my spine
I am my eyes and my lips
My ears and my skin
I am my brain and
I am my heart
But who am I?
Aug 2018 · 185
The Artist
April Aug 2018
She hides behind a wall
Away from half her soul
Denying all that is
That isn’t right.
She paints in monosyllables.
Aug 2018 · 247
Sun Fire
April Aug 2018
An orb of fire hanging by a thread
From the heavens, straining towards the earth
Some comet frozen distant in the past,
A captive bound in time’s eternal dance.
Its partner ever spinning, spinning,
A silent counterpart to fire’s rage.
The sun sets in a pool of melted gold.
Aug 2018 · 584
April Aug 2018
Some are for a lifetime
Some last but a day
Some will leave for anger
Some will move away
And some will die and
Leave you only lonelier next day

Some are kind and gentle
While some are brash and bold
Each one irreplaceable:
A candle you may hold
Until it burns out
And leaves you cold

A rare few burn eternal,
And they’re magical as such,
But the search to try to find them
I have found hurts far too much.
So we live life lit by candles
That our frozen hands must clutch
Until they burn out
In a rush
Aug 2018 · 105
April Aug 2018
The truth ripples,
Bowed and twisted by so many
Silver tongues.

Twisted is the glass we see though
Cloudy and hidden by turns
Trapping us in blissful ignorance.

Ignorance is not bliss
When you long for a truth
That no one wants to find.
They are blissful in their ignorance
Aug 2018 · 614
The Resting Place
April Aug 2018
Welcome, Traveler,
You need no longer fear;
This is the home of the wanderers
Too tired to go on.
You’re in good company here.
Aug 2018 · 177
A Fleeting Snatch of Memory
April Aug 2018
A crowded room
The buzz of voices
A scent that you remember
From long ago
Memories rise like ghosts,
The dead come back
To haunt your hard-won peace.
Someone dared to wear
The cologne he wore
When he said goodbye
It still haunts me, even now
Aug 2018 · 123
He Died of a Gunshot Wound
April Aug 2018
Put guns into the hands of children
Put bullets through their hearts
Soldiers killed before the war’s begun
those who were to carry tomorrow’s flag
Lie buried beneath their elder’s feet
How many lives in the name
Of justice,
Or greed?

The future dies with each of them.
Aug 2018 · 343
April Aug 2018
The sea lashes out in anger
Beating against the shore
Nothing stands in the face of the ocean’s wrath
Jul 2018 · 7.6k
April Jul 2018
A labyrinth expands before me,
Its only prize, the truth; reality
Awaits the shrewd of mind.
At every turn lie misdirections,
One wrong choice and I am
Lost, for perils lie ahead;
Webs of lies lie waiting for their prey.
I pray for wisdom that I may not fall,
Misguided by a ghost I thought I saw;
My own illusions turn me from the light.
The path ahead is cobbled from the shadows,
Bits of truth among them shining gold,
The only light to guide my weary feet
As Darkness beckons me with gentle hands.
Temptation offers respite from my search:
“Sit down and rest, poor ragged
traveler, you search in vain
For worthless lies. I tell the truth;
One as beautiful as I is honest, sure.”
I pay no heed. The truth is rarely beautiful or pure.
Jul 2018 · 525
I’m Fine
April Jul 2018
Six letters, an apostrophe,
A meager whole, I fear
And slight of meaning,
All things told,
As words for one to hear.
I’m fine.
Jun 2018 · 131
No One Special
April Jun 2018
I am no one special
No one powerful
Or smart
No one beautiful
Or talented
To set myself apart
And yet somebody loves me
Though only God knows why
Since I’m nobody special
In my own reflected eyes
Jun 2018 · 346
April Jun 2018
Fireflies are fallen stars
Before they hit the earth
Shards of ice engulfed
In heat shed
Gentle light
Flashes of beauty
Amidst the night
Jun 2018 · 127
Empty Nest
April Jun 2018
The rain outside is
Like a little bird
On the roof

My parents downstairs
Murmured voices

My room’s last summer’s
War zone
Empty land and
Scattered remnants

My heart’s still
So why have I
Gone cold

The night is silent
The windowsill
Is bare

The bird’s gone home
He’s given up
And left me
All alone
Jun 2018 · 113
Dear Future Self
April Jun 2018
Dear future self,
Someday I’ll meet you
When I look into a mirror,
And you’ll know it’s me.
Remember me?
That silly ingenue who
Didn’t understand
The ways of life.
Dear future self,
Please don’t hate me
Twenty years from now.
Sincerely yours,
The past
Jun 2018 · 137
Invisible Ocean
April Jun 2018
The ocean is calm inside of me today
My emotions are cool, collected,
Bluish greenish grey

But the sea is a fickle friend.
Lashing, thrashing, beating
Against the moorings of my boat
As darkness falls

The anchors that I set don’t always hold;
I am adrift upon my inner sea,
As others blow the wind into my sails
That never guide me where I need to go

I lost my only oar so long ago
The wood beneath my my palms is phantom faint;
My arms are weak from lack of self control
And I am lost

The water boils up against my boat
Threatening to draw me down into the dark
From whence I’d not return

But the sea is a fickle friend.
She soothes her storms as swift as they begin
And offers me apology
In sunbeams from the clouds
Instead of rain
Jun 2018 · 205
Summer Storm
April Jun 2018
A summer storm is raging far
Beyond the distant hills
Lightning flashes,
Fleeting glows,
As thunder rolls and thrills
In growling waves.

The radio is buzzing out its
warning to the world
“Be careful, all who venture forth,
For Heaven’s wrath.”

The sidewalks turn to rivers,
And our valleys now are ponds,
My garden serves as bathing space for families of frogs.

They’re not afraid.

And now that Thunder prowls away,
And Lightning follows, in her wrath,
I creep outside, where gentle rain
Soothes aching trees and grass.
Placid raindrops making art
On my flooded lawn.
Jun 2018 · 178
Silent Words
April Jun 2018
How many times have I said the words?
Whispered them, shouted them
Silently inside,
Where only I can hear,
So nobody answers?
Help me! I’m not strong enough.
Save me, hold me close and safe!
Don’t you see how close I am
To breaking?
I am the vase on the edge of a shelf
In an earthquake.
Jun 2018 · 110
April Jun 2018
Remember that the world can love
Remember that the future’s there
Remember that you can succeed
If only you still live
Never stop fighting
April Jun 2018
Brother, can you spare a dime?
Have some pity for the poor
You are lucky, don’t you see?
But you are blind.
And though you look to
Find our woes,
You do not see,
You do not care,
You do not know.
You are lucky, but to that
You’re blind.
Brother, can you spare a dime?
May 2018 · 189
Panic Attack
April May 2018
Eyes, why are you crying?
Lungs, why can’t you breathe?
Heart, why are you racing?
Stop! Oh, stop it, please!

I know I shouldn’t panic
There’s nothing I need fear
I’m safe and I’m protected,
But Terror cannot hear!

Worried parents
Soothing words
Scared. I’m scared as ****!

Heart. Racing.
Chest. Tight.
Can’t explain.

Can’t breathe
Can’t breathe.
Can’t breathe!

And then it’s gone
May 2018 · 169
What Hamlet Didn’t Know
April May 2018
Shakespeare said
To die- to sleep-
But sleep without a morning’s light

Hamlet said
He fears the dreams-
But dreams are what makes the night

And he spoke of
Wrongs, and suffering,
But wrongs without their right

And though Hamlet despaired,
And refused to go on,
Our joy is not out of our sight
May 2018 · 320
April May 2018
I would have slept enough last night
But for the tears I shed
Oh gentle fingers - leave me not
Go - bar the gates of dread

And turn the lock - my angel guard
To save me from myself
I fear the dawning of the morn
When we must be apart
May 2018 · 101
Candy Dish
April May 2018
Paste a picture on the bottom
To make it look full
Society’s version of truth
May 2018 · 340
Burned Out
April May 2018
I am the lightbulb
That burned out last night
But no one sees until morning
Apr 2018 · 851
Seeping Shadows
April Apr 2018
I pour my heart out on the page
My pain and anguish inky red
My anger black as dark as hatred
Shadows seeping creeping in
I tear my hair in screaming terror
None can see how young I am
Just a girl afraid of darkness
Shadows seeping creeping in
On the outside mask-like features
Smiling tell the world their lies
On the inside breaking cracking
Shadows seeping creeping in
So spin on world and leave me aching
What care you for who I am
Just a girl afraid of darkness
Shadows seeping creeping in
#pain #darkness #invisible  #shadows #afraid
Apr 2018 · 110
The Poet
April Apr 2018
I am the poet behind the words
My fingers grasp the pen
My heart is bleeding out in phrases
For the sorrows that I see
Apr 2018 · 128
A Child’s Wonder
April Apr 2018
A face looks up at shining stars
A child’s wonder in her eyes
A world of struggles not yet seen
A mystery inside her lies

Her braids in darkness shine like gold
Her light amidst the shadowed gloom
Her sweet delight a benediction
Offered to the pale moon

Her past and future swirl around her
Threads of gold and silver weave
Dancing in the moonlit shadows
Some for joy and some for grief

She sees them not, though, complex patterns
Veiled from her sight by time
Her life awaits her through the curtain,
Full of mountains she must climb

She does not fear though, does not know,
Her child’s wonder still holds sway,
A face looks up at shining stars
Glowing all so far away
Apr 2018 · 125
April Apr 2018
Mind awhirl.
Nothing ceases.
Mind anew.
No one understands.
Apr 2018 · 86
April Apr 2018
flower petals softly fall
to land about my feet
and cover up the blood and tears
I know abide beneath
their soft pink silk
is pure and clean
before it hits the earth
but red with blood
and black with hate
as time plays out its curse
and I just watch in silent pain
as petals fall like snow
the blameless victims in a war
that lays our people low
Apr 2018 · 291
Worry Not
April Apr 2018
Don’t you worry darling,
Now’s not the time for fears;
Don’t you fret my darling,
For I will dry your tears.

Though the world may crumble ‘round us
And though the sky may fall,
Don’t be sad my darling,
For I’m not sad at all.

You’re all I ever wished for
And all I’ve ever loved,
You are my joy, my guiding light,
My sun in skies above.

So now that shadows threaten,
I’ll be your light in turn,
And if the world is ending,
Together we will burn.
Apr 2018 · 91
April Apr 2018
Buzzing jumbled garbled speaking
Noisome nonsense pressing in
Laughter anger curses feelings
Pouring out in heedless din
Tumbling torrents words and phrases
Lines and essays floating by
Waves of sound sweep past my eardrums
Pressing closing passing gone
Life is so loud sometimes
Apr 2018 · 126
In My Heart
April Apr 2018
I may not be quite pretty
And I may not be that smart
But there are things that I can see
With only just my heart

I see that there are always some
Who just don’t seem to care
Who’ll take your heart and rip it out
And lay your feelings bare

But wait and watch and you will see
That hate does not trump light
That threads of friendship and of love
Will guide you through the night

They’ll wrap around your broken heart,
Your shattered dreams renew,
And they are there for everyone,
For me as well as you
For those who feel alone in crowds and beaten down by time
Apr 2018 · 62
To Be Me
April Apr 2018
So, to be, or not to be?
Well, what is it to be me?
Who can say, and who can know,
I am everywhere I go.
I am who I listen to,
I am everything I do,
I am what I think and feel,
All I know is not what’s real.
Who am I, and should I be?
What is it, really, to be me?
Mar 2018 · 102
If Only I
April Mar 2018
Only if
If only I
Are washed away

And yesterday
Are points on the line
Of time
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