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brandon nagley
Ohio,USA..    You can find me on Facebook Brandon Nagley Also on YouTube as Brandon nagley I speak prophecy news on my YouTube channel that matches biblically. ...
Anshula Nema
India    You'll find pieces of me in every tale.! Blog:
utkarsh pandey
24/M/Bangalore , India    flesh carved in shape by the bones .
Merhaba Şiir
İstanbul    Eschewing all her thoughts, perfect integration is not it?
Nicole Dawn
Oklahoma    "Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth." ~ Ender's Game I love to talk, but I also have good listening ears. If you ever ...
Tom'riesa Waranatau
Papua New Guinea    Smile on my face, I came from mother's womb, cried loud when grandmother struck me on my buttock with her palms, and grandfather just stared ...
61/F/Edinburgh Scotland    My journey began 2011. Writing photography. @Thebugleblog..hope to be a published author . I love Jesus ..
Lilly frost
18/F/US    A broken heart is the only possible start to loving correctly. Fu**ing Christ I wish it could be different but here we are.
DaSH the Hopeful
23/M/Rome, Ga    Please hit me up with collabs, no matter how crazy or tame your idea is. Or if you wanna just talk and see what we ...
Femina Hlychho
India    The best part of me is always with Jesus.
20/F/UK    just keep breathing
Shi Em
F/l o s t    "A mind possessed by unmade books, unwritten lines on every hooks." - Michael Faudet
Abi K
Baltimore    I have a passion for poetry and a love for photography.
kassie robinson
texas    I'm 15 years old, am a sweet , quite girl , willing to help anyone who wants to talk about anything.
nicole smith
florida    overthinking since '99 photographer & writer
Shyanna W
Canada    I am a 23 year-old lesbian woman who loves writing and wants to explore poetry further. I am a Leo, and I have purple hair ...
Age: 14 Gender: Male Relationship: Taken Perspective of life: Optimistic
Dark n Beautiful
New York    I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
Haley C B
Boston    Guacamole loving poetess
poetessa diabolica
Poetry is much more than ink's indulgence, it's a memorialized rebirth in shared experiences, coming to terms and celebrating verily before our eyes.
Xiao - SparKticas
22/M/New Zealand    In tough times I like to imagine you close to me. As if even for a second I could feel those arms around me. Yet, ...
CO    feelings and also jokes
MV Blake
UK Sitting. That's what it's all about for me. Sitting. And thinking. Definitely thinking. I think a lot. Too much. Sometimes I'm so full of ...
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