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Femina Hlychho Dec 2015
What have gotten into us?
What have ran through our bloods?
What have ruined our pure hearts?
That we killed our neighbours,
That we stopped our brother's heartbeat,
That we shortened the days of our life,
While we could not even add a day
To our one and only life.

What have blinded our eyes?
Is the bullets we created really worth the lives of our fellow human beings we could never create?
I believe this world would be much much much better and sweeter without bullets and swords.
Femina Hlychho Jun 2015
Better to die with God than to live without God.
Femina Hlychho Jun 2015
Love is like a rain.
Sometimes we dance under it.
Sometimes it left us wet and cold.
Yes,this love is just like a rain.
Femina Hlychho Jun 2015
I sensed my heart
Broken into two pieces.
And I realized
I have never learned
How to suffer such pain.
Femina Hlychho Jun 2015
By shifting my mind
From one thought to another,
I often found myself
Awakened by my dreams
So dreamy
Yet so dominating.
Dreams are the things that cannot make you sleep :
I love not knowing what will happen.
Because it gives me divine mystery.
It allows me to hope & dream,
and to have my expectations
And I learn that as I swim away
from the shore,
I can always rest on my back.
Safely floating.
And the waves will carry me,
because as beautiful as
the unknown is,
one thing is certain...
**the waves will come.
God's plan is always better.
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