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Abhishek May 2019
Like raindrops of cloudy monsoon
I keep wishing to meet you as soon.
God makes my desperation more complex until I see you
And I keep thinking about the dreams with u I want to pursue.
Abhishek May 2019
When I think about her,
Her thoughts make my mind stir.
I forget the world around me,
Can't define how beautiful is she.

But she shattered my feelings like glass on floor,
Still her thoughts in my mind whirl
Is she my Girl?
Abhishek May 2019
That night when I confessed,
My heart was beating loud and mind a little stressed,
I did put my feelings in my text,
Them my heart lost control with a little pain in chest.

Then closing whatsapp what I did,
Drank 5 glasses of water and from high blood pressure I get rid,
And once again logged in chat where your words were hid.

"Why we're you offline" you asked,
Told you how I felt at last,
You told me your story which cracked my heart with blast,
And your official no to my proposal made me to live without my first love which was my last.

I still don't believe in your story words,
I am waiting for you with a heart full of scars,
Once again I want to say you "I love you"
And want to listen the same from lips of you
But what would be the answer is all up to you.

— The End —