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I am gone,
do not bother to mourn
I left
all while you slept
I weeped
you heard but did not even bother to peep
but now
with life getting you down
you turn to me
only to see
that i am not here
Soo, i havent posted in a while, i sorta forgot about this account on hello poetry. I didnt think i was able to get in, anyways, I hope everyone is doing wonderfully well
 Sep 2022 A Slow Heyoka
here i, walk blind in
unseen sights,
aspired by my will,
to catch the shot in the dark
not dark as in morbid but,
dark as in unknown, unseen
for only, it could be
foreshadowed by some
i will be viewing the past
through the lessons
it has taught while i
keep on..writing,
painting every vivid dream
i have for my brain is
translucent, once i enter
the realm of softness
and dancing moon spirits.
Been gone two weeks on a pleasure trip
Had a good time and laughed a lot
Danced a lot with a brand new love
It was exciting until the time
He turned into a heavy load
I needed to put down and rest.
He's packing up his things to go
And I just really feel relieved.
He's no one I'd want you to meet,
For Mr. Covid is his name.
We both got a mild case at a Laurel and Hardy convention in Albuquerque, NM.
Discovered it on the way home. Many others got it too. 5 days in hiding
 Jan 2022 A Slow Heyoka
You were born near the warm ocean,
grew up around there,
With your clear acrylic smile
and sun-kissed blonde hair

I, the winter cold
More north than I can remember,
We met that day you visited,
a brisk chill, that December

We drank and danced,
while the years passed over
Argued and grew apart,
our greatest fears, now sober

My memories of you, once treasured
Now, faded
as sun deprived lands complain,
Forever, jaded
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