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Sep 2020 · 303
Skin deep
A Slow Heyoka Sep 2020
Persona bends
Tree branches
In seasons spent

Some bloom at dawn
Some break in storms
But that tree stands tall with friends
A Poem by A Slow Heyoka 2020
Aug 2020 · 598
A Slow Heyoka Aug 2020
Piercing souls
Eons, Indoctrinated
Back-scattered at the heart
Suffering and release


Spirit dance, Naked
On fires in thunderstorms
Awaiting the axe you bring
To purge thyself in me
Poem by: A Slow Heyoka 2020

Everyone loves to see themselves, until they really see themselves ;)
Aug 2020 · 263
A Slow Heyoka Aug 2020
Divine greetings
To a world under
Good morning

We meet again
In the rain

As fond of it
I am
Seldom Earthed
Upon dry plains

Action beckons cause

Rumble reverberate
A birth
In a soggy tundra concerto

A beauty lies in the time
Between the lightning
and the
Poem by a slow Heyoka 2020

For those that don't enjoy counting the one-one thousands ;)
Jun 2020 · 515
The devils keep
A Slow Heyoka Jun 2020
Were I as gifted as most
I would pull from the earth its very heart
As the rivers of its core washed over my feet
With its blood, I'd deem it modern art
Some gifted charlatan of beauty and grace
I'd burn all others work and praise
So it's of dietic thanks and situational applaud
That I never learned to take what I need to stand tall...
Dec 2019 · 732
A Slow Heyoka Dec 2019
From all of the promises slept
My futures rest to the chalk board
Rolling my eyes to "You Give A Little Love"
Malone in a monotonous tone

Used to say it was to bright to see
But there's a reason why some things only glow in the dark

And so, with time, behind these holy eyes

You will know the devil
Nov 2019 · 366
The Dinner Party
A Slow Heyoka Nov 2019
When I was younger
I thought that tree stumps
were fairy dining tables
I dreamt about inviting
guests to lavish parties
So I ate jam tarts
every time the sun set
And drank ten bottles
of Kool Aid for a bet
I didn’t regret a single sip
but I think the adult inside me
wished I did
Pressing on regardless
into an infinite described
by fluttering eyelids
like moth wings in moonlight
The shutters flapped open,
close, open, close
And the spirit felt known
Part of a collaborative project at a local writing retreat. Its not all mine.can you guess which parts are?
Nov 2019 · 418
The Craftsman
A Slow Heyoka Nov 2019
The table in the stable
made the craftsman able.
What happens when the craftsman
Can no longer rhyme?

Do they pack their tongue in clay and cry?
Do they have moss growing on their backs?
It smells too sweet to be moss, but too sweet to be grass.
But then we said **** it, just light it up and pass.

And when the lights burnt out
So did my patience and I yelled at the moon in a rage hotter than the sun.
Then the heat dropped
And once again, I could see clearly.
Part of a collaborative project at a local writing retreat. Its not all mine.can you guess which parts are?
Nov 2019 · 965
The Weather Man
A Slow Heyoka Nov 2019
They said that it would rain today
but for some reason when it didn’t

I was strangely disappointed.
Nevertheless, my jealousy pursued

like a jewel in the nightlight.
Revelling, repulsive, catastrophic.

The earth opened up and all the flowers fell inside.
They mixed with all the tar and soot and rust and then

made us sigh in awe.

In awe of how quickly a tough decision can be made
on our fates.

Suddenly, abruptly, snapping shut, an elastic
band on the door of the future.
Part of a collaborative project at a local writing retreat I attend. Its not all mine. Can you guess which parts are?
May 2019 · 416
Sink or swim
A Slow Heyoka May 2019
Each fact is true
But not all truths are facts
You could spend all day measuring string
You can also go bet at the tracks

People will believe what they want
It doesn't make it any less true
But when you find the fact of the matter
You'll be digging up the rest of the crew

A captain can sink with his ship
That's what my mother would say
But that captain will never see daylight again
Unless someone else is willing to pay
May 2019 · 631
Remain Unlocked
A Slow Heyoka May 2019
If we were a perfect hook and latch
Where one fell for the other abruptly
We would but miss our target catch
A few millimetres out
We clash quite brusquely
May 2019 · 287
A Slow Heyoka May 2019
The earth is my mother and she is my home

The sky above me, wherever I am. This is my father, my guidance toward future prosperity

I make my way with honesty, docility and adaptability
I make them my divinity along with life and death

I relinquish all concept of strategy, design, tactics, law and talent
I place principle, benevolence and the grasp of fore-locking opportunity in their stead

I hear and spout both reason and madness yet take with me only sensibility and gratitude toward insight

I am no longer prompt, for I refuse to look into concepts toward times restriction

I have no time.
I make the moment my time, the lightning my eyes and the relentlessness of the onset storm my very being.

My mind is my vice, my sword, my castle
Wit is my devise and confusion my destruction

My fullness is my strength, my smile my cure
My emptiness my reckoning and serenity my allure
Written on September 12, 2017
May 2019 · 3.1k
Crazy maze
A Slow Heyoka May 2019
crazy days
crazy places
crazy nights
crazy faces
turn around
crazy ways
crazy haze

colour smothers
colours fading
careful don't stomp
on my crazy paving

crazy dudes
crazy girls
crazy fates
crazy pearls
make it crazy make it good
I wouldn't want anything else
in this crazy neighbourhood
Written on July 07, 2006
May 2019 · 470
The Time Barrier
A Slow Heyoka May 2019
Like a faster than light chicken attack
Breaking out of the Higgs field,
With an explosive egg launcher in my backpack
Redundantly pecking at the spaghetti-like wormholes,
As if I can actually eat them
With destiny calling,
Like saying goodbye to the Bekenstein limit
And applying some pressure with an infinite-bit tourniquet.
Written on May 07, 2018
Apr 2019 · 440
Like Water
A Slow Heyoka Apr 2019
Even the peaks of Everest will soften and dissolve one day.
So fight the gravity no longer.
Become a river, an ocean, the rain.
poem by: A Slow Heyoka
Written on April 14th, 2017
Apr 2019 · 356
Underdog Current
A Slow Heyoka Apr 2019
Gravity moves the river
Resistance helps shape it
The edge gives its shiver
But the fall is what makes it
poem by: A Slow Heyoka
Written on Mar 21, 2018

— The End —