when a robber has successfully opened the front door
Sep 10, 2013

when a robber has successfully opened the front door
when you were almost certain you were to be victimized
when you are alone and the phone is the only cry for help

then you realize that while you call
life can flash
and you are vulnerable

the police will take a while to come
in that trajectory of time
a robber may do his doings
and you may hurt

that's when you realize
that no matter how strong
no matter how brave
no matter how smart
no matter what bat, knife or defense mechanism in reach

as a woman
smaller than average
weaker then a fully developed man
you realize that you may hurt the perpetrator
but he still has a good chance of taking over you
because you are the  biologically the weaker piece

and vulnerability, the rabbit in the open
you can't run
because the outside is worse
you can't hide
because there is no hole to go to

...then you shake in fear.

there have been two attempts against my home while I was alone.  This poem was inspired by the fear I felt when I realized the front door to the street was wide open while it was dark out.

and my faith has grown stronger because I could have easily been hurt, but I wasn't. God was there with me--and I realized how much more I need to trust him.

In any position of vulnerability, hopelessness, fear, danger--feeling like there is no rabbit hole to hide in is awful. I do not wish this to happen to anyone.

although, I do want to share a point--I live in a low income community were crime rates are high. Yes, I may be naive, but I believe most robbers here are simply desperate because of need and poverty. They are willing to take from their neighbor, but I forgive them. I also do not blame them. I blame circumstance and the tough world created by humanity--the good and the bad. I do not know if they are desperate drug addicts. I do not know if they have starving families. I do not know them. But what I do know is that they are broken inside in some way. A person must be broken to have the courage to break into a home and take what is not his and possibly hurt someone else.

Why are they hurting? Why aren't we helping them by offering a way to heal? Sure, some will refuse and some may have evil intentions, but those that don't? Those in need? driven by desperateness?

what about them?

you broke into my home
searching for anything that can be
easily grabbed
you got a hold of my heart
stole it and just as easy as it was to get
was how easy you ran away with it
i never got a hold of your precious face
you just kept on running
because you kept that mask on

even when i got a hold of you heart as well


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I much admire, I must admit,
The man who robs a Bank;
It takes a lot of guts and grit,
For lack of which I thank
The gods: a chap 'twould make of me
You wouldn't ask to tea.

I do not mean a burglar cove
Who climbs into a house,
From room to room flash-lit to rove
As quiet as a mouse;
Ah no, in Crime he cannot rank
With him who robs a Bank.

Who seemeth not to care a whoop
For danger at its height;
Who handles what is known as 'soup,'
And dandles dynamite:
Unto a bloke who can do that
I doff my bowler hat.

I think he is the kind of stuff
To be a mighty man
In battlefield,--aye, brave enough
The Cross Victorian
To win and rise to high command,
A hero in the land.

What General with all his swank
Has guts enough to rob a Bank!

my robber is gone

i loved the way you could put me in a trance
with your arrangement of words
and it robbed me
you took the breath out of my lungs
you made my mind twist and turn
you robbed me of all ability to have a sense of self control
i would do anything for you
bend over backwards and fly to the moon
and back
and there
and back again.
you made me feel alive though
you did not rob me of that
i always felt alive with you
and now that you have her
my robber is gone
and i dont feel as alive
and im sure you rob her of things too
and im sure she would do anything for you
and im sure you feel the same way about her
but one thing i am not sure of
is how someone can love another so much
even though all chances are gone
even though they have too been robbed
even though the one they love is with another
they still hold on to the hope that something might happen
because you will never rob me of my hope
that one day
you will love me too

Al C
Al C
Mar 12, 2013      Mar 13, 2013

And it's a Green Day song this time that
brings all my feelings rushing back.
For one, we were going to go to this concert together...
Not that that would have made me stay with you
longer than I did. I didn't really plan on anything.
I stopped planning things when I realized
there's other things to worry about that
sometimes are avoidable.
I guess it's fair to say I want to cry.
Except I won't. I'll continue to do this stupid History assignment.

To pursue the robber who'd got away
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Mar 31, 2013

A rotten thief was at work last night
He stole thirty sheep from Mr Wright
He wasn't aware of the thievery
He had his head on a pillow's livery

There he snored till nine o'clock
After he arose he went to check his flock
He noted that thirty sheep had gone astray
To whit he called the police in an urgent splay

The local constable came in a hurry
To investigate as to why the sheep did scurry
He detected a tyre indent on the muddy track
It bore a pattern akin to a badly stitched sack

His instincts told him who did the stealing
It was the fellow who jumped out of Mrs Ray's ceiling
With the crime solved he bade Mr Wright good day
To pursue the robber who'd got away

there is a robber who steels he have lot of friends are r
Jordan Richard Raj
Dec 21, 2013

there is a robber who steels he have lot of friends are robbers to one day the robber called all his friends and made a group discussion and told  go to steel an ice cream on a maket i'll steel
from a  house and then everybody got messed up and then the robbers plane wasn't successful  
at last on one got nothing.

There Marauds a sorer Robber,
Emily Dickinson


Death’s Waylaying not the sharpest
Of the thefts of Time—
There Marauds a sorer Robber,
Silence—is his name—
No Assault, nor any Menace
Doth betoken him.
But from Life’s consummate Cluster—
He supplants the Balm.

yeah, I could'a bin a bank robber but,
alan nettleton
alan nettleton
Feb 28, 2013      Mar 1, 2013

Could'a bin a cowboy but,
my ass didn't suit a horse.
could'a bin an astronaut but
I wandered off- off course.
coulda been a fireman but,
my hose was waayy too short.
yeah, I could'a bin a bank robber but,
shit, I'da got my cute ass caught.

as a robber,
Feb 16

there will come a day,
when I shall meet you again,
as a lover,
as a soldier,
as a flower,
as a poet,
as a robber,
as a girl,
as a bird,
as a mother,
as a fish,
as all things must bleed,
as all things must pass,
as all things must seep,
and do it all over again.

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