Sui Generis
Sui Generis
Apr 19      Apr 19

you&i; somewhere, first time
to see each other.
you're a stranger
at first
and maybe forever,
yet you are my typical
type of heart stealer.
but that was the first
and last time we'd
see each other.
i'm thinking of you
come to my dreams and
give me your digits.
then i'll beg you on text
to meet me,
soon again,
for the second and
more times.
i'll wait for you,
in my dreams,
i will really wait.

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the robber sneaks into
Effy Royle
Effy Royle
Jun 7, 2014

the robber sneaks into
my space of illuminating
trying to piece together
the things that make me
soon enough he thinks
he has it figured out
placing screws in the abyss,
knowing that if I tock he did
i want to tell him that
nothing will work
no matter how hard
he tries
my hands are broken and nothing
will ever
make them tick again
as much as they can try
as much as i'm already turning my
cogs to start again
the robber takes my broken hands
but just for a bit
"let me borrow them" he says
when he brings them back they are
rusty and used
i want to tell him that it hurts to tick,
how just because i was condoning
the robbing; i wasn't accepting it.
but i don't say a word
i just croak a broken tock
and let him rob me
all over again

this wasn't supposed to be a rape oriented poem, but that's how it turned out. idk, there's a sequel as well.
Hands off,' says the bag of cash to the robber.
Clarice Alvarez
Clarice Alvarez
Jun 12, 2014

'Hands off,' says the bag of cash to the robber.
Or, wishes it could have said,
Because it was an inanimate object,
While the robber was not.
The bag of cash was just a cotton satchel
While the robber was all flesh and blood.

'Where are you taking me?' the bag of cash silently wails.
It doesn't see the light of day
When the robber stuffs it into the trunk of his car.
Alone, the bag of cash occasionally jumps up in the darkness
As the robber's sidekick -- his car
Rushes him to an alien place.

'I have been forsaken,' the bag of cash mopes.
Once the robber takes it out,
The bag of cash will have to die.
It cannot imagine the horrifying thought
Of the robber slitting him open.
Its organs -- the wads of cash -- will all spill out in a puddle.
What did the bag of cash deserve
To meet with such terrible fate?

But the bag of cash hears a gunshot
Once, twice, and thrice.
And a flicker of hope lights up within it.
It sees the light of day again as the trunk opens
And, to its delight, sees the robber
Cuffed by the wrist and wearing a scowl.

'I can go home now,' thinks the bag of cash,
As the police officer takes it into his arms.
And once it's home, back in the vault
It can relay the frightening experience
To other bags of cash, bursting with paper bills and eagerness.

A little something I brewed up while I was DMing some of my friends last night. I kind of like this work a lot, to be honest.
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there is a robber who steels he have lot of friends are r
Jordan Richard Raj
Dec 21, 2013

there is a robber who steels he have lot of friends are robbers to one day the robber called all his friends and made a group discussion and told  go to steel an ice cream on a maket i'll steel
from a  house and then everybody got messed up and then the robbers plane wasn't successful  
at last on one got nothing.

Not all masked men are robbers

All robbers aren't masked

cop and robber.
Jonny Angel

O Sweet Thief,
let's play
our fun game of
cop and robber.
So Miss Crook,
stand up straight there,
face against the wall
and spread 'em
I'm going to frisk
you deeply,
ever so slowly
for my heart,
the one you stole,
have hidden inside.

James Jarrett
James Jarrett
Mar 25, 2014

You unleashed the fury
To rain down on you
Bloody and savage
Fire death and hell
But her hands of love
Fluttered down like angels
To save you
Her wings
Wrapping softly around me
Her whisper became
The wind in my ear
Calling me with her love
And I forgot for one moment
Who you were
Who I was
And who can shoot
The wings off an angel,

#love   #revenge   #thieves   #robbers  
You'll be the robber
Kelsey P
Kelsey P
Nov 23, 2011

I'll be the cop,
You'll be the robber
Since you stole my heart,
And ran with it.

It took only 2 weeks
For us to come together.
Wow, what a time we've had


I'm not ashamed
To say that yes, I do love you.
I was your first kiss,
You were my third;
My best;
What I hoped to be my last.

Time takes it's toll
And the cruel people of this world
Are taking you away from me.
Not the first my love
Has been taken from me.

The last robber I let go
Because, well,
He only had part
Of what I held dear.

You though,
You took everything.
I fell hard for you
And still have the bruise to prove it.

So lets play a game,
To deal with the pain.
Hm? What do you say?

I'll be the cop,
You'll be the robber
Since you stole my heart,
And ran with it.

Jun 12, 2014

Midnight has passed and the fan won't stop spinning
My brother is asleep already after a long night of stories and drinking
Cheap beer without glasses, cans and hands locked in each other's grasps
A rattle from a car passes the bench we sit upon with a homeless man
Black and temporarily homeless. A
Year out of prison with experience in law writing documents and saving lives and smoking grass in the seventies
We went to the same beaches growing up as chance would have it, but with thirty years between the ventures.
Midnight has passed and the fan won't stop spinning
My brother is asleep and I can hear his snores in the room and I can hear the tv through the wall
A show about cops and robbers plays like we did when we were kids
Locked underneath my porch in the dark we kissed
Or at least I thought about kissing you and
That's half the same

#pain   #sleep   #quiet   #family   #longing   #homeless   #sleepless   #brother   #robbers   #cops  

Vote for him or vote for her,
Vote for anyone you like,
Use your vote don't lose your vote,
If you believe in all the hype,

The hype that's being pumped out,
By politicians by the score,
Posting posters and pamphlets,
On your window and through your door,

They're all after your vote,
A vote to get them a job,
Some are career politicians,
Some are just there to rob,

When the voting's over,
And their seats have been retained,
They just ignore the public,
Till it starts all over again.

#robbers   #vote   #politician   #hype   #mp  
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