Neil Brooks
Neil Brooks
Aug 21, 2013

You once stood for something.
When they told you "NO"
you stood like a black-eyed-susan.
like the tao.
but when they beat you, betrayed you,
hogtied and pepper sprayed you,
you got angry.
You did things that soiled your good name.
I guess you just should have learned to take it,
like the tao.
like the tao, and wait.
like the tao and let the waters rise.
like the tao and overcome.
the weak overcome the tyranny of man with numbers.
as each drop of water equally starts the flood.
like each living being that has ever thought
"I will overcome."
I will overcome.

The hippies say bring back the Human- B in's
Steven Langhorst

Et Tu Brute hey everywhere people are sick of it.
The informality of brutality.
How it just seems alright to take a life.
Because for some reason yours wasn't worth anything at all.
And in the equality of the end gasped in one last breath.
Trying to tap out to no prevail alas  so trivial.  
No large funeral for you just a simple alas a do.
The class war had already begun it's just you forgot to notice.
As Nixon said end this war and there's bound to be another one.
Protest to no avail.
Civil unrest disobedience.
All the ingredients.
Like Stevie Wonder on some Mystic voyage of plunder.
Transcendental meditation .
Matter of fact  just imagine if everyone took to the streets only to meditate peace.
How could they infiltrate peace?Peace doesn't throw garbage cans thru storefront windows or light Molotov cocktails on fire or tip over cars.
The hippies say bring back the Human- B in's
Get rid of the stand-in's with there poor posturin'.  
Now I understand the big giant ohm.
Trying to create some harmonic space.
Keep it classy barefoot contessa.
With your bees knees.
Cat's paws by the sea.
An envelop while we walk on New Years Eve.
With your thoughts of a year forgot.
Or forget me knot.
Your state of flower power.

#peace   #hippies  

One hop and a skip
one tab
one more trip
and I slip into dreaming
effortlessly really,
effort, less me,
seemingly floating while
swimming through syrup,
my feet in the stirrups
on a horse called

Laughter in the cloisters and
the toaster pulling faces
while the priest catches monkeys
that swing through the

If life is for anything it cannot be this.

Had my quotient of the quote machines quibbling quicktime platitudes of electronically manufactured attitudes.
Meant only to obscure the stark economic reality of the tinny times we are being crushed under.
Sold, scrapped and scraped in the GMO controlled landscape void of bees, flowers and trees.
It brought me to my knees.
That world resulting in economic slavery to a debit I can't pay anyway.
I exist for beauties sake.
With a thirst that can not be slaked.
My reflection in the well.
I recognize the face.
In denial.
A flower child.

To be at peace
You must first know what its like to be in pieces

X-Ray El gato
Aug 28, 2014

I looked up into the sky
And I saw
In helicopters
And I knew
This was the day I trained for....

Madison Wagner
Madison Wagner
Nov 14, 2014

Stop the fighting,
Stop the hatred,
Find peace in
before its too late,
before you are too
old to get off your
ass and take a walk.

by Madison Kaye Wagner
#love   #iloveyou   #hippie  

The blaze raged on
all through the night
Until the early morn

And when i awoke
from my coma
All my pot was gone

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