Joe Cottonwood
Joe Cottonwood
May 1, 2015

Near midnight
two dripping
naked women
puddles at their feet
knocked at my kitchen door
flesh yellow under the bug-lite
to invite me to
a hot tub.
It did not seem remarkable at the time
once again to fall in love
with humankind.
They are beautiful.
You are beautiful.
This life we live is beautiful.
Why can't we always be naked?

#hot   #hippie   #hippy   #tub  
Madison Wagner
Madison Wagner
Nov 14, 2014

Stop the fighting,
Stop the hatred,
Find peace in
before its too late,
before you are too
old to get off your
ass and take a walk.

by Madison Kaye Wagner
#love   #iloveyou   #hippie  

The bowl might as well have been packed
with my hypocampus, every lighter spark
brought only memories of you.

I blew smoke signals to the wind,
begging the universe to mend
our broken fate line.

I might add more to this someday, but for now it is simple and short.
#love   #smoke   #hippie   #marijuana  

I thought I saw him,
Standing so elegant,
No single expressed whim,
His skin and body vents

Can't smell what he sees,
Only the breeze through the leaves,
A forest fire blazed,
But the tree always stayed

Yeah, I've felt the wind,
And I've heard the birds,
Through the flowers I grinned,
I tasted the words

A walk through the water, man.
#love   #peace   #tree   #hippie   #abstract  
Neon Robinson
Neon Robinson
Apr 18, 2016

Iridescent celestial being
an anarchic yet effervescent adolescent
Frolicking freely like a breeze throw the leave of an omnipresent forest.
Bare foot and star gazing, native and trail blazing.
Like a clever fearless fairy exploring the faraway night sky
She is the fantastic bit of magic on an otherwise static planet.
The captain of passion and best little hippie on the mountain
Formed by a volcanic fountain that caused a panic on our little oceanic planet.

mark john junor
mark john junor
Jul 10, 2014

faintly sinister smiles
twitch their way across her acrobat face
and as her rolling and tumbling expressions
make their way through all manner of devious delight
your hearts hungry eye fixes on her
come hither and lets make whoopee nasty girl dress
her favors are optional
and she will tease but never share
the ever present dangling carrot
like a perfume
fills the air with delights but its just air
shes a happiness monger
so its best if you don't displease
its always a bitter mote neath the plastic vibe
might as well be a rocky mountain monument
little miss twisted in a little patchwork dress

Grace Wayne
Grace Wayne
Sep 10, 2014

ever wondered if dreams are reality.
and reality is a dream.
if we are living in someone else’s mind.
that we aren’t real.
that we are a product of someone’s imagination.
that you are nothing.
you are the invisible friend.

written: Jan. 25, 2012
Ms Ann Thrope
Ms Ann Thrope
Jun 26, 2014

Look at the happy people

Are they not all mad?

They’ll empty out their pockets

To give more, they wish they had

& they’ll do it with a smile

Because they genuinely care

May God bless the crazy people

Who give a damn when life’s not fair

Written Circa October 2011
#love   #crazy   #laugh   #live   #hippie   #everything   #insane   #mad   #share   #hippies  
Grace Wayne
Grace Wayne
Sep 10, 2014

ever since you sold your soul to the devil, you haven't been the same.
your lips keep telling me one thing,
but your eyes won't do the same.

i watched your innocence fade,
i saw you build your brigade,
so i couldn't move in.

i wasn't pushed,
i was shoved.

though we touched,
we never loved.

i didn't feel, i created illusions,
hoping that you could fulfill them.

written: May 12, 2012
#love   #truth   #pain   #sadness   #loss   #dreams   #hippie   #blessing   #illusions   #hippy  
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