"Grampy, I  thought you were allergic
phil roberts
phil roberts
May 8, 2016

I recently went through a spell
When I had one minor and two major operations
In rather quick succession
One of the consequences of this was
That I didn't see my grandkids for months on end
Primary schools being, as they are
The Petrie dishes for all human disease
So, it was decided that as I was either waiting for
Or recovering from surgery
To keep them away from me
Until I was in the clear
And when I was in the clear
I was soooo glad to see four of them
The youngest of my grandkids
Are twin boys, far from identical
And at this time they were about six
One standing a head taller than the other
And at seperate points in the day
Independant of each other
Each twin said the same thing
"Grampy, I  thought you were allergic to kids."
And to each I gave the same reply
Once I stopped laughing
"Ah well, sometimes it's better than others."
I can see the picture now
"Mummy, why can't we see Grampy?"
Jenny, doing a thousand other things
And no time for explanations
"Grampy's allergic to kids!"

                                              By Phil Roberts

Bill murray
Bill murray
Oct 15, 2015

Someone called me a wild caveman today
Guess who that little voice was who told me that
My grand baby
What a treasure for gramps.
She is right
Im as wild as two baboons babooning in a room from a cheap
Im wild .

And Grampy, today I am missing you
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

I have forgiven my own attackers

Forgiven the one who cheated on me

Even though she told me to kill myself

That no one would come to love my scars

I battled long against my depression

Won some battles, some I have lost

The years have never been easy

Hatred could easily had swallowed me

I was molded by those now gone

A grandfather I loved with respect

He was not my true one by blood

He was a black African and he was proud

And Grampy, today I am missing you

You taught me who I would come to be

Some would only see you as a black man

My eyes only see you with pride

Abraham Rachid, your soul is always near

I feel you when I am needing you most

I reach out and I touch your spirit

Your soul always helps me to stand tall

Grampy wiped his dirted face
Bill murray
Bill murray
Aug 12, 2015

Took the corn from their places
Grampy wiped his dirted face
A towl and a handbag
Sanded desert of CA today
Buggy duning
Or Chevy tuning
Which seems more for me
Pleasurable their both sight's
For sore finger's

Bill murray
Bill murray
Aug 13, 2015

Contact can be a good thing
To me sometimes bitter
I'm an isolationist
In California
Me, the hounds,
And grampies old trigger.

Bill murray
Bill murray
Aug 14, 2015

grampys taking a dinasaur nap.
Great gramps is getting old.
Feeling like shat.

Bill murray
Bill murray
Aug 20, 2015

Grampys getting hungry
Maby I will eat me
Something runny
Or something funny
Maby backwoods bunny!

For Grampy.
Bill murray
Bill murray
Aug 24, 2015

My age is in a cage
Released I am in dismay
Tired I am of sleeping haze
Tip top over the limit
Maby wake tommorrow
Maby join a senate
Might be president
Who knows
Who will vote
For Grampy.

Bill murray
Bill murray
Sep 9, 2015

Needs stimulated,
Grammy is irritated.
The old slapper hand is the best tool for releasing
Down and dirty stress.
I think gram's is coming
Think I need best hide it.
Down boy, down!

from grampy's pickle jar.
Bill murray
Bill murray
Aug 9, 2015

i picked a pickle
from grampy's pickle jar.
I snipple a bushel of beer at the select town bar*
got into a mess with san diego blues.
After the train passed by
gramps cried
when the coppers held a horn and their sirents
went woop woop.

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