And Grampy, today I am missing you
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

I have forgiven my own attackers

Forgiven the one who cheated on me

Even though she told me to kill myself

That no one would come to love my scars

I battled long against my depression

Won some battles, some I have lost

The years have never been easy

Hatred could easily had swallowed me

I was molded by those now gone

A grandfather I loved with respect

He was not my true one by blood

He was a black African and he was proud

And Grampy, today I am missing you

You taught me who I would come to be

Some would only see you as a black man

My eyes only see you with pride

Abraham Rachid, your soul is always near

I feel you when I am needing you most

I reach out and I touch your spirit

Your soul always helps me to stand tall

Where his grampy sleeps ,
allan harold rex
allan harold rex
May 20, 2012

Muggy murky dawn clogged with gloom the abbey

Where his grampy sleeps ,


the drizzles fizzle

As native orchids embosoms and blossoms in his lost vault.

like a curfew drawn in the church

The pew lost its crowd

With the paws of time.

Lone man sleep

In deep latin chants they petrify you

Before sheol purifies you

And litany literature lecture limbs you

When in overprotected embankments of battlements

They dry their garbs

Where your lore forayed growth

And sweat smeared smelt breathed wealth

Chagrin dreams washed ashore

lay as upon a cold mornings recollection on a tabloids sold column

which drew your freckles bolder

In a savour of remembrance

For your zealous zealots

Who on an another 'all souls day' reoccur revisiting

the truth of their establishment

in prayers
The good Lord adorn you
Let Lekker dreams cradle you
Your consorts concert never consume you
And earth never haunt you

in your grampy blue van, u had me floored
Jeffrey P Mothersill

Tiffany the things unseen you do to me
from the first time my eyes met yours
in your grampy blue van, u had me floored
hazel eyes and a spark of life behind them
to get to know you would be a ten
it seems to me like youre nervous
and a little unsure just like me
can you see?
Im writing this poem about you
cause I dont know what else to do
I was living in a tent
cause it was just me
and I cant afford rent
I thought....
just thought it would be pretty sweet
if we got to know each other
more than just on the street
Hanging out at the cliffs
that was neat
I never jumped from that height before
I was nervous
I kinda did that for you
cause like I said before
You had me floored.

The love of my Grandmother and Grampy
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

A child sees a better world
A child loves stories told
A child plays unseen adventures
A child never sees the danger unfold

Long ago we were all children
We played with an invisible friend
The joy we could always find
But one day, childhood came to an end

A parent is there to protect the child
A parent sees the real world outside
A parent will never go away
A parent is still a child deep inside

I miss the arms of my Mother
The authority of my Father's voice
The love of my Grandmother and Grampy
Just to have another day with them to rejoice

That child long ago, used to be me
That child long ago, they lifted up above
That child long ago, I want to be again
That child long ago, always had their love

copyright Chris Smith 2009
He was a constant battle of Grampy vs. the squirrels
Madison Elizabeth

He was a crossword puzzle in the local paper
and a raspberry danish with coffee on Sunday mornings &
an extra pinch of salt at dinner
or two.
He was a constant battle of Grampy vs. the squirrels
that raided the the birdfeeder
He was a top drawer candy stash and show tunes playing through the house
And 10 over when hitting those speed bumps
He was the only man I knew that would take his dentures out at DiMillos
& for those of you that don't know DiMillos, it's not the type of restaurant for such things
He was a broken belt on Thanksgiving,
but that wouldn't stop him until his pants were around his ankles
One thing always told me, "I'm gonna fall asleep before my head hits the pillow!" Which always left me in a state of curiosity
I can still hear his voice saying that one line from that one movie..
'You're the guy who overfed my goldfish'
and I'll never forget the way he replied whenever Nana scolded him
'Yes, lovey'
For all of the things my grandfather was, and always will be
He'll be remembered as a neighbor, a father, a husband,
And an amazing grandfather

Rest In Peace Gramps.
"Grampy, you showed me strength in your way"
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

I thought of those gone by
How we loved them so
Those tears we had to cry
Wishing we could let them know

Just one last time, to be able to say
"I love you, you have gone away"
"I wish you could stay, you could stay"
"Without you, it is so empty today"

So here I am now, wishing for the rain
Every drop that falls, it is an Angels tear
Up there with God, I know you remain
Watching over me, whenever I fear

I never thought that you would have to die
You were always there for me, always there
If only I had got the chance to say goodbye
It just isn't never fair, it's never really fair

Just one last time so I can say
"Nan, I miss you, if only you could stay"
"Grampy, you showed me strength in your way"
" I love you both, I still miss you every day"

So here I am now, wishing for the rain
Every drop that falls, it is an Angels tear
Up there with God, I know you remain
Watching over me, whenever I fear

Dedicated to those special people who made me the man I am.
Copyright Chris Smith 2010
because that's why Grammy and Grampy and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins are be
rachel g
rachel g
Nov 24, 2012      Nov 25, 2012

You're wearing too many rings,
just like me.
You're wearing glasses,
just like me. (except mine don't fix my eyes because my eyes are fixed fine)
You're calling me a Little Monster
and I'm laughing, giggling, because monsters don't exist
(except in the closet and in the basement and inside the vacuum)
and you're smiling at me and everything's gold from the fire.
You are wearing an office-shirt, with a collar and a pocket and buttons
tucked into your brown pants
almost like it's seven thirty in the morning, every morning
except it's not. It's Christmas Eve Eve, and I know that because Mama told me
because that's why Grammy and Grampy and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins are being loud in the Living Room
(which is weird because why isn't the kitchen called the Eating Room or our bedrooms called the Sleeping Rooms)
and I know that you're wearing serious-clothes because that's What Grammy Wants to See
and I've been waiting for this day for a whole year. Which is like forever.

I ask for a story and your face wrinkles a little because
I ask for them all the time, I collect them like old people collect money and bank letters and shoes
and you're getting tired of telling them, probably,
but I want the air to shimmer behind your voice
and I want to be the only one that hears it
so I beg.

And you tell me about a magic carpet you had when you were a boy
about fruit--like bananas and apples and kumquats--coming to life
about the time Santa slept late
about when dragons used to be pets and how we used to fly them like cars

and the air is still shimmering but
I'm getting sad
which I never do when you tell stories
because I'm realizing that all your stories have already happened.
They're ghosts, gone by, never coming back,
beautiful things lost, disappeared.
And you never tell me about the future
because you don't know it any better than I do
and the world seems kind of scary,
too big for me,
ready to suck me in like the vacuum.

You stop your voice, you peek at me
and see my eyes
and then you hug me
all warm because we're by the fire
and the room is silent except for the crackles and snaps
and voices coming from downstairs.

And your shirt is soft and I'm crying
hot water leaks from my eyes, falling down beside my nose
because no one knows the future and it's all too perfect right now.
And you let me go and you kiss my forehead and
say "is it all better now?"
and I nod because I love you
not that I know what love is, but it feels that way
and I'm safe.

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