Jul 13, 2014

''You can still look sexy without potraying sex in pictures''

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Edna Floretta
Edna Floretta
Mar 30, 2016

He lays down sexy like a shadow
Thrown by a movie spotlight
He eats passion like he is
Sucking the juices of the last peach on Earth
He walks proudly like a naughty child
Who made a clean escape
He talks integrity like a lion
With a human child in his mouth
He pushes imagination like
A clown in a silent temple
He lays down sexy
And it’s all over me

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Nov 3, 2014

Look at me
My skin
Has dealt with a lot

                         I have lived through
                         Tumors and attacks
                         Cuts and bruises from me
                         Bruises from him

My poor skin
In the end
This damage is
All for naught

                            "Scars are only sexy on guys..."

I don't know whether to hate myself or you more right now.
Everything is so confusing I could cry.
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Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Nov 2, 2014

I won't
your meat,
but I'll
your salad

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Bassam A
Bassam A
Oct 25, 2014

I want to be politically correct
  But the husband spoke and said
Why baby you said what you said

  She replied because you are
using your mouth
instead of your hands
If you know what I mean

Start to clean .. Do the carpet
Do the bathroom ..
Good man .. You are my hero

Nice ... how did u do that fast !!
Bravo.. Oh baby .. You are sexy!!

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Forgotten Heart
Forgotten Heart
Mar 10, 2015

I can still feel
The warmth
of your touch

I can still feel
Your tongue
in my mouth

I can still feel
Those eyes
filled with
sexual desires

I can still feel
my body
for your touch

I'm missing you
every moment,
Your touch,
Your kiss,
your love.....etc

This is for you my dear sexy guy
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