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Ziya mansoor Oct 2019
Even if you aren't happy ,
or your life is not going the
way you wanted
not in your ideas ,
Don't give up your smile
Let that be as a roar on your face
Half of your problems may get Hidden
in your beautiful
fake a smile :)
Ziya mansoor Jul 2019
On a blazing day
with brand new thought
But found that
the heart which was like an flying bird
which used to travel without tickets
and used to think whatever it needed
but now ...
it was blank
it didn't go anywhere

it didn't think anything
it was blank

Don't know why
Don't know what

I walked there and here
towards the stoop
in one way I was alone and behind
from the world
in another way I was along and infront
of the world

I took a second
To open and close my eyes
the heart which was blot out
as a  new balloon
was now blown
and filled
with new ideas and thoughts

At times a second can give a second chance
Ziya mansoor Jul 2019
In life
at times
we all are
by choice
we wear a mask

This mask may not be colourful
or plain
it is not made of a paper
or any material
IT is made of emotions
at times we have to act as happy
even if we are broken
or we have to act as sad
at the happiest moments

I guarantee we all have once worn this mask
  At least once ....
Ziya mansoor Jul 2019
After all ,
day dreamers aren't bad
or aren't good

If you say they are good ,
then they are
because they are very imaginative
and don't need to be in sleep
to think more

If you say they are bad ,
Then they are
because they never think
that they world is going
and you have time to dream during your sleep
And not when you have to act
Ziya mansoor Jul 2019
Sometimes silence can be
and sometimes it can make you
but sometimes silence has magical powers
to answer what you can't
"Silence is the best answer"
Ziya mansoor May 2019
Not only the racers in competition
but there are also racers ,
In the competition of life
we compete for happiness
and sometimes the losers get
awarded with sadness,
We compete for sucess and pleasure
and sometimes the losers get failure and gloom
but this game has no winners either losers  
the game of the life is a tie
we all get happiness
we all become sad
we get success
we even fail
but there is no one who had never gone through any particular section in this ,
we all are winners at the same time loosers
so never feel bad if you are loosing
because as this life is a draw competition
you will also win
at the same time we can even fail
Ziya mansoor May 2019
I was in a dark cloud
a dark room
a dark place
know one to hear me
and I didn't here
neither no one saw me nor I saw anyone
but now the darkness had faded ,
The bright day had come
everyone to hear me and I heard everyone
I  saw everyone and everyone saw me
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