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 May 2020 Dr Zik
Mike Adam
 May 2020 Dr Zik
Mike Adam
Beyond the known universe

Is love
 May 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
By the faraway shore I lonely stand
the sea's mystery unfolds before me
I feel the pulse of the soft gentle sand
and have a foretaste of the kiss of eternity
* I wrote a poem called LOVER OF THE SEA when I was 14 as I used to travel to a beach on bicycle some 20 miles from home. That was in the then Malaya (now Malaysia). Ap's poem does bring back nostalgic memories
 May 2020 Dr Zik
Mike Adam
Bald and proud
 May 2020 Dr Zik
Brandon Corrie
Love while it's still an acceptable form of insanity.
It is when you find yourself forgiving the hands that crushed your heart.
It’s not been long
Last I wrote about
What I wrote
And possibly
Never became, too rote

Last I wrote
I do remember
My suede leather, navy blue tote
Never too paunchy
Yet carrying loads

And now I forget
Last I wrote
What I loved
About what I wrote
Life gets busy, and so do the thoughts,
flying out of the window and gathering meanings dust  :)
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
The moment
I feel sure
I lament
such certitude
I can't endure

for the window
of my perception
would have been shut
my sense of direction
I would have lost

give me doubt
let me have

they shall set me free
as I would be

life is a kaleidoscope
peering through
its prism a new world
is waiting to be discovered

indeed I can't say
or accept--a certain colour
is all I need to define myself
that would be totally absurd

all that's before me
is a challenge and test
I stumble and fall
many events do hurt

but these shall only make me
larger than I could ever be
in the vicissitudes of living
all that which obstructs
I would have conquered.
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
Don't get upset, Mr Ironside
    my car has caused yours a dent
    you can  easily set it right
    my tools and equipment I'll lend
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
How and what
could you find
when you have
not stilled your mind?
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
My kids they need
           bread and butter
           poor as we are
           I have to work harder
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