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Brandon Corrie Jul 2016
Gold erupts violently from her crown
And falls onto her shoulders
Never controlled, her hair amuses me.
I love to see her in her doings..
In action of working on her new stuff
Or fixing the jeans at her ankle
To see her walk upstairs towards me
Or when she throws herself onto the grass

Her every action grants me an image of my absence
And in my emotions I am irresponsible
In my actions I restrain myself heavily
While I overflow with affection

I know she wants to hear it
But this is not the way she's meant to be loved
Not just for moments of my picking
And It's not in shame that I admit I'm not the one.
So please, please love all of her.
Brandon Corrie Jul 2016
If i could tell you about her
And I think I should..
I would say that she's a waterfall.
And although most would see that in her hair
I see it in the way her freckles fall from her eyes.
I see her lips stand out bold and red
Like a stone edged into the cliff
And In all her majesty,
She's intimate..
Intimate With herself
And  in seeing that intimacy
I can only imagine that the intimacy might one day be granted to me by another that's like a waterfall..
But I know it won't be her.
Brandon Corrie Jul 2015
Love while it's still an acceptable form of insanity.
Brandon Corrie Jul 2015
the other day I picked a flower
It was a long walk home
I like this one because it smells nice
But I don't really like flowers
I don't know it's name
Nor am I aware of its connection to the tree

By the time I got home
It Looked tired.
Didn't smell as nice anymore
It made my journey good though.

But I didn't notice
That it started dying
From the moment I picked it.
It kept its smile and never lost face
And it made it seem okay
To take it along with me
Now it's dead
Because it lied.
Let it mean anything to you, or nothing. But here it is.
Brandon Corrie Jan 2015
We all at times look back at the past to define us
Unconsciously becoming an ever-distant memory
Revived by the constant search for an identity

But what about now?

Where would I really find myself
When I'm constantly hoping to become
And repetatively remembering that I have become?

I'm a human being
Not a human been
Nor a human will be.

I've stopped looking because I am. - Now
and I remember this - Now.
So just BE - Now.
Be present ❤️ Count this as your Liberation.
Brandon Corrie Jan 2015
One day you'll meet a guy
Who'll tell you you're beautiful
And you will believe him
More than you did me.
It's not sad... Really.
Brandon Corrie Jan 2015
Listen to his words
You'll know who he wishes to be
Watch him live
And you'll know who he is.

If you find
That who he is
And who he wishes to be
Is the same person

Consider yourself fortunate,
You have found a genuine soul.
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