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 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
What is
is more important-verily-
than what was
and that which is to-be.
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Terry Collett
Ariadne undresses
you watch her
from the bed
see her short red hair
and piercing eyes

I saw my old man
this morning
she says

Did he see you?
you ask

she turns
and gazes at you

Yes but he didn't
say anything
she says
just looked away

Was he alone
or was your mother
with him?
you ask

No she wasn't there
he was with one
of his drinking buddies
going into the Stout House
she says

she stands there naked
He tries to forget
I'm his daughter
whom he abused
as a child
she says

you study her
Did your mother
know about it?
you ask

I don't think she did
she says
puttng on her nightie
even now
she doesn't know
I don't expect
she says

Would you
ever tell her?
you say

No point now
it would only bring
more misery
into her life with him
she says

she climbs into bed
beside you

Forget him
she whispers
holding you close to her
this is our time
the past is behind us

you kiss her
and so the life-making begins
pushing away
her father's evil sins.
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
Life not viewed
as an erratum
but a window
to become
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
It's easier to live
      with losing
      one would avoid
      a heavy falling
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
I scarcely know
what to believe
either way offers
me no relief.
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
Salam, Dr Zik.  You are profound.  Everything of lasting value will, in the last analysis, bear, at least to some degree, a mark of the spiritual and sublime.  Prose is less eloquent than poetry though it is powerful in its own right but the most subtle and profound is found in the unfathomable mysterious which is the heart of great poetry.  We are only a blade of grass in the field of the Universe but are nevertheless blessed with a soft poetic voice that makes us human.
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
Just be
      forget the 'me'
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
To serve
    is to love
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
It is silent
  the flow
  if you follow
wisdom you will know
 Apr 2020 Dr Zik
Dr Peter Lim
The utterance
  blemishes the essence
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