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YoungFeather Jul 2018
Have you ever thought about living in your dreamland?
The place you always wanted visit to, but never thought you'd have a chance?
I did. And still can't believe I'm actually there.
When I first get to know the news, I didn't think they were true.
I thought it was some kind of a joke made by someone who didn't want to be rude.
But when it was convinced to me that I'm actually going there very soon
I was surprised. I felt excitement, joy and happiness flew through my body at the same time
Images of my life there appeared right in front of my eyes
I saw the plane - big bird - flying gently through the sky
And landing softly like a feather lands on the ground.
Saw myself stepping outside carrying a huge suitcase full of stuff
And feeling like a little kid who finally got his long waited birthday present
But those visions drifted very fast
And I realized I actually need to pack.
YoungFeather Jul 2018
Her body shape is curvy as pumpkin
But media tells us it's beautiful.
Make-up she wears makes her face look like pulping
Hair that she has is just black straight poles
But no one's gonna tell you that because of the fake respect
Her personality is like a cube - icy and cold
She says her future's lookin' bright - what do we expect?
She needs some fashion advise, because her clothes don't look very nice.
When it comes to cakes, she takes more than one slice
Pictures we see on the net aren't always correct,
But we all know that everything she owns comes with a price.
All those haters she's gonna reject,
Because she has no self-respect left.
But that's the way she is - she's also a human being and we've to treat her with politeness and respect.
YoungFeather Jul 2018
I was standing in front of the pale blue sea
It's water was shining in the sun,
It was unexpectedly hot today
And I felt how smooth, soft as cotton sand covers my feet.
I heard wind going "swish" and "swosh" like a whistling man
It was so close it even kinda scared me down.
The feeling was amazing - relaxing, calming and light
This place is heaven
And those were the best moments of my life.
YoungFeather Jul 2018
I have eaten
the apples
that were
on a tree

the golden ones
that were shining
in the
morning sun

and probably
were forbidden
at all

I'm not willing you
to forgive me
but by eating them

I learned
how important
it is sometimes
to take a big risk
knowing that you
can change the world.

— The End —