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I'd light the world on fire to be with you
Which is slightly problematic
Because then we'd have nowhere to stay
Unless you'll take me to the moon someday
A poem every day
  Jan 9 wreckingball
i wish you were the poet
because sometimes
i just want to be the poem
loving you is like looking both ways when crossing the street....
                     .....and then getting hit by a plane
A poem every day
  Jan 9 wreckingball
peppermint on my tongue and metal in the air,
frosted windows with fingerprints pressed slowly,
seatbelt digging into my hip and my shoulder,
i remember our nights together like this, simple.
journal entries written delicately in blood and charcoal,
reflections pressed into rainbow flags and guitar strings,
easy smiles and wind-blown hair.

it's all pushed into the green-eyed void,
blink and it's gone, breathe and it's a vacuum.
listening to heavy metal hahaha why do i do these things.

-to green eyes. you're not killing me anymore, i'm already dead <3
  Jan 9 wreckingball
nightmares are just the dreams
that the stars held on to for so long
they fell from the sky
before the wish came true
  Jan 9 wreckingball
i don't feel very poetic

and i never thought the ceiling i stare at each night
was worth a poem
because i'm sure you'd rather hear about the star splattered sky
with it's infinite universes that envelop beating hearts
and tear things apart just to make them novelties once more

but the white stucco above my head has constellations of it's own
that have kept every secret i ever told
on nights that i'd rather cut off my hands than write a
single godforsaken word

maybe the ceiling is it's own kind of sky
decorated with daydreams the clouds could never carry
it's not poetic by the usual definitions

but neither am i
ode to my bedroom ceiling

love you bro <3
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