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TreadingWater Jun 2016
O <youknow> the words
sound so simple
~Letting ~you ~~~    go
but; ha¡ there you are¡
In. My. Skin.
& it's a ''knee ''****
a {{back {bend
a hair 》pull
purple bruise
| paper | cut |
spl/it/tin/g /cel/l/s
unwish-those-wishes° the° moon°
& back a _ gain
you're in [you're in] you're in
left < to < face
the GReater truth:
there is no
                   UnDo > you.
Clara Romero Feb 2016
I swallowed you and
though about swallowing the gun

I licked the taste of you off my lips and
thought about licking off the rest of the chemicals

You're hands wrapped around my throat and
I wished they were a rope

I left scratches on your back and
thought about scratching my veins open

We kissed in the pool and
I imagined sinking to the bottom

Loving you was just a distraction from hating myself
Jude kyrie Mar 2016
It was out of the blue.
Really why would he talk to me.
I am pleasantly plump.
size fourteen if I lie.
my hair is wild
and terminal frizzy.
he has a cut glass
English accent.
like a BBC newscaster.
I am from the Bronx.
we drank too much wine.
he took me home to my place.
I had to pay for the cab.
But it's not like paying for him know.
I could not walk the next morning.
he told me I was Beautiful and
the best time he had had in America.
me can you believe that.
He was a botanist from the UK
working on the nesting habits
of the speckle throated warbler
or something.
All I knew was he had ice blue eyes
a sweet accent and grey specks
in his blueness that made me
want to undress for him.
He was beautiful.
when he left in the morning
I gave him my number
on his phone.
call me I said.
but months went by.
not a word.
then when the morning
sickness came.
I realised he was still inside me.

The eclampsia came at seven months
I was hospitalised the doctors told me
I and the baby could die.
I went into a coma.

when. woke up my belly was flat
the baby I cried.
I opened my eyes and he was there.
holding my hand.
my baby I wept
they are fine Kelly
he said.
you had twins a boy and a girl.
I looked up into his eyes
with the grey fleck's.
Micheal how?
I was sent back to the UK
I lost my job at the university.
I tried to call you
but no answer.
I came back on a visitors visa.
your neighbor told
me you were here.

six months later

we went for a Sunday evening
stroll in central park
it was fall the trees
were red and amber
leaves of gold
russeled under our feet.
new York was grey in fading light.
A city that hadwitnessed
many such love stories.
I looked at Micheal
his beautiful eyes
that held some kind
of optical aberration.
For they saw me as
worthy of his love.
He lifted the twins
over his head.
they laughed in delight.
I never seen anyone
as happy as him.
Unless you
count me in that is.
He said I love my family Kelly.
I whispered I love you Micheal.
Then at that moment
in the urban forrest of Cental park
on a vermillian autumn evening.
I felt him walk into
the door in my heart
that I left opened or him.
As he entered
I closed it quickly
so he could never leave.
locking it with the only key
that existed.
Then throwing it into the brambled
undergrowth of the woodlands
never to found again.
jeffrey conyers Feb 2011
If I hadn't seen you born.
Then I wouldn't know what I missed.
I love you Chris.

You in the mixed of many females.
So it must be hard being the only boy.
But know this I love you Chris.

So today is the day of your birth.
And for you I move heaven and earth.
So know this.
I lve knowing you Chris.
Rights belong to Jeffrey T. Conyers
caitlin Oct 2016
i cnnt xpln wht s n my hd bcs ts nt my hd bt t s my hd
vryn frm my ld schl s jst a fc nw nd tht mks m sd
i dnt tlk t nyn nymr
i dnt hv ny frnds bt i hvnt hd rl frnds vr whn i thnk bt t
hmns r scl crtrs bt i hv crpplng scl nxty t th pnt whr i st nsd dng nthng ll dy
s m i hmn r nt
n dy i thnk i wll bcm sm srt f psychpth wth n mrl cmpss bcs vn nw m a crl prsn
whn i tp vr th dg i wll b s ngry t vryn nd i wnt b frd t shw t
i thnk bt swngng knfs rnd t ppl nd tht scrs m
i ls thnk bt swngng my fsts t my rms ntl i brs nd tht scrs m t
i dnt knw wht t thnk bt bcs vrythng i thnk bt s bd
i hv nthng nd ve lst vrythng
i m trd nd bd
*** sd t b n tlt fr m bt nw i cnt wrt wht i fl nymr whch s bd
i dnt hv nythng lft
t hrts t wrt
t hrts t bcm
i wnt b bl t d ny schlwrk
i cnt lk t ppr fr t lng
i cn hld y cntct thgh whch s ncrdbly rr
m styng p n prps
i gt ncmfrtbl t th slghtst lttl thng nd ts s s nnyng
ts rlly dffclt t gt p vrydy s t s wtht bng ncmfrtbl n th clths tht v plld vr my hd
i m nvr cln nd tht scrs m
m lwys wshng my hnds whch s bd
my hnds r s dry
mstrsr s stcky s i wsh t ff bcs t fls drty
i fl drty
i fl lk m nt m
i wnt t gt t
i nvr fnsh nythng nd i lwys mk nw thngs nd thn lv thm
i cnt mk cmmtmnts bcs thy scr m
bt i ls thnk tht smtms i d mk a cmmtmnt bt t nds bcs f n rsn r nthr
vrythngs ndng nd i wsh i wld nd
m thnkng bt slf hrm
i wnt t b smn ls
i m smn ls bcs i m nt wh i ws r wh i wld lke t b r wh i shld b
i m ls smn ls bcs i m gng thrgh n ntns prd f dprsnlstn
i fl lk m lwys bng wtchd r m n a mv r smthng
ts ncmfrtbl
i cnt b myslf whn m by myslf
m i sclly nxs t th pnt whr i cnt b rnd myslf
i shld lve myslf
i dnt wnt dctrs t lv m ln
i dnt wnt fmly t lv m ln
bt i wnt t b by myslf r i cnt hndl nythng
bt thn i gt s lnly nd t hrts
m s srry fr ll f ths mss
i dnt thnk i wll vr b bl t d schl wrk gn vr
gcss r fr yr lvns bt i prbbly wnt vr gt thm dn
myb ll jst b a brdn frvr
vryn wll frgt bt m nd ll b stpd nd dmb wtht n dctn
i wll hv n prps
wht s th mnng bhnd ll f ths bcs vrythng shld hppn fr a rsn
wht rsn md m lk ths

i wll b gn sn
.. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . / --. --- -. . / ... --- --- -.
there comes a time when you have to let go no matter how much it hurts… sometimes you have to walk away from the pain thats causeing you to cry at night sometimes you have to learn the truth about people no matter what the truth may be there comes a time in life when you have to quit playing pretend and you have to face reality even though it hurts you have to realize who you are and whats the best choice for you i know it may hurt  but you gotta learn that sometimes in life you dont always get the best and you have to settle for what you got there comes a time you have to focus on whats causing you pain and learning how to get away from it instead of continuing to let it hurt you no matter how bad it breaks your heart you gotta learn how to focus on getting where your going my dream when i was 6 isnt the same now that im 15 life isnt the same as it was when i was a little girl i thought i could handle anything i didnt know the truth know i do and sometimes the truth ***** but you have to learn how to keep your head up… and you gotta learn that its okay to cry. theres people in your life that sometimes theyll stay to wipe your tears away they’ll stay because they care but you have to get rid of the people that are making you cry everday you gotta walk away from the drama thats causing you heartache and hurt. no matter what happens in my future i know its going to be okay what ever may happen i know its going to be alright because at this point i can handle anything because look at where i am and what ive been through.. your supposed to lve your life how you want it not how other people want. because in the end its about what makes you happy. you gotta learn its not always pancakes and waffles sometimes its ****** i just hope in the end i make the right choice and whatever the future holds i hope i accomplish what i wanna accomplish because in the end i want to make a mark on this world so they know i was here at one point
Unfortunately l Remember someone and many that messed up the family with Unfortunate wicked ***** ways.

I don't what to Remember just like so many of my brotherz and sisterz that have been Vilated and l wish so many great positive things to you when down and low Because l don't whish to Remember the bad only  beautful things  Wright now l just need to Remember Good things that make me smile and not ******* they speak like WHAT.............Unfortunately trying to be on Good terms with Us. When is it PAY BACK TIME HELP the Every DAY Victim's. UNFORTUNATELY THEY DON'T CARE.  l Do" My Love is Greater for my People of Black Knowledge Hardship is nothing to me because lve  lived lt JUST like my Brotherz and sisterzs' Jah knows everything.ting Peace be with you keep on the wright PATH in your head TO'
Luna Jul 19
I dont believe in love.
You torn that all down.
You stomped on my heart and made a crown.
Youre the king.
And I'll do anything for a ring.
Ill worship you with every pain.
I know lve gone insane.
You've taken over my heart.
You cause pain in every single part.
But i still love you
And i will always.

— The End —