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Creep May 2015
They stood together
Huddled and shivering,
Desperation brimming in their eyes.
They were so close to each other,
But yet
You could see how far they were.
How much they've gone through,
How they diverged and seperated.

It was so apparent,
In their bright eyes
How much they lived each other
As their crimson eyes
Blinked tears away,
Their split lips trembling with
Unkept promises,
And I love you's.

Yet, nothing,
Nothing they do will ever
Keep them away,
They were catastrophic lovers,
Bound to death
And heading for oblivion.

They'll hold each other's hand,
Wipe away each other's tears,
And stand up

And walk

And soon they'll be

Time after time
By cyndi lauper
Creep Jul 2015
We were suppossed to be there
For each other

But you've always been
Quite forgetful
Or maybe
I just bore you
And now
You're gone
Amongst new friends
Better friends
And I'm happy for you
I can't help but miss
Our childish antics
Our senseless conversation
Our bickering
Our us.
Just some thoughts. Missing my friends.

Count on me
By bruno mars
(How bittersweet)
Creep Nov 2017
You were a sight for sore eyes,
they way you walked up
that pure smile
and that laugh
god I could never get enough of it--

But I guess,
I guess,
maybe that was it.
I could never get enough of you.
And when you got enough of me?
You easily let me go.
Yikes why is this always the issue for me holy moly

beach baby
by bon iver
Creep Feb 2015
There once was a young girl.
Very naive, very young, very shy.
Everyday on her way to school,
She would pass by this quaint little house
Where she would glimpse this beautiful boy
Sitting inside staring out of the window.
Everytime she saw him, her heart fluttered in her chest,
Flustered, she'd look away as their gaze met,
Part in fear of the menacing bulldog that faithfully protected it's owner even if the owner didn't like the bulldog much, as well as the abusive mother,
But also because she was shy.
A beautiful boy was looking at her!
Of all people!
She scurried away quickly.

Then, one day, the boy made an excuse to go outside,
To finally meet the pretty girl he has been staring at and longing for,
A friend perhaps.
He checked the mailbox just as the girl passed, and he whispered hello,
His heart offered to her,
As hers stammered and stuttered,
Thrown at him.
They exchanged hearts,
He promised to keep hers safe, as did she.
And then,
she kept on walking, her head down,
Her cheeks a deep crimson.
The whole time,
The bulldog and the mother watched in contempt. He was not to be let go of.

Every morning now, they said their greetings.
The bulldog and women watched,
Watched as the girl helped bandage his wounds,
As the boy took away all her sorrows and insecurities and burned them.
A storm was coming.

One day,
The boy didn't come out.
The bulldog stood,
Tall and proud
At the feet of the old cranky woman.
The girl tried to quickly walk by them,
To escape their claws,
But they pulled her in.
Gave her threats,
Reminded her of everything that she was,
A demon,
A killer,
Not worth anything.

All the fears she once had,
The ones the boy took away,
The old woman and the fearsome bulldog
They took all those fears
And force fed them to her.

She gasped in pain and sorrow,
Filled with doubt and worry,
As they both stood and cackled at her deterioration.

The winds picked up, and as she lay on the ground,
Whimpering and aching,
The boy locked in the basement,
Trying so hard to get out,
To save her once more,
The ******* both still laughing,
And the wind carried her remains away.

The boy,
He felt it when she left.
Her corpse,
It simply floated away into the wind.
He clutched her heart close, knowing no one else would be able to keep it safe.
She dropped his heart, knowing she would never be able to keep something so precious safe.

And then,
*She was gone.
Um. Idk. Some fictional, some fact.
Just going through some stuff rn...

Carry on my wayward son
By kansas
Creep Jan 2015
Angel chained to the Earth,
beaten down,
locked in the basement,
kept down there to suffer.

You have been away from the sun for too long,
my dear.
It it time to spread and stretch those wings again,
let the warmth radiate on your face,
to leave the hatred you grew in
like fungus in the dark.

Take your hand in mine,
and I'll lead you to the light again,
where you can join the others,
and fulfill angel dreams.

I'll be waiting.
eh unexpected.

tous les mêmes
by stromae
Creep May 2015
I don't want to hurt you.
But my instincts..
The claws I've kept hidden are coming out.
Its natural when you've been
Kicked around,
Stuck in the corner.
I am so close to hurting you because I don't want to be hurt anymore, its getting so hard to restrain myself.
You're not the same.
I can't believe I'm still doing **** for you and always thinking of you. Crying for you just from the conversations..
I miss you.
(****** I'm so masochistic.)
You're not even an ******* anymore. You know that? You're getting to the point where you're about to jump into thr deep end, past *******, into a point of no return.
Thanks a lot.

No song.
Just my wails.
Creep Nov 2015
**** them with kindness, they say.
so here we go.
Here we are.
Me and him and you.
The one who once promised me
that whoever got him would
be at peace with the other.
The one who wants him to be happy,
the one that promised me they would
stay away and let us be.
Yet keeps coming back.
Thank you for making us stronger.
Making us realize what we mean to each other,
and how we won't let some desperate
get in the way.
Thank you for hurting me,
and for being so cruel and unrelenting,
Thank you for trying to split us apart.

You've only made us stronger.
So, jokes on you.
You probably cant see this anyways. Blocking is a magical thing, you know?
funny how things work out. I remember how earnest you were at first and how I so wanted you to be my friend, how you seemed so cool and how I looked up to you.
hah. And yet here we are.
... you promised you would stop and you would support us. Guess ur too selfish to do so. So back the *******, will ya? Thanks, honey. Hes mine.

by Kelly clarkson
Creep Nov 2017
With a flourish,
It was gone.
The warm beating heart
slipped out of the slashed chest,
still simmering and bleeding,
and he held it in his palm.

With every beat,
it slowly withered and flustered,
unaccustomed to this
harsh brutality
and whimpered as it saw its lifeline,
its blood dripping down, down
down to the ground and as it left its corpse,
as the life slowly slip away from the body it left behind,
and nothing but
flesh and bone
hopes and dreams
tears and smiles
were left behind.

He gingerly kissed it.
Gave it a little rub.
Put it to his ear.
Heard it call out to its rightful owner.
Then put it in his pocket.

He walked away.
Keep your heart safe guys, keep it well and where it belongs-- with you.

Knee socks
by arctic monkeys
Creep Dec 2014
The perfect image
lay right there in front of me,
you, her
your eyes twinkling the way they would never
look at me at,
your smile, stretched wide across your face,
like someone in love,
'cause you are.

It's like something out of a movie, you and her.
Barbie and Ken.

Then there's me.
itching on a photograph
by grouplove
Creep Nov 2014
One can never be truly grateful.
It's impossible.
There's too mich to thank.
If your happy to have a computer,
Your gonna have to thank
The laborers in China who constructed it,
Steve Jobs for designing it,
Apple for populating it,
Miners who get the metal for it,
Ship workers who shopped it over to the U. S. to be used,
Store workers who sold it to you,
And so many more and this is for just one object.
So you can't be truly grateful for everything in one short day.
Be grateful everyday,
And maybe just maybe
You'll fit a sliver of everyone
Who deserves to be appreciated.
Creep Jul 2014
Each boy is a reminder
Of my lost love.
Creep Oct 2014
When the days have been shuttered up,
ready to be knocked down,
barren and brisk,
he stood by you.
He was the one to
breath warmth and love
into your blue hands,
to kiss that cute button red nose of yours
with feverish lips
anxiously, fearfully
giving you his love.
He was the one to
gather up all the last pieces
of a ghost of you,
your exploited
your expendable heart.
He was the one
to glue them back together
each and every little piece.
He was the one to
capture me
at my worst
when you fell,
and hold me together, tightly
so that you can never thank him.
He was the one
to bring courage, confidence, strength
in your head,
beautifully spun sugar
in your warped and mauled
and beyond mutilated
with delicate gossamer
musical notes hung upon a string
to be treasured forever.

But you were the one
to take his everything,
snap that branch in two,
and hand it back to him.

So my question is,
are you blind?
hm idk if i like this one... wrote it in the showers :3 ;)
not thinking about anyone in particular
and sowwy to everyone who i have hurt over the years...
i know sorry doesnt cut it, but this is the best i could do for now...
Creep Jan 2015
You're the perfect love song,
Beauty, ****, and kindness.

You're the perfect lullaby,
Caring, supporting, dreamy.

You're the perfect scar,
Searing, remembering, there.

You're the perfect home,
Warm, cozy, loving.

You're the perfect you.
0.0 I I'm sowwy I ish clingy, das why my name is creep... I love u ♥ if ur gonna break my heart do it early on, cause I think I fall harder for u every second.

By vance joy
(The original not the stupid radio edit)
Creep Dec 2014
I like to imagine
what would it feel like
tucked away in your arms.
by christina perry
Creep Sep 2015
There was a time when things were all right
when innocence ran true
through all the words
and simplicity was all that was asked for.
But sometimes things will tear us all apart
and it did,

It did.

It brought its wrath to our purity,
and tainted what was ours,
our perfect...
beautiful adam and eve
shot to ruins by the stupid snake
and lust and loneliness and leers,
it was gone with a blink of an eye.

But they carried on,
and though now
they were heart, war torn creatures
dragging themselves around
and trying to remember how to function
and just live
It was okay.
They were still there for each other,
even when things had turned to **** around them,
they stood tall.
by soft cell

Bang bang (my baby shot me down)
By nancy sinatra
Creep Apr 2015
I wonder if you noticed
My swollen eyes
Purple around the rims,
The yellow and blue
Blooms on my knuckles
Or the way I was quiet.
And when I did tell you,
You didn't care.
It was all normal.
You're used to all this
And have stopped asking why.

Try to pry me open.
Get to know me so you know
That I was in fact punching walls again
And bawling my eyes out,
Please wonder why.
No one cares.
Hah. Attention ***** right here.
You pay attention to all the wrong things.
I feel like everyone right now is going through tough times.

Told ya so
By get scared
Creep Nov 2014
I hate the way the white walls wash my brain;
My creativity just flies away.
The way the wind blows the last bits of grain,
Leaving only thoughts of claws on a fall day.
I wish there was a river for my soul,
To wash old ideas and cleanse my thoughts.
If only the policemen would patrol,
Equipped with shotguns, staggers, and shots
To whisk away all the harried lost lambs
That comb my mind, searching for sustenance.
It's the pain these days that suddenly slams
A lid on my good thoughts of relevance.
Everything once valued is put away,
And all things stirring and dark run astray.
:) something new: a shakespearean sonnet or english sonnet done with the highly talented ashley somebody! :D really honored to work with her! thank you! it was a challenge for me cause sonnets rnt my thing, but it was an interesting challenge ^~^ it goes by her, then me, then her, then me and so on every two lines ~
Creep Oct 2014
As your mouth twists against mine,
your hands, those beautifully
drag-race-burnt hands,
they twist through my hair
caressing my head, me. I fall into them,
like falling into fresh, crisp leaves in the autumn,
leaning against their simple perfection
and their love.
Its the only thing that keeps me standing, really,
other than your other hand gently on my waist.
As your mouth twists against mine,
your hands, those sinister
drag-race-burnt claws,
they twist through my hair
caressing my head, me.
It rakes across my scalp,
like raking leaves across a yard in autumn,
and aches and pains burst from my head.
Blood has been drawn, falling out of my scalp
the way leaves fall off trees.
Its the thing that makes me want to scream,
but you bite my tongue, my lips,
attaching me to you,
drinking up my blood
as I'm forced to drink up the scent of your *****.
The fact that you are holding onto me by my lips is
the only thing that keeps me here, really,
Other than your other hand grabbing on my waist ferociously,
hungrily, I would be gone.
idk doing a reverse kinda thing, two perspectives... a kiss could be bad and good i guess... weird cause i havent even had my first kiss yet lol XD so its pretty fictional
Creep Dec 2014
You are my one and only,
Without you, things are way too lonely,
You're the only one I can seem to think about,
I just hope I don't creep you out ;)
My love for you is limitless and stretches past the galaxies,
So let's just skip all the formalities,
When you message me,
It's all I can do to not to kiss thee,
There are no words to describe what you are to me,
'Cause you're more than perfect,
Kissing you,
Loving you,
If you're James Dean,
Then I'm Audrey Hepburn,
You are my miracle,
I love you,
so a little while ago, arcassin burn ham messaged me asking me to do another take on his awesome, and oh so sweet poem "baebay" you guys should check it out... it's heres his request, my own slightly changed version of his poem (part one, imma do another one, a better one soon) ^^ hope you guys enjoy and do check his out!

by zhu
Creep Nov 2014
Looks have become everything in society.

Just because someone looks good
They are now popular?
Fawned upon?
What about the brains?
It is we who make the world change and work. We are the ones who control it, manipulate it.
Not the ones with *** appeal.

You turn on a tv. You see a commercial for victoria secret models with skinny waists and big ***** and *****. You close it.

You flip open a magazine. You see an ad showcasing a watch with a pale strong faced flawless skin displaying it. You close it.

You turn the radio on. You hear an ad of a guy with a deep **** voice attractibg attention to an online dating site.  You turn it off.

Dating website. Shows off pictures of potential people you might want to talk to based on how good looking they are and how good you guys look together. Log off.

What defines "beautiful"?
We can't let society make us conform to their ways and their quotas and definitions. Bend the rules. Be undefined. Redefine everything.
Sick and tired of societys rules. Why is there so many stereotypes we have to follow?

Originally inspired by alex from target. Just cause of his looks hes now famous. Congrats.
Creep May 2015
Don't make me the big bad wolf,
blowing down all the houses,
just to get in.
All I wanted was to be there for you.
Not to break all the houses.
I guess if I have to,
I will.

Let me in,
let me help.
I'll scare all the demons away,
I swear it.
I'll make sure that you
are happy,
and smiling.
Just please...
let me in.
nicest thing
by kate nash
Creep Dec 2014
Is it ok
for me
to be a ***** today
so that I don't have to deal
with you
and my demons
that stalk my every move?
Repost if you ever have one of those days where you are a ***** to everyone, accidentally or intentionally.
(so ****** i don't even include a song XD)
Creep Nov 2014
-conference room with everyone in it, with a stage and a mike where I stand-
-cough coughs-

Yes, may I have your attention?

-glares at you with a stare to ****-

Mmmhm bish im talkin 'bout you.
Yes, you da ***** sitting up front dere like you own da place.
Well sorry to pop your bubble, but you don't.

-rolls eyes and begins to pace-

You see, you have been convicted of two crimes.
One being leading all these fine gentlemen here on.
Two being dumping their sorry *** for a lame excuse like,
"I'm not ready for a relationship."
"Sorry, it's not you, it's me."
"Umm... I don't like you like that. Friends?"

-all the guy nod in agreement-

Now what I'm saying here,
is if you start kissing up their ***,
laughing and flirting and hanging out with EVERY ******* ***** GUY IN THIS VERY ROOM how do you expect them NOT to like you, with you ***** all shoved in their faces and sitting on their laps and ****?

-looks at you meaningfully-

Don't deny it. You are guilty.
And then, when they go so far to love more your abs and that junk you got their on you chest, to actually love your - next few words dripping with sarcasm- charming, sweet, playful personality that's in fact all an act, you can not just go and break their bountiful hearts in two.

-matter of fact face at you-

Now, you see all these once innocent boys? Look at their sorrow faces, they have experienced you wrath -smile- and have experienced unnecessary hurt.

-pout, and points at a boy in the back-

You see that boy all the way in the back, sulking but yet still staring at you with the longing of a lost puppy? Yeah, that right there is my best friend. You have took his vulnerable scarred heart, took it, grilled it on an open fire (very dangerous, mind you), chewed it to little pieces and inserted your saliva in it, spit it out, and shoved it down his throat.

Again here I am, still another innocent bystander hurt by something you didn't even directly do to me! He hasn't been the same since you. He's changed, molded to fit your shape. When you come around, he wraps his body for you, becomes a ******* to everyone but you, smiles, flirts with just you, ignores everyone else. And when you leave?

-chuckles a menacing and sadistic chuckle, a dead look of terror in my eyes-

He turns into something you've never seen, lies spew out of his mouth like wild fires, spreading to every single ******* tree, all his friends? Still there, 'cause we love him, but he's left us. All he sees, all he wants, everything is about you. Your his world you see and yet you took that world and destroyed it with a meteorite, big enough to compare to the big bang.

-wipes eyes-

Now see us, as we try to control his lashes, to consume our tears back, and to not be hurt. I am dying inside, little by little, by seeing him trying and trying to no use, useless. I love him, I really do, and your basically punching me in the gut every time I see you with him, knowing you are no good for him and only gonna maul his heart like a beast. Just stop with the lame excuses,

-says in a snarky voice- "I'm not ready for a relationship."

'cause you just made out with a guy a week ago, you smear your lipstick all over his face. Dafuq with you mother-******* ****** excuses! and you tell me you hate dem ******. Well you should be hatin' on yourself then.

And here we are, everyone hurtin' through the radiation you have spread. Here's a suggestion: why don't you ******* go take all of your ******* and shove it up your left nostril!?!? EH??? NOW ISN'T THAT A GOOD IDEA? MAYBE YOU WILL FEEL JUST A MINISCULE BIT OF THE PAIN EVERYONE IS FEELING!

-hurls something at you, stomps of stage lividly, and turn around right before i leave-


-throws one finger up, turns around, and walks out-
something new, im just really ******. basically theres this gurl in my grade who practically gathers a herd of devoted boys to her and then ******* breaks each of their hearts one at a time and act all surprise that they like her... and it affects others too. just mad ******... sorry its not a poem and i use a lot a slang and i dont make sense -laughs hoarsely- i should stop yelling imma lose my voice cx
Creep Jan 2015
Scrape... scrape...
What little bit of sanity I had left
After everyone took most of it away,
It is ridden with thoughts of you,
Enraptured by
Miss you gone
By lit

Where art thou, romeo? XD
Creep Jan 2015
It is snowing today...
How fitting.
You came in and took me like a blizzard,
Left me in awe,
Blew me around,
Showed me your love,
And I showed you mine.

But you blew away, left.
Remnants of you remain,
Then, contaminated,
And finally,
Particularly for anyone. Sorry I can't write today. I have a lot on my mind.

happy little pill
by troy sivan
Creep Dec 2014
You gave me a spark to start a fire.
I gave you my heart.
By kat edmonson
Creep Dec 2014
It's my fault this time;
I take the blame.

I can't fix anything,
so maybe I'll scramble around
and try to pick up the shattered vases that you threw on the ground
before you ran out the door.
by the killers
Creep Mar 2015
It bloomed like a bruise,
all the pain, hate built up,
but soon enough the colors sprouted out
and burst with
blues and greens and yellows and purples
and then slowly faded away...
idk tbh XD not related (though i was thinking bout the bruise i got from slipping on the ice ^^")

lovers on the sun (ft. sam martin)
by david guetta
Creep Jan 2015
You know what would be great?
If you're name was Bob Schneider. Or something like that.
Then you're initials would be b.s.
cause that's exactly what you are.
i don't need a man
by miss a

(sorry if this offends anyone cause they actually do have the initials b.s. and rnt actual b.s. ^^")
Creep Mar 2015
It's a cycle, is it not?
When everything is going perfect for you,
A wall in your perfect castle will fall,
And you will rebuild it.
Maybe another will fall while you buid,
So you build that one.
And then maybe another,
So you build and build and build
Until the castle is whole again.
And then they will fall.
Everything was falling apart for me before and every one seemed fine before, now everything is perfect for me and everything is ******* my friends over. Guess that's the balance. When I'm done, my friends are able to care for me cause they don't need to worry bout themselves for a bit and vice versa. Hm. Strange how things work out.

By yeah yeah yeahs
Creep Dec 2014
Can I burn Fahrenheit 451?
that irony >~< nah i love the book, only a few ppl will understand where I'm coming from... just hate the hw assignments that go along with the book... ewwwww ms.kumar's long-*** hw....

by hollywood undead
^^one of my favorite songs... u must listen to it!
Creep Feb 2015
What is it like,
To be a star shining bright
In the dark sky?
Alone, but not really,
All the other stars shining with you,
But not really.

How does it feel to be admired by all,
Treasured by all?
To have stories told about you,
Admirers, refenced always in poems.
How does it feel?

In the darkness,
You are illuminated,
But when day comes,
You disappear,
Camouflaged by the light,
But not really.

You'll always be there,
To remind me.
But not really.
Idk idk idk I'm sorry this ***** >~< writers block oops

Brooklyn baby
By lana del rey
Creep May 2015
Each and every text hit me like
Little sparks of fire,
Each of them igniting
And enveloping me
In this new feeling,
Spreading warmth across my body
Like warm butter,
Seeping in and soaking.
Popcorn popping in my stomach,
Bouncing up and down,
Warm and addicting.

I smiled.

So this is what it feels like to be loved.
Feeling loved by many ♥ I love you guys! Thanks for all your support! :3 it means a lot ^^

Honey honey
By abba
Creep Apr 2015
I just want to fly,
But you've kept my wings clipped,
Sawing them off
Muscle by muscle,
Bone by bone,
Refusing to allow me to fly.
You've locked me in this cage,
Forced me to continue to
Sing all day and all night,
Never ending.
I just want to fly.
Angry and frustrated with my parents cause they won't let me do anything by myself. I can't go anywhere and all day I have to study study study, even on weekends and I can't do anything other than study. I'm frustrated because I can't convince them otherwise. They tell me they're busy and can't take me, so okay ill go by myself, nope I can't do that cause ill get lost. Am I so much of an idiot or a baby for me to be incapable of doing even that?
I just want to be more independent, to have more freedom...

By arctic monkeys
Creep Feb 2015
I'll smile,
But just you wait,
When I get home
The demons that clawed in my chest all day,
Hidden monsters,
I release them and let them come out and play,
Though of course,
The only toy they have to play with is my mind.
Uhhh feeling insecure again stupid fitness gram >~< *stuffs face with candy to stop self from feeling bad then feels worse cause I'm just gonna get fatter*

Beautiful people
By benny benassi
Creep Dec 2014
Someone sent me a candy gram the other day.
I marveled at the anonymous note
And cherished it for the rest of the day.
I put it in my bookbag,
Getting ready to bring it home
Just to cherish it even more.

When I got home,
I found it broken and at the bottom of my bag
The way whoever sent this to me will probably do to me...

I tasted a tiny peice, spat it out.
It was too sweet,
The way your love might be
After you broke me.
You'd try to put me back together,
The way I am trying to put this candy gram together,
But it wont ever work.
Whats been broken is broken,
And cant be fixed.
Its just a matter of accepting the brokeness and living with it.
Tru story ^^

Straight up
By paula abdul
Creep Dec 2014
You think you've escaped hell?
I've only just got started.
take on me
by a-ha

I just wanna run
by downtown fiction

you give love a bad name
by bon jovi
Creep Dec 2014
Why do you stare me with such an intense gaze?
Making me blush, and hide, and run away,
But when I look at you again later
Trying to get your attention,
Attracted to your passion,
You just look away...
True story. Happened to me yesterday during swim practice. Weird **** xD

By bring me the horizon

(Btw the title is French for "its not a true love" roughly speaking... If it's grammatically incorrect, plz help **** I am only a second year learner of French) kudos to the amazing poetess, ukcen for helping me out with the grammar in the title ^^
Creep Mar 2015
Je t'aime,
je ne suis pas sympa.
Je te veux.
J'ai besoin de toi.
Desolée Monsieur pour mes mots,
mais c'est vrai.

Tu es un livre et
je voudrais lire.
first attempt at a french poem, should be doing english hw but this came up XD correct me if my grammar is wrong, i don't know much french ^^"

la mer
by chantelle chamberland
Creep Dec 2014
Write a poem about what you want for christmas. This is open to interpretations, but in the tags put a #alliwantforchristmas and repost/comment to indicate you are doing this challenge. :) Should be fun.
Creep Nov 2014
Anyone sick and tired of what society says about certain things? Than write a poem redefining a word. It can be anything from beauty to loneliness to terror. Take that word and define what it means to you. Comment below if you r gonna try it out and ill check it out :) also use the hashtag "redefineeverything" when posting it. There r no other rules for this challenge, its open to all interpretations.

Ex) beauty
Its the way tour mind works to solve problems,
How you react to things,
Thats what beauty is.
Not the way you look
Or what you wear or
Even how you style your hair.
That doesnt matter.
Its the wya you smile at me
And help others in your own strange ways,
Now thats beauty.
:3 pwetty pwease do dis challenge?
Creep Jul 2015
Can you feel
The air change?
Cold mornings blossoming
With swirls of smiles
Lyrics of laughter?
By mat kearney
Creep Jan 2015
I have determined that I will stop being so selfish,
stop writing depressing poetry on myself,
stop worrying others,

and start thinking about you.

Don't worry about me,
I'm a waste of brain cells and don't deserve to be thought about anyways.
I need you to stop caring about me.
stuck with me
by green day

let me worry about you, and not about my demons.
Creep Feb 2016
Things have gotten better
all the shadows disappeared,
despite all the light.

Maybe im just staring too hard into the light,
but i cant see the demons that often anymore
unless I seek them out.

Things are changing
Dont really wanna bother with grammar and all that cuz that will require me to read it over and if I do I will probably delete all of it xD

Another one bites the dust
by queen
Creep Feb 2015
You're worth more than a poem.
But for now,
I'll try my best to make this much more than just a poem:
but a message from me.

What you don't know is,
every time she feels down, she rereads all your kind words.
When she's bored, you're not on,
she rereads them.
She spends all her time thinking about you.
She cherishes you,
You're the best she ever had.

She takes everything about you,
devours them, slowly savoring all the good bits (which is everything),
and then keeps them tattooed all over me,
never to be removed.
Each and every letter, engrained onto me with a flourish,
a kiss,
trailing her hands behind, stroking the way the gorgeous letters look
all aligned together to make such beautiful sentences.

Her eyes trail every word,
her hands caress the wonder machine that brought her you,
her ears thrumming with the sounds of you,
the music notes floating into her ears,
the way water flows,
for you are better than just any ordinary ocean.

You may call her an ocean,
but you are more than that.
The ocean only takes up 75% of Earth.
You are much more.
You are her sky,
her universe.

You hold the stars in your heart,
twinkling like little rubies.
Just like the moon and the sun,
you see everything.
The clouds are your façade,
and the rain,
your tears.

And all she wants to be is the satellite,
to explore you and learn everything about you,
to always circle around and around,
to never leave.

I know you won't break me,
or her.
And for that,
I am forever in your debt.
So come to me when you need me,
I will do anything to serve my prince.

With Great Love,
The Creep's Heart
There's my valentines day gift for my boyfriend ^^ Je t'aime, et merci beaucoup pour ton attention et amour. Vous êtes beaux et tres sympa. :) happy valentines day, mr. Right!
(Sorry this ***** ^^")

Comeback when you hear this song
By 2PM
Creep Dec 2014
Christmas again...
It's time to give gifts.
Receiving gifts?
A big no-no.

Christmas is a time to give things to the people you care about
and show them how much you care about them.

So I guess I won't be getting any gifts this year...
just like every other year...
does anyone feel guilty about getting gifts? i hate it when ppl spend money one me....
its that time of year again where everyone starts writing poetry on the meaning of christmas. well here's ur christmas poem. don't expect anymore.

by marina and the diamonds (benny benassi remix)
Creep Dec 2014
Something most depressed teenagers will understand:
Christmas is a reminder of what happiness is.
I hate everything about you
By three days grace
Creep Mar 2015
I shouldn't care, but I do.
And I guess that's what hurts most...
I'm spinning around in circles
And I feel like that circle ends in walls
And I keep falling down and collapsing in agony and pain and misery
As I feel around for something to pull myself up on
I can't i can't I can't find anything
And I've given up,
I'm just gonna lay here on the floor
And stare at the ceiling.
****. I know I should be happy thay I got into this school, one of the best schools in the state, but im not and I'm crying and I don't know why and uhhhh **** there r no more tissues....

Into the black
By the chromatics
Creep Sep 2014
The city is covered in grime,
Layers and layers of dark
Nasty residue and smog
That clothes the air,
Scratchy breaths in and out of our lungs,
Till our heart beats in unison with the sinister things that lurk in midnight alleyways...
It's a leech,
A demon sent from hell to contaminate this once fair city...
It weaves in and out
Through and through,
Minds, souls, hearts of the people and anything else it can get its hands on...

One day, I met a girl,
A bright little thing,
Shivering against the imminent
Shadows that were bound to
Overcome her soon enough... She stood afar from me,
But I could feel
the warmth and strength radiating from her...
I stared as she glowed,
Ethereal, but not oblivious.
She has survived the birdcage we all live in, scars everywhere
To tell her story for all those
Struggling, drowning in the utter madness that seemed to claw its ways into all of us.
She turned away,
And the spot of comfort like a warm blanket on a
cold winter night,
Faded away with her.
Eh, what I see nyc as...
Creep Jun 2016
Things have changed,
But for the better my dear.
We have learned from our mistakes,
Promised to change and the
Blossoms with possibility and promise.

I'm so excited to see where we will go.
Lion heart
By girls generation
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