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wecanonlywish Jun 2015
i always loved the moon
she holds no prejudice
she keeps my dreams, my lies, my regrets
she doesn't dare tell the sun
the daylight bleaches my soul
i fear i will become nothing
i am nothing
but i forget about the daylight for a few hours
for now it is just the moon and i
the moon always loved me
and i always loved the moon
wecanonlywish Mar 2015
this city wraps me in cellophane,
i can never breathe right.
its harsh winds and harsh words beat me.
i wake up to the sounds of grinding metal.
i can't escape, as our unrequited love will never end.
the city that hates me for loving it.
the city i hate to love.
this city will always be black and white,
not to be softened by the innocence of color.
it must remain strong.
i must remain strong.
i must clock in and clock out.
enslaved in a life i never wanted to live.
in a city i never imagined i'd love.
trapped in a cellophane life,
in a cellophane city.
chicago-this one's for you
wecanonlywish Jun 2014
poetry should flow freely from the ravine of your soul.

not to be kept by the guardian of your conscience.

true thoughts and innocence are muddled by a large vocabulary and overworked mind.

sit back and relax. allow your inner child to pick up the pen and write what you've felt all along.
wecanonlywish May 2014
never write a poem
they show you're weak and naive
who wants innocence
wecanonlywish May 2014
without you, oxygen is poison
wecanonlywish May 2014
i crave your love more than anything in this world
wecanonlywish May 2014
every time I blew out the candles, I wished for you
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