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35.3k · Oct 2014
My Motherland
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2014
Behold Nigeria my motherland
A land that sits upon the hills of many waters
A country built on the ancient landmark of heroes band
An Eagle that protects her citizens in the arms of her feathers.

A beautiful Nigeria whose fields are as green as green could ever be
An Iroko that stands on the root of peace and unity
A fertile land that is as fertile as fertility can ever be
A united people, a proud nation void of segregation nor discrimination in her city.

My motherland a land that upholds the staff of dignity and natural endowment
A land of unity and peace glowing like a river of gold across the horizon
A nation that feeds on the diet of heavens supplement
An ocean that runs through the test of raging storms un-torn.

My motherland! My motherland!
A Nigeria that adores her women more highly than the Queen of England
An Olive that yields more than the cedars of Lebanon
A land whose daughters are as beautiful as the daughters of Job in Jerusalem's land
An independent country as powerful as the King Nebuchadnezar of Babylon.

It's Nigeria my motherland
A land that rests on the pillars of her freedom
A country seated on the pearls and treasures of many Ireland
A Nigeria that lives on the soil of heavens wisdom.
20.8k · Oct 2013
Nigeria At 53
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
There came a time in the history of Nigeria when she dreamed for independence,
There came a moment in the history of Nigeria when she groaned to gain freedom from the British;
There came a season in the history of Nigeria when she desired to obtain independence from her rulers.

The moment when she groaned for independence,
The season when she was ready to groam freedom;
The moment when she desired to be independent as a country.

The moment when she seeked her elites to stand up and fight for independence,
The season when she awaited the voice and appearance of her freedom fighters;
The moment whe she believed that independence was ready to answer the call of nature in her country.

The moment when she believed to find freedom and independence which as that missing part of her that made her a complete country,
The season when she trusted and believed in the treasure called independence;
The moment when she hoped and desired to be called an independent and sovereign nation in the history of the world.

The moment when she was expectantant of the mother called independence,
The season when nothing meant anything to her except for the father called freedom;
The moment when she still believe to be an independent country despite foreign exploitations,
with the understanding that she could still stand up on her feet as an independent country.

She believed that someone who understands her tears and passion for freedom and independence,
will arise and fight for her freedom knowing that he will never bear to see her travail in birth for independence.
The elites she knew not but believed was out some where fortiing and preparing themselves for independence and fight for freedom.
Independence she waited for like an expectand mother of a child,
Each step she took was believed to bring her closer to freedom and independence.

She believed in freedom and independence for her country and it's occupants, and not
colonisation and exploitation from the British colony.
She believed in fighting for freedom and independence than dying a coward,
She believed in her elites efforts to obtain her independence and sovereignty.

She expected her elites to stand up and rage for independence to freedom and sovereignty,
which they did when the opportunity and strategy came for them to uphold.
She believed that destiny will bring her independence and freedom,
when the hour of liberation from exploitation comes.
She believed that her pains and heart beat was felt and understood by her elites.

The name independence she was passionate about and the fame freedom she was desperate about.
The memories of colonisation she groaned to erase and the histories of exploitation she desired to filtrate.
The name independence she struggled to uphold and the gain freedom she strived to unfold.

Before her moment of independence,
she strived to make full proof of her countrie's ambitions,
she sort self asset and not self liability.
She seeked and desired independence and freedom from exploitaion which she got.
Her dignity and hour as a country was restored on that fateful day of October 1, 1960 whe she gained and famed her independence and freedom.

She believed in independence and freedom which she got.
The death of her elites and freedom fighters was never in vain.

This is Nigeria At 53 and she is still a sovereign and independent country.
I dedicate this Poem to my Country Nigeria on Her 53rd Birthday. The 1st Of October 1960 when She gained Her Independence.
10.9k · Sep 2013
Stewardship Of Talent
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2013
The stewardship of talent calls attention for everyone to discover their purpose on earth,
knowing we are created with potentials waiting to be maximized.
The stewardship of time calls attention for everyone to maximize their time on earth,
knowing we are mandated to dominate and subdue the earth.
Nothing is found except it is hidden,
every one has a talent.
Nothing is hidden except it is a secret,
every person has a gift.
Nothing is a secret except it is a treasure,
every individual has a potential.
Every one has a secret hidden treasure to be found,
ln them lives unique talents waiting to be discovered;
lf only they can discover their purpose on earth.
Every person has a destined mission to accomplish,
ln them lives voices waiting to be heard;
lf only they can activate their gifts.
Every individual has a solution to provide on earth,
ln them lives great potentials waiting to be maximized;
lf only they can exploit their potentials.
How then can talents be discovered knowing that any talent wasted will be accounted for.
How then can gifts be activated knowing that we are mandated by God to accomplish a purpose on earth.
How then can potentials be maximized knowing that we are created to impact our generation.
Let him that seek to discover and utilize his talents on earth consult God through prayers.
Let him that seek to activate his gifts exploit God's given innate ability to man.
Let him that seek to maximize his potentials on earth search the mind of God through the scriptures.
Is there any reward for discovering and exploiting your talents?
Is there any reward for activating your innate gifts?
Is there any reward for maximizing your God given potentials?
He that discovers and exploits his talents for God will receive the Masters reward.
He that activates his innate gifts will be remembered forever.
He that maximizes his potentials will leave an indelible footstep on earth.
Hope you strive to be persistent and consistent in the stewardship of talent,
knowing that much is required of you.
Endeavour to be faithful and obedient in your stewardship of talent, knowing we all owe God the accountability of our talents.
Ensure you exploit the discovery of your talents,
activate your innate gifts and maximize your potentials effectively.
Strive to discover your purpose on earth,
Seek to activate your talents and gifts; and
Strive to maximize your potentials.
He that discovers and exploits his talents on earth,
will leave an indelible footprint on the sands of time that will be remembered forever.
He that activates his gifts on earth will impact the world and his generation.
He that maximizes his potentials effectively,
will engrave his names in the sands of time and seasons of the sky.

Talent is a Mandate not a Delegate.
Talent is a Mandate not a Delegate.
10.3k · Oct 2016
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2016
What a historic day it is, that the birth of Motherland we celebrate,
She beautifies herself with Independence and prides in freedom;
Like a berry, Her seeds are nurtured and groomed to pomegranate,
Its the birthday of Nigeria, a tectonic day of liberation from Edom.

A day to celebrate Her sweet Autonomy and Ultimate Supremacy,
An October 1st that marks an Independent and historic liberation;
She prides herself in political Authority, Power and Predominancy,
Its the born day of Motherland, a day of a feast worthy celebration.

Let's all celebrate the birth of Nigeria, for Her age's a befitting feast,
We must unite together as One Nation built on our Elite's landmark;
This day calls for a jubilation to a lasting freedom and a vital feast,
Motherland glows with honour and pride, for her birth's a hallmark.

She fought like an Eagle with great might and valor, for the liberty
Of Her future generation, and Hero's blood a fountain of freedom,
Today we laud a Nigeria that birthed the Independence and stability
Of a Sovereign Nation, that feeds no more on the putrid of Edom.

Today marks the 56th born day of Nigeria, and still a Sovran Nation,
It calls for a celebration, a befitting feast and a historic merriment;
An October 1st that marks an Independent and historic liberation,
Its Nigeria's Independence, a day to celebrate a sweet merriment.

Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion to import rice and another $2 billion on milk.
I produce rice, but don’t eat it. I have millions of cows but no milk.
I am 53, please celebrate me.
I drive the best cars in the world but have no roads,
so I crush my best brains in the caverns,
craters and crevasses they crash into daily.
I am in unending mourning, please celebrate me.
My school has no teacher and my classroom has no roof.
I take lectures through windows and live with 15 others in one room.
All my professors have gone abroad, and the rest are awaiting visas.
I am a university graduate, but I am illiterate. I want a future, please celebrate me.
Preventable diseases send me to hospitals without doctors, medicines or power.
All the nurses have gone abroad and the rest are waiting to go also.
I have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world;
and future generations are dying before me. I am hopeless, hapless and helpless,
please celebrate me.
For democracy’s sake I stood all day on Election Day.
But before I could ink my thumb, results had been broadcast.
When I dared to speak out, silence was enthroned by bullets.
My leaders are my oppressors, and my policemen are my terrors.
I am ruled by men in mufti, but I am not a democracy.
I have no verve, no vote, no voice, please celebrate me.
My youth have no past, present nor future.
So my sons in the North have become street urchins;
and his brothers in the South have become kidnappers.
My nephews die of thirst in the Sahara and his cousins drown in the Mediterranean.
My daughters walk the streets of Lagos , Abuja and Port Harcourt;
while her sisters parade the streets of Rome and Amsterdam .
I am grief-stricken, please celebrate me.
Pen-wielding bandits have raided everything in my vaults.
They walk the land with haughty strides and fly the skies with private planes
They have looted the future of generations unborn;
and have money they cannot spend in several lifetimes,
but their brothers die of starvation. I want a kit of kindness, please celebrate me.
I can produce anything, but import everything.
So my toothpick is made in China; my toothpaste is made in South Africa;
my salt is made in Ghana; my butter is made in Ireland;
my milk is made in Holland; my shoe is made in Italy;
my vegetable oil is made in Malaysia* my biscuit is made in Indonesia;
my chocolate is made in Turkey and my table water made in France.
My taste is far-flung and foreign, please celebrate me.
My land is dead because all the trees have been cut down;
flooding kills thousands yearly because the drainages are clogged;
my fishes are dead because the oil companies dump waste in my rivers;
my communities are vanishing into the huge yawns of gully erosion, and nothing is being done.
My very existence is uncertain and I am in the deepest depths of despondence, please celebrate me.
I have genuine leather but choose to eat it.
So I spend billions of dollars to import fake leather.
I have four refineries, but prefer to import fuel,
so I waste more billions to import petrol. I have no security in my country,
but send troops to keep peace in another man’s land.
I have hundreds of dams, but no water.
So I drink ‘pure’ water that roils my innards.
I need a vision, please celebrate me.
I have a million candidates craving to enter universities,
but my dungeons can only accommodate a tenth.
I have no power, but choose to flare gas,
so my people have learnt to see in the dark and stare at the glare of Unclad flares.
I am shrouded by darkness, please celebrate me.
For my golden jubilee,
I shall spend 16 billion naira to bash around the bonfires of the banal.
So what if the majority gaze at my possessed, frenzied dance;
drenched in silent tears, as probity is enslaved in democracy’s empty cellars?
I am profligacy personified, please celebrate me.
Why can I not simply reflect and ponder?
Does my complexion cloud the colour of my character?
Does my location limit the lengths my liberty?
Does the spirit of my conviction shackle my soul
Does my mien maim the mine of my mind?
And is failure worth celebrating?
I dedicate this Poem to my Country Nigeria On Her Independence Celebration.
5.3k · Dec 2015
Hackers Of The Law
Valentine Mbagu Dec 2015
All ye termites hacking ants are you without sin?
Twisting the law to your greed thus dethroning justice
Thou that dis-virgins the law to suit your selfish taste,
Did not equity say that none is above the law?
Money-thirsty vultures seeking positions to occupy.
Law hackers depriving justice and equity of her rights
Equity and justice now lives in shame of her virginity,
Almighty termite, do not your deeds speak evil of your sins?
I weep blood for justice and equity whose daughters you *****.
Is there none whose conscience still breathe or lives?
Power-driven termites making uncountable promises
Yet accomplishing none but your calculated interests.

All ye leaders that preach peace, are you not corrupt minded?
En-slaving accounts meant for public welfare
Yet you claim to have the peoples interest in mind,
Did not the law command you to let equity and justice smile?
Parasitic predators hi-jacking the country's economy
Filthy termites proclaiming injustice upon powerless ants,
Justice hackers, do not your conscience judge your judgments?
I wish that you allow justice and equity have her way.
Law benders at whose feet equity and justice bow
Rippers of the law, at your hands justice is twisted,
Is your nature as humans so inhumane?
Little wonder the earth lives in fear of your tyranny.

All ye slanders of the law, why not sheath your swords of corruption?
Your unchecked power has broken the wings of justice
Thereby making equity a widow without a husband,
Remember your oaths to serve with justice and equity;
Did you deceive the ants that voted you in to serve them?
Chameleons occupying seats of filtered ambitions
Woe betide your conscience for refusing to judge you,
Are you not guilty of molesting the law?
I mourn for the shameful death of equity and justice.
You that crafts the law to fit your suit of corruption
Remember a day comes when justice will laugh again,
And you being powerful cannot escape the law of Karma.

Murderers of the law, will you also bribe karma?
I doubt if you can buy the law of karma with money.
Thou whose gluttony corrupts justice and equity,
Don't you feel guilty that you disvirgined the law?
Equity and justice now roams about in nakedness,
You that preach the law, are you true to yourself?
Heartless spiders cob-webbing the law to entangle poor ants
Did not equity bid you come to justice with clean hands?
Yet with filthy garments you condemn innocent ants;
Mind you that someday the law will rise again.
All ye scavengers of justice and hackers of the law,
Do you think you can **** the law of Karma?
Injustice pronounced on helpless citizens who are powerless and without a voice.
4.7k · Oct 2013
I Am Who I Am
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
I am he who is strong enough to know when l am weak.

Brave enough to face my fears,
Proud and unbending in honest defeat;
Yet l am who l am.

Humble and gentle in victory
Have pride in myself.

Give respect to others
And see's independence in everyone;
Sure l am who l am.

He who success and fame to gain awaits.

I am who l am,
The legend of the seeker of the chronicles of love in an adventure of love;
To become the legend of love.

I am who l am.
3.1k · Oct 2013
Praise I Embrace
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
When the struggles and grudges of life weakens me down to my bones and marrows,
And l have none to strengthen me;
The grace of praise l embrace will quicken and be my strength.
When the devil fires an arrow of sorrow towards me,
ln order to narrow my passion for the vision of my mission in life;
The grace of praise l embrace will be my shield.

When the challenges and pains of life groomed in fears,
Strains my heart to rain down tears;
And l have none to comfort me;
The grace of praise l embrace will be my comfort.
When life seems so tough and my challenges becomes too hot to bear,
And l have none to bear my burdens with me;
The grace of praise l embrace will be my refuge.

When my enemies channels their weapons of destruction and distraction towards me,
ln order for me to leave my dreams, visions and life ambitions unpushed,
The grace of praise l embrace will shield me and inspire me never to retire until l am discovered.

When l am frustrated, distressed and stressed in the battles of life,
And l have none to console or encourage me to move ahead;
The grace of praise l embrace will be my fortress and my solace.
When my feet becomes feeble in the faculty of life,
And l have none to uphold me to be strong;
The grace of praise l embrace will be my strength and shelter.

When temptation, trials and tribulation engulfs me like a mother hen engulfs her chicks,
And l have none to unveil me;
The grace of praise l embrace will unveil me and announce me to my world.
When l am battered, shattered and scattered in the battles of life,
And l have none to come to my rescue;
The grace of praise l embrace will gather me up and put me together.

When l kneel before the creator and maker of heaven and earth in prayer,
And l know not how to present my matters before him;
The grace of praise l embrace will speak on my behalf.
When l am knocked down on my feet by the struggles and battles of this life,
And l have none to raise me up;
The grace of praise l embrace will raise me up.
2.9k · Oct 2013
Grace To Glory
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
In a world where salvation and restoration  swaps my darkness to light,
there the grace to glory in praise and grace l will embrace.

In a time where invitation and visitation  from above sweeps my groan(*******) to  grace to glory(freedom),
there the grace to glory in salvation and restoration from sin l will embrace.

In a season where manifestation and expectation becomes my hunger and thirst,
there the grace to glory in meditation and supplication l will embrace.

In a period where the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit becomes my meal and meat,
there the grace to glory in repentance and independence from sin l will embrace.

In a moment where revelation becomes my feast and vision of heaven my yeast,
there the grace to glory in salvation and ressurection from death l will embrace.

At the throne of grace, there the grace to glory in my salvation and restoration from ******* l will embrace.
At the shone of salvation, there the grace to glory in my happiness and forgiveness from sin l will embrace.
At the stem of restoration, there the grace to glory in my freedom and depletion from sorrow l will embrace.
At the realm of freedom, there the grace to glory in my redemption and petition from shame l will embrace.

In the day when my feet is lifted up above the sky and my eyes groomed in white  robes,
there the grace to glory in salvation and restoration l will embrace.

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2.6k · Jul 2013
The Mystery Of Marriage
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
Marriage is an incomprehensible mystery,
a hidden truth kept secret from the foundation of the world.
It cannot be discovered by intelligence or insight,
but made explainatory by revelation.
Revelation reveals the mystery of marriage,
it explains the mutual relationship in marriage.
It shows the rhema,
light and
love in marriage.
The mystery of marriage is accessed through the throne of grace.
Wisdom, knowledge and understandingof marriage is made known by revelation.
The ability to see beyond the seen,
in oder to see many unseen realities of life.
Revelation unveils the principles of building a blissful marriage.
Marriage is honourable in all,
above all in a bed undefiled.
It's hidden truth is unveiled by revelation from divinity.
It constitutes a platfrom for fruitfulness in life and ministry.
It spreads the continuity of human generation.
Marriage as a divine institution,
solves the problem of aloneness.
It empowers man with resources to fulfil destiny on earth.
It is a hidden treasure not discovered without revelation.
Let revelation inspire the discovery of marriage treasures.
Marriage not only give pleasures,
help partners fulfil destinies.
Understanding kills separation and builds togetherness.
It develops unity and oneness among couples.
Understanding curbs separation in marriage,
solves marriage mystery.
The manifestation in marriage cannot be explained,
by revelation.
Marriage is a mantle not a struggle.
The man must provide for his wife,
the woman must submit to her husband.
Seek love not lust before marriage,
let character and charisma build marriage,
let love and care establish marriage.
Marriage remains a mystery till death.
2.5k · Jul 2013
Treasure Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
Nothing is found, except it is hidden,
Nothing is hidden, except it is a secret;
Nothing is a secret except it is a treasure.
you are a secret treasure hidden to be found.
you are a goddess of beauty.
When l behold your eyes l see love,
l see us in you.
When l weighed your mind, l found courage,
when you smile my heart smiles.
When you speak the burdens of my heart are lifted up.
In my dreams is you that l see,
ln my visions is you that l picture,
ls you that l capture.
When l first saw you,
l met a stranger.
As l talked with you,
l discovered a divine embodiment with character and charisma.
As l thought of you,
l discovered my friend.
As l came closer,
l discovered my missing rib.
As l walked with you,
l found my wife.
When l gazed at your beauty,
a spell of love gripped me.
I felt a sigh of relief in my heart.
You have l loved and you will l love.
Loving you means so much to me,
beholding your immaculate beauty beautifies the glory of our future.
My tears and fear is to lose you.
I am perfected in your love,
you are the tender spirit of my heart,
the one that softens my heart;
your love has stolen my heart away.
I've never been so much in love,
not until l met you.
Losing you means loss of countless memories to me,
ln loving you have l understood the worth of true and genuine love.
My soul bleeds for the moment of our union as one.
I long for the moment when we shall cleave together as birds in the sky,
singing the songs of love together as one,
sharing in an everlasting happiness.
Then shall l tell you how much you mean to me,
how effective your spell of love have gripped me.
We're not only humanly designed for each other,
we're divinely designed from each other.
My love for you is forever
2.5k · Aug 2013
Tears Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2013
The tears of love in my heart can neither human nor spirit understand,
for my heart is bruised in grief.

The pains of love in my soul can neither words nor speech utter,
for my soul is soiled in sorrow.

The wounds of love in my spirit can neither care nor treatment heal,
for my spirit is sealed in distress.

My heart desires you though you have refused to change your mind.
My soul seeks your love though you have refused to come back.
My spirit cherishes your love though we can't be together forever as lovers.

lf we are not meant to be together as lovers,
why then does this feeling hurt so much?
If we are not designed for each other as one,
why then does my heart cleave to yours?
If we are not destined for one another as soul mates,
why then does my spirit cherish your love?

It hurts to know that we can't always be with the ones we love.

Seeing that we can't be together forever as lovers,
for my inability to change the destined destiny;
and my inability to change your mind.

My prayer is that you find the love of your heart.
My desire is that you find the desires of your heart.
My passion is that you find the love of your life,
someone who will love and cherish you.

The tears of love in my heart, you alone can clean.
The pains of love in my soul, you alone can stop.
The wounds of love in my spirit,
you alone can heal.

With tears in my heart will your love be seeked,
though am bruised in grief.

With pains in my soul will your love be cherished,
though am soiled in sorrow.

With wounds in my spirit will your love be desired;
though am sealed in distress.

My life was lived in loving you, now you leave to love another.
My heart beats for yours, knowing you alone can clean my tears.
My spirit seeks your heart, knowing we shared so much.

Oh! The days of sorrow and loneliness has caught up with me.

A broken and wounded heart you leave me with.
A new path you are treading without me.
A new life you are moving to, without me.

my heart frees you without any guilt.

But remember it hurts to love and not be loved in return.

We promised each other to live together forever as lovers,
you assured me of dying by my side.
All these promises are now forgotten.

Goodbye my friend.

As you leave me to groan in tears of loneliness for love,
remember my tears are ceaselessly running;

wailing and waiting for who will clean my tears of love.
2.4k · Sep 2013
Mystery Of Divinity
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2013
The mystery of divinity who can understand,
knowing there is no searching of his understanding.
The understanding of divinity who can comprehend,
knowing his thoughts are beyond human imaginations.
The knowledge of divinity who can tell,
knowing his ways are past finding out.
He that turneth the wisdom of wisemen backward having made their knowledge foolish;
knowing he is the wellspring of wisdom.
He that turneth the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness, having been the counsellor of counsellors.
He that confirmeth the word of his servants,
having performed the counsel of his messengers.
He that frustrateth the tokens of liars, having made diviners mad.
He that walketh upon the sea, having treaded upon the waves of the sea;
knowing the winds are under his control.
He that divideth the river jordan, having divided the red sea.
He that turneth acid into water, having turned water into wine.
He that maketh kings having no king to make him,
and removeth kings; having no king to remove him.
He that changeth the laws of medies and persians; having none to change his laws and commandments.
He that is the father of the fatherless,
having been the husband of the widows.
He that is the beginning and the end,
having been the first and the last.
He that is the King of kings, having been the Lord of lords.
He that is the King of glory having been the gateway of glory.
He that is the Prince of peace, having been the pathway of peace.
He that is the highway of holiness,
having been the roadway of righteousness.
He that is the overseer of overcomers, having been the unchangeable changer.
He that is the highest personality in philosophy,
having been the loftiest idea in literature.
He that is mighty in strength and battle, having great armies under his command.
He that is more precious than gold, having been the treasure of treasures.
He whose eyes are too pure to behold iniquity,
having known the heavens are not even clean enough;
neither the angels worthy to stand before him.
He whose foolishness is wiser than the wisdom of men,
having his weakness stronger than the strength of men.
He whose voice thundereth like lightening having arrayed his throne in excellency and power.
He whose paths are filled with pleasantries having his ways filled with peace.
He that contendeth with him having him to conquer him.
He that questioneth him having him to answer him.
He that hardeneth him having him to forgive him.
He that covereth him with light as garment having covered him with light as glory.
He that sitteth upon the heavens, having the earth as his footstool.
He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, having the inhabitants thereof as grasshoppers.
He that stretcheth out the heavens like a curtain, having spreaded them out as a tent to dwell in.
He that stretcheth out the north over the empty place, having hanged the earth upon nothing.
He that knoweth the deep thoughts of man, having searched the hearts of men.
He that knoweth the end from the beginning, having been in the beginning.
He that turneth the heart of kings at his will, having their hearts in his hand.
He that calleth those things that be not as though they were, having known they were not.
He that founded the earth upon the seas, having established it upon the floods.
He that foundeth the earth by wisdom, having established the heavens by understanding.
He that holdeth the seven golden candlesticks, having walked in the midst of the seven golden candle sticks.
He that walketh upon the wings of the wind, having made the clouds his chariots.
He that maketh his angels spirits, having made his ministers a flaming fire.
He that ruleth the day by the sun having ruled the night by the stars.
He that liveth and was dead having conquered the power of death; and now liveth forever more.
He that weigheth the waters by measure, having straitened the waters by his breadth.
He that layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters, having watered the earth with rain form his chambers.
He that divideth the sea at his will, having the pillars of heaven to tremble at his reproof.
He that shaketh the earth out of her place, having her pillars to tremble at his anger.
He that openeth having no man to closeand closeth having no man to open.
He that created the heavens and the earth, having created the whole universe.
He that doeth great things past finding out, having his wonders without numbers.
He that rideth upon the chariots of fire, having his garments not consumed.
He that breaketh in pieces the horses and his rider, having broken in pieces the chariots and his rider.
He that have the length of days in his right hand, having riches and wisdom in his left hand.
He that have the key of david having been the keyword of knowledge.

Who is this divinity whose mysteries cannot be explained,
His understanding understood by searching,
His ways comprehended by human reasoning;
He is the

2.0k · Aug 2013
Crying For Love
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2013
My heart is broken for the love you took away,
knowing my heart belongs to you.
My spirit is wounded for the love you took away,
knowing my spirit agrees with you.
My soul is bruised for the love you took away,
knowing we are meant to be friends together forever.

My heart have never known love,
not until l met you.
My spirit have never known kindness,
not until you came.
My soul have never known comfort,
not until you came.

The first time l saw you your smile attracted me to you.
Though l feared to speak to you but l admired you from afar.

Now whenever l sleep is you that l dream of.
Whenever l think is you that l think of.
Whenver my heart beats is you that it beats for.

I can't seem to get you off my mind,
knowing my heart belongs to you.
I can't seem to move along without you,
knowing we are meant to be friends together forever.
I can't seem to stop thinking about you,
knowing my heart beats for you.

My passion for you eludes the illusion of lust.
My love for you can neither words nor speech explain.

Never did you give me the chance to express my feelings for you.
Never did you allow me to tell you how much my heart desired you.
Never did you give me the opportunity to tell you how much you meant to me.

We were friends together hoping to be forever,
now you break up the news to my heart.
We were to be together forever as friends,
now you are leaving me.

Kachi you have broken my heart by taking away your heart from me.
Kachi you have bruised my spirit by separating yourself from me.
Kachi you have wounded my soul by bleaching our friendship.

My heart is in pains for the love you took away,
knowing you quenched my fears with your smiles.
My spirit is in sorrow for the love and care you took away,
knowing your smiles were my comfort.

The tears of love in my heart you alone can wipe.
The pains of love in my soul you alone can stop.
The wounds of love in my spirit,
your smiles alone can heal.

Kachi come back for l am worthy of your friendship.
Kachi hear my heart beat for we are meant to be friends forever.
Kachi comfort me with your smiles for you beauty radiates upon my soul.

In my memory will your personality be engraved forever,
though you are leaving me.
In my heart will your smiles be encrypted forever,
knowing your smiles gave me comfort in distress.
In my spirit will your beauty be cherished forever,
knowing you are my goddess.

It hurts to know you are leaving me lonely,
knowing my heart seeks solace in you.
It hurts to know you are leaving me desolate,
knowing your smile gives me comfort in distress.

Whose smiles and beauty will comfort me?
Whose character and charisma will adorn me?
Whose love and friendship will cheer me up?

Though we are not designed for each other,
but we are designed from the same destiny as friends.

Come back Kachi for my heart belongs to you.

Though our friendship is new,
but my heart remains your abode.

Come back Kachi let not our friendship be entangled.

There goes my heroine away with my love,
will there ever be a friend like her?
There goes my goddess of beauty away with my heart,
does she really care about me?
There goes my friend away with her smiles,
does she know how much my heart desires her every minute of the day?

Will she ever come back to me,
knowing we are to be friends forever?

Come back Kachi for my soul desires your smiles.
Come back Kachi for my heart desires your friendship.
Come back Kachi for my spirit adorns your beauty;
knowing you alone can stop my heart from crying for love.
I dedicate this poem to my beloved friend JENNIFER OKOYE ONYEKACHI.

She means so much to me but l doubt if she cares about me like l do for her.

In honour of her is this poem written, to show her how much my heart beats for her though we can't be together.

Kachi come back for your smile means so much to me.
1.9k · Sep 2016
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2016
Honour to thee, thou goddess of succulent scrumptious beauty,
Before thee, I bow to worship thy spotless enticing purity;
At the aroma of thy fragrance, I breathe an immense sagacity,
My Arabian goddess, thy prowess I honor with my whole creativity.

Thy beauty have ne'er been seen on the face of any woman
Neither the origin of thy irresistible smiles traced to any human,
The radiance of thy smiles outshines the shining pride of the sun;
Thy refin'd personality a rare gem causes every imagination to run.

A fountain of beauty upon whose elegance the sun refuses to shine,
There canne'er be found any symbol of priceless beauty aside thee;
Of a truth, thou art a rare treasure for whose heart I'll go extra mile;
My Arabian goddess, for thy sake I'll forsake the world to be with thee.

Thy beauty is second to none for thou art more beautiful than the universe,
I'll treasure thee until the ocean dries up, for with thee I'll grow old;
My Arabian goddess, for thy smiles I'll cause time to make a reverse,
Until my dying breathe, I'll treasure thy person, till the ocean folds.

Thou art so precious a treasure, whose beauty glows with honour and pride,
An epitome of beauty, whose beauty is without comparison a rare Berry,
Thy rhythmic voice a sonorous lyric makes me glued to thy side
For thou art sweeter than honey and more succulent than berry.

My Arabian goddess, until the end of time, I'll forever love you best,
I'll love thee, till the river jumps over the mountains, with thee I'll boast my Pride;
Ne'er will I stop loving thee, for I'll be sure to love thee to thy taste,
Of a truth, thy beauty glitters more than gold, with thee I'll make my Bride.

1.9k · Nov 2013
Queen Of Modesty
Valentine Mbagu Nov 2013
The epitome of beauty in whose appearance the heavens adore.
The symbol of purity in whose eyes the star's adorn.

The pride of nations in whose eyes kings are restless.
The fountain of beauty in whose face queens are motionless.

The manure of plants in whose smiles the grains mature.
The rose of flowers in whose miles the brains restore.

Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
In the multitude of counsellors; safety abounds,
ln the multitude of enemies as counsellors;
deceit abounds.
Counsellors whose heart studieth destruction with lips uttering mischief;
Enemies clothed with sheep clothings as friends;
Friends whose tongues uttereth words born in deception.
Counsellors whose mouth darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge;
Enemies made counsellors whose looks appeareth friendly,
Friends whose mouth draweth iniquity by cords of vanity.
Counsellors who utter counsels coated in corruption,
Friends whose mouth worseneth counsel by words without wisdom;
Enemies whose heart pondereth in destruction.
Counsellors whose counsel are coiled in deception,
Friends who by multitudes of words cause you to err;
Enemies whose mouth captivate tender hearts.
Counsellors whose counsel destroy the paths of relationships,
Friends whose conceit counsel to death;
Enemies being enslaved seek to enslave others.
Believe not every counsel neither inculcate every word,
........... They destroy the heart..........
Believe not every friend neither heed to multitudes of words,
........... They enslave the soul............
Believe not every counsellor neither seek counsels from multitudes;
.......... They captive the mind...........
Which counsel shall we inculcate?
Which counsellors shall we believe?
Which counsellors shall we seek?
Inculcate counsels proved by love,
Believe counsellors whose counsel are weighed by truth and peace;
Seek counsellors whose counsel are words of life.
Who shall our counsellors be?
Let counsellors who are genuine and experienced be our guide;
Let counsellors who are higher and honest be our refuge.
Hope you find counsellors whose counsels are candid;
lt takes honest counsellors to ensure your safety.
1.7k · Aug 2013
Redeeming The Time
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2013
The understanding of the stewardship of time calls attention to the accountability of time.
The knowledge of time management promotes the accomplishment of God's purpose for man.
The understanding of the time enhances the fulfillment of life ambitions on earth.

Learn to number the days while applying the heart unto knowledge;
knowing any time wasted cannot be regained.
Redeeming the time demands the knowledge of time management,
acknowledging the fact that the time is short.
Understanding the time curbs procastination in every area of life;
knowing that procastination is the killer of destinies.

Be accountable for the time spent with the understanding we cannot turn back the hands of time.
Be conscious of the time spent with the knowledge that time is man's greatest treasure.
Beware of the time spent with the knowledge that time waits for no man.

Let us seek to understand the time while applying the heart unto knowledge.
Let us strive to redeem the time knowing the days are evil.
Let us struggle to fulfil the time while our mission on earth lasts.

Who then can understand the time,
knowing every minute counts.
Who then can redeem the time,
knowing the days are evil.
Who then can fulfil the time,
knowing we are governed by time.

He that acknowledges the time can understand the time.
He that understands the seasons can redeem the time.
He that comprehends the mystery of time can fulfil the time.

Let him that seek to understand the time,
seek the counsel of counsellors.
Let him that seek to redeem the time,
strive to understand God's purpose for man.
Let him that seek to acknowledge the time,
Struggle to heed the principles of time.

What then is the reward for understanding the time?
What then is the reward for redeeming the time?
What then is the reward for fulfilling the time?

He that understands the time will accomplish God's purpose for man.
He that redeems the time will make a difference in his world.
He that acknowledges the time will achieve life ambitions on earth.

Hope you find time out of every time,
knowing we all seek to redeem the time.

Time is a Treasure not a Leisure.
1.6k · Aug 2013
Power Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2013
I never taught true love really existed,
until the first day l set my eyes on you.
My heart stopped beating for a moment,
my attention suddenly turned towards your direction;
though l didn't speak to you but knew within me that,
that missing part of me that makes me complete has been found.

I tried to concentrate but failed to get my eyes off you,
then l was convinced that my missing rib has been found;
knowing fully well that we have a great destination together.
I walked away hoping that destiny will bring us together again,
though passionately admired your personality and beauty from afar;
believing that nature has it's own way of fulfilling destinies.

The moment you appeared before me again,
there arose a special feeling of love and happiness never experienced before.
When I followed the stars of heaven,
they brought me to you knowing we are created for each other to be together.
Then l knew we had a special bond,
for my heart acknowledged you as the chosen one.

I was convinced to speak to you despite inner resistance.
You prompted a love word out of my mouth,
even when l knew that l couldn't your smiles drew me closer and made me speak.
Your character and charisma drawned me into loving you,
then l knew the moment of love had finally come.

As l talked with you,
l discovered a divine personality with character and charisma.
As l thought of you,
l discovered my friend.
As l came closer,
l discovered my missing rib.
As l walked with you,
l discovered my wife.

Besides my weakness your smiles gave me strength,
knowing my heart was strong with you.
I knew my heart has found a place with you,
a place of solace and love unexplained;
l now give you my heart for my spirit agrees with you.

I was taken by your smiles which soon became my light in darkness.
You came into my life and quenched my fears with your character.
Your voice is all l hear when thinking about you.
I watch your memories like movies in my dream.
Your glorious face beaming with smiles runs through my mind all day.

The memories of your character and charisma gave me hope for our future.
The thought of your personality sealed my admiration for you from the moment we talked;
for my feelings of loneliness were erased by your smiles.

When you are close to me,
my worries are forgotten for your voice provides me with scrumptious meal.
Your voice alone captivates the inner spirit of my heart,
transforming it into the realm of love.
Your voice is the highest form of magic,
it's spell captivates every attention.
You are a full moon shinning through the cloudy night sky,
which glitters like the stars of heaven.
You are a priceless treasure worth contesting for.

I have never experienced such intense feelings l have for you before.
I searched for love and discovered you as the best among the rest.
At the gaze of your beauty nations pause to behold your glory;
even the hands of time stop in honour of your beauty.

In the dark cloudy night,
your love brightens my day.
With you there is nothing to resist knowing your love drawns me to your heart.
My thoughts of you are like rain drops on flower,
which waters the roses and the flowers of heaven.
My thoughts of you are like a rainbow in a splashing waterfall,
which runs down the centre of the ocean.

Grant me the honour of being my wife,
so we can live together forever as lovers created for each other.
1.5k · Oct 2013
Groan To Glory
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
ln a world where challenges and chaos  sweeps my day to night,
there will l groan to glory in grace and ache.

In a time where struggles and grudges of  life mourns my sorrow to death,
there will l groan to glory in shame and  suffering.

In a season where pains and strains of fears cause me to rain down tears,
there will l groan to glory in my tears of agony and shame.

In a period where loneliness and dilemma  expands my heart with sorrow,
there will l groan in glory to drink the wine  of suffering and eat the meal of shame.

In a moment where shame becomes my  meal and sufferings my meat,
there will l groan to glory in my tough  moments and hardship.

At the foot of sorrow, there will l groan to  glory in my shame and suffering.
At the root of shame, there will l groan to  glory in my pains and tears.
At the heel of tears, there will l groan to  glory in my loneliness and aloneness.
At the hill of pains, there will l groan to glory  in my struggles and grudges.

In the day when life becomes too hot to  face,
and my grief seems so tough to bear;
there will l groan to glory in pains and tears,
until my groans becomes my glory and l  groan to glory.
1.5k · Sep 2016
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2016
What guile is this, that the Inventor of Change is cruel,
He invests not his ears on the sweat of the poor and helpless;
Like a tyrant, he feeds sweet tears to ants for a gruel,
Is he not guilty of false hope of Change to the hopeless?

How is it that he's different from his own self
In that he considers not the interest of the termites,
And being voted in by ants, is now a Mighty elf;
Is he not deceptive in his honest dealings with termites?

We must change the CHANGE, for cunning is his agenda,
Henceforth, must we not be enslaved in his guileful net
In that he entrapped the poor ants to enrich his blender,
Out of his duplicity, must we by all means be fret.

Folly it was, that he promised us as Change
To covet beacons of wealth, from the hopeless ants,
Is he not guilty of prophesying false prophesies of Change?
We must Change the CHANGE for the safety of the helpless ants.

He pledged Change, but chained the CHANGE, and left us hopeless,
Is he not guilty of duplicity, and sabotage of the nation's economy?
None of his agenda was in the interest of the poor and helpless;
We must Change the CHANGE, for CHANGE threatens the economy.
1.4k · Oct 2013
Poetic Capsule
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
MOSQUE has 6 letters so
does CHURCH.

QURAN has 5 letters so
does BIBLE.

LIFE has 4 letters so does

HATE has 4 letters so
does LOVE.

ENEMIES has 7 letters so

LYING has 5 letters so
does TRUTH.

HURT has 4 letters so
does HEAL.

NEGATIVE has 8 letters so

FAILURE has 7 letters so

BELOW has 5 letters so does ABOVE.

CRY has 3 letters so does

ANGER has 5 letters so
does HAPPY.

RIGHT has 5 letters so
does WRONG.

RICH has 4 letters so
does POOR.

FAIL has 4 letters so
does PASS.  

KNOWLEDGE has 9 letters
so does IGNORANCE.

Are they all by a

WE should choose wisely,
this means Life is like a double-
edged sword.

WE should always choose
the better side of Life.

1.3k · Oct 2013
Battle For Mantle
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
ln the realm of the spirit exsits the strongest form of battle
a battle only mantle can conquer.

In the realm of the Spirtual exists the greatest form of battle,
a mantle that attracts a battle.

Let the mantle carrier fortify himself for battle
a battle only won by mantle.
It superceeds other battles.

Every mantle attracts a battle,
therefore seek to attack than defend.
The anointing from the mantle attracts resistance from the adversery.

Never give up your mantle for the battle,
knowing your conviction is your condition.
1.3k · Sep 2013
September To Remember
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2013
The month of perfection has come for the sons and daughters of zion to possess their possession,
with the understanding that September is a month like no other month to remember in the history of histories for those who believe in the word of the lord.
The month of fulfilment has come for the children and people of God to possess and inherit the land whereon their feet have trodden upon,
with the knowledge that September is a month like no other month to remember in the season of seasons for God's promises to be fulfilled in the lives of those that wait upon him.
The month of harvest has come for the righteous and faithful people of God to reap and enjoy the fruit of their labour,
with the awareness that September is a month like no other month to remember in the memory of memories for those who believe that the land is bountifully ripe for harvest and truely plentious for conquest.

The month of liberation has come for the captives in captivity to become captains of the captors in the land of captivity,
knowing that the Captain of captians have ascended on high and led captivity captive.
The month of visitation has come for the windows and doors of heaven to open unto them that are expectant of Divine favour, blessings and visitation,
knowing that the presence and power of God is presently present to present to those who are presently present, presents that are presents from above.
The month of dominion has come for the diligent and dedicated David's and Deborah's of this generation to dominate and have dominion over the nobles among the people and forces of the earth,
knowing that God have given us power and authority over the earth to dominate and have dominion over the high and the mighty.

The month of establishment has come for the prudent and pure ones in heart to see God undertaking and establishing his promises in their lives,
with the understanding that God is not unfaithful to forget all our labour and works of righteousness and service to his kingdom.
The month of manifestation has come for the sons and daughters of zion to be Divinely empowered for the manifestation of God's glory on earth,
with the knowledge that the earth and all that dwell in it is the lord's and the fullness thereof.

The month of remembrance has come for the book of remembrance to be opened for the obedient and commited ones to be celebrated by heaven,
with the awareness that God have separated the month of September to remember those that serve and call upon him with a pure heart.
This is September to Remember.
1.3k · Aug 2013
The Hour Of Marriage
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2013
The hour comes when you dream for marriage,
The hour when destiny calls the future to fulfilment;
The hour when nature requires you to settle down.

The hour when singles seek companionship,
The hour when you are ready for marriage;
The hour when nature calls for marriage.

The hour when someone out there seeks your hand in marriage,
The hour when someone awaits your appearance;
The hour when someone designed for you calls your attention to marriage.

The hour when you believe to find your missing rib,
that part of you that makes you fulfilled;
The hour when you wait and hope for marriage;
The hour when you find that missing part of you that makes you complete.

Beware, many will come in disguise for marriage;
But be not deceived by multitude of flatteries and gifts;
wait for the hour of marriage.

The hour when past is revealed before a relationship;
The hour when nothing is hidden in a relationship;
The hour when you still love each other despite past lives;
With the understanding that life is surrounded by past adventures.

Trust in the word of God for marriage,
Hope in the call of nature for relationship; and
Believe in the one destined for you by God.
Each step taken brings you closer to that special one.
Someone who awaits you just as you await him/her.

Someone who will never wish to see you in tears, or
bear to see you travail in pains and sorrow;
Someone who will understand every path you tread;
Someone you may not know but believe is out there waiting for you;
and longing for the hour of marriage.

Someone who believe in integrity and honour of the body,
and not defilement of the body before marriage.
Someone who believes in the law of marriage;
........ the law which states that ......
Marriage is honourable in all,
above all in a bed undefiled.

Someone who seeks to live for love to marriage,
when the appointed time comes;
Someone who believe that destiny will bring you both together,
when ready to meet each other.
Someone you believe can feel your heart beat as you can feel their's.

Someone whose part of you are and your part they are.
Someone who comes to take away the pains and sorrows of wrong relationships and past lives.
Someone whose heart seeks to build your's.
Someone whose character and charisma seeks your integrity and dignity.

...... Before the hour of marriage .....
Strive to make full proof of life ambitions,
Seek self asset not self liability.
Determine to accomplish your vision for life's mission with passion.
Then seek the hour of marriage and relationship.

The man must strive to acquire wealth before thinking of marriage,
the woman must endeavour to adorn herself in dignity and integrity.

The man must seek to understand the mystery of marriage before venturing into it.
The woman must be willing to submit and humble herself before the man.

Let love not lust lead to marriage.
Let character and charisma constitute a creed for marriage.
Marriage built in love and understanding will blossom forever.
Wait for the hour of marriage for it guarantees happiness forever in marriage.
1.2k · Mar 2016
The Crying Blood
Valentine Mbagu Mar 2016
Child, your cry reminds me of my pain
So intense, fruitless and without any gain,
In my mother's womb, I bled my last
Memories of me aborted angers me to lambaste.

I hoped to taste the joy of being born
And caressed like any other child's horn,
But mother did you ever love this child
To have denied him access to your guide?

Hope you gave me when you thought to bare this child
Little wonder I choose a mother like you as my guide,
What then went wrong to have my blood shed?
So innocent a child you gave me no chance to be loved.

On you alone, I placed all my hope and trust
In your womb I thought to avoid rust,
But mother did you hate me that much your own son
To have a harmless child suffer the scorch of abortion?

Mother, you gave me no reason for my crime
To have loved and chosen a mother like mine,
With your hands you murdered your own blood
Oh mother, why the cruelty on this child whom you never did curd?
Man's inhumanity to man
1.1k · Sep 2016
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2016
On this soil where grows struggle, I hawk my sweat,
Investing my sufferings on the stench of wretchedness;
Can these green leaves bring me beacons of wealth?
I'd build my hope on the ants and termites from this train,
Its train track attracts multitude of bees with honey;
Aside this soil full of thorns, I've no other place to hawk my sweat.

Is there any hope for hope, when I am stripped of my gain by tax locusts?
All my hope is invested in the honey of bees who buy my sweat,
I fear not the tempting sun, for her smiles has become my hope;
But how can I survive the scorching economy, when I barely earn?
Even the spot on which I tread my sweat, is become an empty sea,
Aside this spot where the rain molests me, I've no hope of survival.

Beside this rusty train, where hunger steals the day, I hawk my sweat,
If I don't pressure my struggles, how can I survive the rainy days?
The sun feasts on me, cause I made her the hope of my gain,
No matter how hard I am molested, I'll never give up on my hope;
Though I hawk my sweat for living, I'll never forget my dreams,
Aside this raggy soil, where suffering is bred, I've no hope of survival.

Can I really continue hoping on hope, for not even my profit is fair,
The bees who bred honey on my sweat are now richly penniless;
Is there still hope left, as I tirelessly tread my hawking sweat?
The burden of life rests on my shoulders, for I must struggle to live,
Despite all my investment in suffering, I still can't save a penny;
Aside this soil, where I hawk my cheap sweat, I've no hope of living.

On this hardened soil where hardship is sweet, I hawk my sweat,
If I invest in my thoughts of trashing my retired cheap items,
How then will I survive the night when hungers knocks at my door?
Though I'm hawking my sweat, but I can't even feed my mouth,
Despite all my investment in suffering, I still can barely survive,
Is there still hope for me, as I solely depend on hawking my sweat?
1.0k · Oct 2013
Struggle For Mantle
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
Where the eagle of mantle flies,
there the struggle for mantle l will battle.

Where the battle for mantle rages,
there the struggle for mantle l will battle.

Where the wine of battle drops,
there l will dine to struggle for mantle.

Where the yeast of battle erupts,
there l will feast to struggle for mantle.

Where the groans of unction to function lingers,
there l will be eager to struggle for the drone of mantle.

At the mountain of struggle for mantle,
there l will mount my fountain for battle.
At the ankle of struggle for mantle,
there l will hum my anthem for battle.
At the sickle of battle for mantle,
there l will hunt my struggle for mantle.

On that day when l dangle for the paddle of mantle,
Still l will struggle to battle for mantle.

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1.0k · Oct 2013
October To Recover
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
There at the eve where October planned her suicide,
l embraced praise and worship hoping to recover all that was lost over the years.

There at the gloom where October groaned to dethrone her grains,
l burned my candle hooting to recover the bloom of my dream.

There at the throne where October struggled to end her rule for the year,
l waited to build my drone for the fears ahead.

There at the nest where October decided to rest her neck,
l ragged to set my quest for the task ahead.

There at the mountain where October feed on fears and drank the tears of distress,
l mounted my fountain of hope and coat ahead.

There at the garden of flowers where October watered her field for the last time,
l planted my seeds of expectation and desires.

There at the season where October reasoned the purpose of her living,
l hallowed the Lord in the eve of halloween.

There at the moment of moments where the fate of October was to be determined,
l pleaded to have the grace to embrace November.

1.0k · Jul 2013
Epitome Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
Loving begins with a lover,
a dishonourable person cannot love.
Like hunting which cannot be done by just any hunter,
loving requires ability;
like fruit for the fruit seeker.
......loving begins with a lover.....
So give the lover another option to love.
Love requires intellect just like success requires intellect. with passion and not illusion...
When you love, guide your heart with deligience so you be not heartbroken.
The hearts of many have been broken by love,
while the hearts of some have been made whole by love.
Love not to break the heart,
but love to build the heart.
When you love, don't only love;
but love with care.
Love with love and with faith;
that your love be not abased.
Love not for wealth,
for it fades away.
Love not for appearance,
for it's deceptive.
When you love,
love for love,
love for character;
love for charisma.
Love for personality,
not for mediocrity.
Love is a mystery
1.0k · Jul 2013
Moment Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
The moment comes when you dream for love,
The moment when the present calls the future to fulfilment;
The moment when the future draws nearer.
The moment when love seeks companion,
The moment when you are ready to love;
The moment when life calls for love.
The moment when someone out there seeks your love,
The moment when someone awaits your appearance;
The moment when someone designed for you calls for your love.
The moment when you believe to find your missing rib,
The moment when you wait and feel love ahead;
The moment when you find that missing part of you that makes you complete.
many will come in disguise to love;
be not deceived by multitude of flatteries;
wait for the moment of love.
The moment when past is revealed before relationship,
The moment when nothing is hidden ina relationship;
The moment when you still love each other despite past lives;
With the knowledge that life is surrounded by past adventures.
Trust in the moment of love,
Hope in the call of the future; and
Believe in the one destined for you.
Someone who will never wish to see you in tears, or
bear to see you travail in pains and sorrow.
Someone who will understand every path you tread.
Someone you know not but believe is out there waiting for you; and
longing for your love.
Someone who awaits you just as you await him/her,
Each step taken brings that someone closer to you.
Someone who believes in integrity and honour of the body, not
defilement of the body before marriage.
Someone who believes in relationship to marriage,
someone who believes in the law of marriage,
......the law which states that.....
Marriage is honourable in all,
above all in a bed undefiled.
Someone who seeks to live for love to marriage,
when the appointed time comes;
Someone who believe that destiny will bring you both together,
when ready to meet each other.
Someone you believe can feel your heartbeat as you can feel their's.
Someone whose part of, you are and your part they are.
Someone who comes to take away the pains and memories of wrong relationships and past lives.
Someone whose heart seeks to build your's,
Someone whose character and charisma seeks your integrity and dignity.
....Before the moment of love....
Strive to make full proof of life ambitions,
Seek self asset not self liability;
Determine to accomplish your vision forlife's mission with passion.
Then seek the moment of love and relationship.
Let character and charisma build your honour and dignity.
Believe in the moment of love that moment of fulfilment.
The moment when you are sort after for your virtuous character.
997 · Oct 2013
Adieu Papa
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
The Brave Lion has be deprived the pride of His bride in the jungle of life.
The Mighty Tree has been hewned down by the dreeded wind of death.

Night has swallowed morning in the broad day light.
Darkness has hollowed light in the noon day harshness.

The white sheep of the family has been stained by the dirt of death.
The Papa of the house has been poisened by the serpent of death.

The Mighty Elephant has fallen at the might of death.
The Father Whale has left the shores of life to the sore land beyond.

The journey of life has been shortened by the castle of death.
The Burden Bearer has been denied his load by the rabble of death.

I know it is a journey of no return,
but live well with the glorious beings.
When you get to the road full of loads,
Salute the dwellers of the road and there drop your load.

The heat of the one who brought me into this world, and made me who l am.
Your thought will forever remain green in my memory.

Oh! Death!
Is it because you have no Pride (father) that you deprived me of my Pride?
Tell me.
Is it because you have no Bride that you denied father the Pride of his Bride?

Oh! Father!
Will you ever come back to enjoy the Pride of your Bride?

This poem is written with pains and tears of sorrow for the lose of my Pride.

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996 · Jul 2013
Throne Of Mercy
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
the throne of mercy.
Oh that l be shown mercy.
the throne of grace.
Oh that l obtain mercy.
Worthy of death am l,
but have mercy lord.
Grant me help for l am undone.
Your words have l forsaken.
Your presence have l deserted.
My unbelief speaks against me.
My words have condemned me.
Let the throne of mercy be opened to my access.
Let mercy fall upon me like rain.
My heart is far removed from thee.
condemn me for l am iniquitious,
the spell of sin has engulfed me.
Judge me for l am guilty.
Turn against me for my sins are heavy.
Cast me from your presence for l am filthy.
Lord, but
where do l go from your presence?
Who will wash my sins away?
Who will grant a wretched soul like mine mercy?
Who will show me mercy?
If not you lord.
Grant me access to your throne.
Forgive my transgression.
Cleanse my iniquity.
Rescue my perishing soul.
Help my unbelief.
I've wondered far from thee,
Now l return;
cast me not away.
I've come to my senses,
open the heavens for me,
l am taken in sin.
My soul is captivated in sin,
my feet engulfed in iniquity.
have mercy.
I have come to the throne of your mercy,
deny me not;
but grant me mercy.
Let us come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and help in times of need.
991 · Jul 2016
Is This Change?
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2016
Thou Messiah preaching Change, art thou true to thy words? 
Fighting bribery and corruption yet with cheap sentiments, 
Judgeth thou not thy biased - honest actions to be corrupt? 
Thou that prophesied an economy of sweet change,
How is it that thou considereth not the masses interest? 
Inventor of Change, thy prophesied words art without works; 
Even thy supporters yearn in regret for voting thee in.
Is this the change that thou for long prophesied? 
I yawn tears for the future of Nigeria and her unborn child. 
Thou art trusted to be the man after the peoples heart
And loved by all cause of thy prophesies of change,
But how be it that thou art different from thine own self?

Savior of the people, why art thou adamant to the peoples cry? 
Thy poisonous deeds have caused much great pain and suffering, 
Why not invest thy ears on the sweat of the poor and helpless?
Did ye deceive the ants and termites that voted thee in to save them? 
Remember thou thy words and promises made before being elected. 
Thou surrounds thyself with chameleons occupying seats of filtered ambitions,
Woe betide thee for thy conscience have refused to judge thee. 
Art thou not guilty of prophesying false prophesies of change? 
Thou that killeth the rosy wealth of the nation's pride,
Why doth thou not consider the sufferings of the poor ants? 
I mourn for the bitter death of the nation's sweet economy.
Savior of the people, why art thou so heartless a Messiah?

Howbeit in thy regime, hunger and suffering is the income of ants?
The marketplace has become an ocean of expensive - cheap items,
Cost of petrol waxing hot and higher amidst the harsh economy; 
Savior was thy coming to destroy or redeem the helpless ants?
Thou promised hope to educated ants and graduated termites, 
Yet not an iota of thy prophesied promises or words art come to pass; 
Chancellor of Change, judge it if thou art true to thine own self.
Thou that prophesied promises, howbeit thy words art not fulfilled?
Mind thee the poor ants and termites voted thee in to save them,
Messiah did ye deceive the ants with thy deceptive - genuine lies?
Savior thy heresies has become a poisonous venom to the poor,
Wilt thou not resign seeing thou be not true to thine own words?
899 · Jul 2013
The Glory Of Heaven
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
The glory of heaven fills my heart,
a heaven of heavens;
The glory of all glories.
A city whose builder and maker is jehovah.
A home filled with treasure of treasures.
A kingdom whose gates and stones are made of gold.
A palace where flowers dwell in glory.
A city where neither pain nor sorrow exists.
A glory not compared to the things of this world.
A city of all valuables.
A refinery where the spirit of man is refined in the glory of God.
Who can ascend into the hill of the lord and access his glory?
Who can stand in his holy palace and feel his glory?
He that have a clean and pure heart.
He whose hands are not soiled in evil.
He that speaks no guile with his mouth.
He whom the lord inputeth no iniquity.
He whose soul is not lifted up in vain glory.
a city so wounderful,
a home of other homes,
a palace from which palace are born.
Let the glory of his kingdom engulf me, and
grant me entrance to it's beauties.
Until then,
when there shall be no more earth.
When all that matters now matters no more;
the glory of this kingdom shall preserve me,
keep me blameless until his coming;
when his glory shall shine upon me,
l be lifted up above the sky.
831 · Aug 2015
Love Her Till Death
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2015
In loving her for whose heart my heart beats, I let go
An empire with her, I dream not to build without wealth,
I let go of my feelings, seeing I can't prove my love for her to glow
What future awaits her with me, I can't bear the sight of her living in dirt.

I long to groom with her a happy home, filled with the riches and treasures of this world
The mother of my kids I dreamed of her, but what future without wealth awaits her?
These thoughts came to me, as I let go my feelings without a word
Away I go to seek wealth, such riches and treasures to make me worthy of her.

Another found her, he my rival; his love bred riches and wealth
Her affection he soon gained, a brighter future she dreamed of,
To her whose affection you gained, I hope you love her till death
Caress her with care, cheat not nor break her heart; this I ask you of.

My love I sacrifice, seeing I can't bear to see her in need
Her happiness always I wish for, also that you stand by her and love her till the end,
Though I can't be with her, my heart will be merry if she lacks nothing good
This be my request that till eternity, you love and be her true friend.

Shower on her love, with such riches without measure I hope you give her
Build with her an empire filled with the riches and treasures of wealth,
If it be that I return someday having acquired riches and wealth, I still hope to prove my love to her
Until then, who knows when; I hope that you love her till death.
798 · Jul 2013
Pains Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
It hurts to love and not be loved in return.
lt hurts more to love and never find the courage to express your feelings.
Love hurts when you remove the feeling, passion and romance in a relationship,
yet discover you still care for that person.
It hurts more when someone loved is needed,
someone who means a lot;
someone who matters most.
Only to discover that you were never meant for each other;
and you've to let go.
At the closure of the door of happiness,
another opens.
Though often we tarry at the closed doors;
that we don't see the one opened for us.
The best love of friends is the one you'll be with,
never say a word;
then walk away feeling the best conversation ever.
We don't know what love we're missing until it arrives.
Giving someone all your love
is never an assurance of love in return,
let love grow in their heart;
though it doesn't.
Be content it grew in yours.
There abounds words you love to hear,
never would hear them from the person you expected.
Be not deaf never to hear those words,
from the one who says it from their heart.
Never say goodbye,
if you can still try.
Never give up,
if you can still go on.
Love comes to those who still hope,
though were disappointed.
To those who still believe,
though were betrayed.
To those who still need to love,
though were hurt before.
To those who have courage and faith to build trust and relationship again.
It takes a minute to get a crush on someone.
An hour to like someone.
A day to love someone,
it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Don't go for looks,
they can deceive.
Don't go for wealth,
it fades away.
Don't go for fame,
it passes with time.
Go for character and charisma,
go for content not container,
go for love not lust.
Go for quality not quantity.
Go for someone who makes you smile,
it takes a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
Go for someone who values you,
who makes you feel secured.
Hope you find that someone that makes you smile.
It is not always every one you love that you would be with, maybe becuase you are not designed for each other.
Nevertheless,keep believing in love.
759 · Aug 2013
The Gifted One
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2013
Nothing is found except it is hidden,
nothing is hidden except it is a secret;
nothing is a secret except it is a treasure.

In me lives an unveiled waiting gifts,
the gifts that makes me gifted.
In me lies an awaiting voice to be heard.

.......wisdom for seekers of light.....
........light to those in darkness......
My potentials awaits to shine like a light on a dark world.

I seek me a quest for me,
l seek to discover me for me;
and my being.
The quest for me never ends,
until my light shines in darkness;
the search for me continues,
until l am discovered.

With a heart of anticipation will l look beyond the present.
Better to die searching than to live undiscovered,
or defeated.

Till then when my gitfs are made manifest,
when l shall shine brighter than the stars,
my gifts and ambition shall guide me.
My passion and faith shall keep me,
until my talents are manifested.

I continue my quest for the gifts hidden to be unveiled.
l am the Gifted One.
747 · Oct 2013
Fight My Battle
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
There where difficulty erupts like a volcano,
l will seek solace in God my Creator.

There where the sorrow and horror of life meets in a border,
l will seek refuge in God my warrior.

There where loneliness becomes my food and cragginess my mood,
l will seek companion with God my anchor.

There where the struggles and grudges of life giggles me to my face,
l will embrace the grace to praise my God.

There where the pains of life cause me to rain down tears,
l will groan to praise my Maker.

There where tears becomes my drink and fears my sting,
l will trust and hope in God.

At the foot of worries,
He will console and walk in me.
At the soot of sorrows,
He will uphold and walk with me.
At the mud of mourning,
He will comfort and walk through me.
At the venyard of life,
He will water and work for me.
At the vage of rage,
He will throne and walk around me.

There where all hope is lost and my enemies compass me in battle,
He will defend and fight for my freedom in battle.

724 · Jul 2015
Your Beauty A Spell
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2015
From a distance, your beauty a spell captivated my eyes
A slave became I to you, as I starred at your charming a humble eyes,
An epitome of a flawless goddess, oh my silence unheard calls for your presence
My longing a heart aches at the days of your absence.

Words could not my mouth speak, thus my pen became my voice
At the rise and set of the day, memories of your smiles made my lonely a heart rejoice,
Be-holding the sun and rain, thoughts of you runs through my mind
Seeing the cloud change, reminds me of your personality a special kind.

On that day when I first saw you, my heart melted as I starred at your elegance a fragrance
My eyes glued to your beauty, thus your beaming a smile became glorious a radiance,
Your beauty a rare gem sort my tender arms to embrace
An emblem of purity, your beauty glittered as I gazed upon thy face.

In my heart will you forever be engraved, as I hunger  for your affection
My restless thoughts longs for your unwavering attention,
An ecstasy was my feeling when my friendship you accepted
Your radiant beauty my idol, oh my heart your smiles makes affected.

Lost in the spell of your elegance, I longed for your fragrance all day
More than any fragrant, your beauty a fragrance became the perfume I spray,
Your voice so tender stirred up the ocean of my heart
Enslaved by your beauty, my heart wished to cross always your path.

I long for the day of our union, when upon the altar we shall stand
Then with ecstasy, I shall put my golden a ring on your hand,
Forever till eternity, shall we in harmony live together as one
Until then, I wait for you as I cherish your existence like none.
719 · Dec 2014
Best Wishes My Love
Valentine Mbagu Dec 2014
Tears like raindrops falling down my eyes
As the thoughts of your memories flow,
A day without you causes more cold than ice
As the longing of you falls like dew in snow.

Our love calls out for each other in the wind
It forms the cloud and the air we breath,
I look at you from afar in my mind
You whose love ask never to be forgotten till death.

My tears, my sad memories forms the rain in the sky
My love whose love l miss,
I draw your memories from afar and near-by,
Thoughts of you makes me live in pain like this.

A day lived without you causes more sadness than pain
It's hard that your absence hurts me again,
As l draw your memories from afar and near-by
My tears, my sadness forms the rain in the sky.

I always draw your memories from afar and near-by
Your absence felt forms rain in the sky,
My love whom l miss
Yet again l live in pain like this.

Though it hurts, though it's sad; l think of you whom l miss
I always draw your memories from afar and near-by again,
Yet again I live in pain like this
Again today and again, I live in pain.
711 · Oct 2013
My Valentine
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
Night is falling
My heart is calling,
I feel so lonely;
And l need you only.

But l have got a teddy
To take to the bed,
If you would be my valentine;
Then l will take you all.

Love is the greatest gift
lt never age's or fade's,
lt never die's or crie's.

Though it may need prove,
On the count of faith and trust;
It covers all else and matters best.
641 · Sep 2016
Valentine Mbagu Sep 2016
To whom do I liken thee, oh god of gods: William Shakespeare,
Art thou not an immortal god or an incarnate of a spirit being?
Howbeit thy sepulcher, is but an idol, kept sacr'd by all human?
Of a truth, thy wisdom is greater than the wisdom of gods.

Whereupon thy plaque of wisdom, do I invest my foolishness?
I'll treasure thee until the ocean is fold'd and hung up to dry:
Thou art a monument without a tomb, yet art fore'er alive in history,
If I can but fit into thy beard, only then will I be fit to wed myself.

Shakespeare, art thou a supernatural god or an immortal creature?
Howbeit thy enchanting quill doth live, in spite of death, and cannot die?
Thy historic writings I'll idolize, for to thy muse, I am confess'd,
To whom do I liken thee, thou wittiest of all Socrates, if not but a god.

To thy legacies I am confess'd, for thy pen is worth more than gold,
Thou art the enigma of all times, none can exist thus like thee:
The Gigantic Ink that paint'd the pages of history with a historic Art;
Sage, thou art a historic page whose duplicate canne'er be produc'd.

Beneath thy tomb lies an Art, which neither man nor nature can ever forget,
Thou was not for an age, but all time, for nature herself boast'd of thee;
Mellifluous Shakespeare, thy historic impacts makes the silent grave arous'd,
Thou the wittiest sage of all times, whose name doth deck history.

To whom do I liken thee, thou Sweet Swan of Avon, William Shakespeare,
Thou art the Idol of all sages who flights upon the river of Thames,
Shakespeare, thou art the wittiest of all Socrates, whose muse cannot be tam'd,
Of a truth, thou art a historic sage whose name history canne'er forget.
637 · Oct 2013
Love And Loneliness
Valentine Mbagu Oct 2013
I feel pain in my heart
My mind suffers in silence.

My soul seeks loneliness and longing,
longing for acceptance.

I detest torontoism and cavalier arrogance,
nor do l want theory of reasons.

All l want is a crystal clear of love
Because l have chosen loneliness.

Since it is the best of you
that l have around.

I battle with love and loneliness.
570 · Jul 2013
The Glory Restored
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
My friends cast me out,
my loved ones despise me,
my heart is grieved in me.
will you also cast me out?
Will you also despise me?
Will you also grieve my heart?
My soul is burdened and my heart broken,
l am a wretched sinner,
No one to speak on my behalf.
I am swallowed up in iniquity.
....cast me out and am doomed forever,
....despise me and am lost forever,
....forsake me and am bound forever.
Show me love and compassion,
have mercy and restore my days,
that my soul may rejoice again.
Plead my cause with the trinity,
and restore me back.
Let your glory engulf me,
Let me abide under your shadow,
Let me dwell in your presence.
Restore back your glory in me,
Renew your spirit within me,
Restore the joy of my salvation.
Exalt my horn like a unicorn,
Anoint my head with fresh oil,
Flourish me like the palm tree,
Plant in me a new heart.
Let my meditation be accepted.
Let my soul be glad in you.
Pour your spirit upon me.
Bring your glory down.
Let me rejoice in your presence.
The Glory Restored.
546 · Jul 2013
Commissioned Life
Valentine Mbagu Jul 2013
Father,grant me a clearer vision of my mission,
To you, the world and my nation;
That there be no omission.

My life thus commissioned,
With full submission,
Paying full attention.
Defying all obstructions.
Ambitions, passions and obessions,
May be to your glorification.
To others an inspiration,
And all through generations;
Worthy to be mentioned.

And in all entirety,
Ensure that l a celebrity;
Do not sink into oblivion,
And die a nonentity.
But from obscurity,
Like sunrise;
Shine unto eternity.
529 · Dec 2014
City Of Love
Valentine Mbagu Dec 2014
Here breaths Paris the city of love
A citadel that protects the love of many a lovers heart,
An ancient tower standing tall like the heavens above
A city that bonds together lovers heart never to part.

A beautiful city that dresses the bed of couples honeymoon
A honeycomb that attracts the heart of many a lovers taste,
An oak that shows forth her beauty like the beam of bloom
A city of grandeur that nurtures lovers heart to her best.

A city that retains her honour as the heart of lovers den
A land of love spiced with romance, soaring her fame to the heavens and skies,
A nation that forms the desires of many a heart every now and then
An un-wavering city that pampers the face of lovers heart with smiles.

A city that is as beautiful as herself the city of light
A tower whose arms forms the comfort city of many a lovers heart,
A legendary city that holds the breathe of lovers heart so tight
An empress whose beauty waters the isles of lovers path.

A citadel of light that is as bright as the morning sun
A city that leaves the legacy of love to her offsprings un-born,
A magnificent tower that causes every travellers imagination to run
A volcano that erupts the love skills of many a heart to storm.

It's Paris the legendary city of love
A city that forms the base of love amongst all cities,
A beautiful empress whose heart is as pure as a dove
A pageant city that teaches all hearts the basics of love ethics.
Tribute to my Dream Country, Paris the City Of Love.
502 · Mar 2016
Rippers Of Earth
Valentine Mbagu Mar 2016
All ye humans ****** earth art thou without conscience? 
Reaping on the soil wherein thou soweth not,
Thou that poiseneth the sea with thy poisonous science;
Is thy heart so callous that it cannot but produce wrath?

Woe betide ye parasites feasting on planet earth,
Thy experiments have darkened the light of plants;
Careth not thou that they venom poisoneth animals to death?
Thou that tilleth the ground have ye no sympathy for ants?

Ye rippers of earth considereth thou not the health of thy environment?
By thy pregnant hands earth regret her existence,
Thy inhumanity to nature have forced her to retirement;
Art thou not touched by nature's plea for existence?

Thy activities have posed itself a threat to thee,
Woe betide thee for thou has poisoned nature to death;
Seeth not that thou causeth harm to none but thee? 
Yet to thy household thou feedeth venom for meat.

All ye scavengers of nature and rippers of earth
The seed which thou soweth have turned into thorns,
Thy rebellious acts have caused thy citizens death; 
Willeth thou not spare earth seeing thou causeth nature to cry storms?
Man's inhumanity to nature.
484 · Dec 2014
Don't Forget Me
Valentine Mbagu Dec 2014
Together we've loved each other
Though we're parting now,
Still my heart longs for us together
It hurts but don't forget our vow.

I weep and weep, yet still feels your emptiness
My lips sealed calls for your heart where l was engraved,
The sound of your laughter unheard, causes more grief than loneliness
Your absence hurts more, that l groan to be caved.

We've lived together loving each other
Though we're parting, it hurts more than ever,
Even still, my heart bleeds until now
Though it hurts, please don't forget our vow.

The one who brought alive my dying heart  
Alas goes away turning her heart clutched at me,
Do you maybe realize how grasped you hold my  breathe?
Still, I wish you don't forget the memories of me.

I lived with the memories of none other than you
Since it was we parted ways and you went away,
Though it hurts, still I need you to pull through
I hope someday you come back to me to stay.

Does your heart ever feel my sad monologue?  
The words that causes more pain than pain,
It's your absence that hurts when l call for dialogue
Always as usual, l think of you again.

I've never forgotten you even for a moment
Though our love has parted, please don't forget me,
I still wish that we make an atonement
Even now and always, I still hope you come back to me.

We're meant to live to stay with each other
It still hurts that I've to live without you,
Though we've parted, seeing you in pains hurts more than ever
Still today and forever, I've never forgotten you.
465 · Jan 2015
Somewhere In Your Heart
Valentine Mbagu Jan 2015
Too late I realized that I've loved you so
Much more that I shouldn't have let you go,
But if only you grant my last request I ask
That you please keep me somewhere in your heart.

As I watched you go, my heart stirred again
Such that deep down my heart, I felt so much pain,
Be-holding my tears like raindrops fall, I gazed back at you
If only I could turn back time, I'd long to build an empire with you.

If you by chance knew I never meant to turn you away
Would you ever come back to me to stay?
Though it hurts, still I hope you grant my request I ask
That always you keep me somewhere in your heart.

I knew I was too blind to know your feelings
Too late I realized that I never found love appealing,
I feel sorry that I made you live in pain
Always I ask that you turn to me again.

Does your heart ever keep my memory in your heart?
I long that you return someday_ again never to part,
If only you'd understand the agony of my bleeding
Return to me, I wait for your love as my healing.

Now I realize how much my heart longs for us together
If you only grant my last request I ask, that you always keep me in your heart forever,
And if you think is not too much to ask
I hope that you keep me somewhere in your heart.
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