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Sep 2016
Honour to thee, thou goddess of succulent scrumptious beauty,
Before thee, I bow to worship thy spotless enticing purity;
At the aroma of thy fragrance, I breathe an immense sagacity,
My Arabian goddess, thy prowess I honor with my whole creativity.

Thy beauty have ne'er been seen on the face of any woman
Neither the origin of thy irresistible smiles traced to any human,
The radiance of thy smiles outshines the shining pride of the sun;
Thy refin'd personality a rare gem causes every imagination to run.

A fountain of beauty upon whose elegance the sun refuses to shine,
There canne'er be found any symbol of priceless beauty aside thee;
Of a truth, thou art a rare treasure for whose heart I'll go extra mile;
My Arabian goddess, for thy sake I'll forsake the world to be with thee.

Thy beauty is second to none for thou art more beautiful than the universe,
I'll treasure thee until the ocean dries up, for with thee I'll grow old;
My Arabian goddess, for thy smiles I'll cause time to make a reverse,
Until my dying breathe, I'll treasure thy person, till the ocean folds.

Thou art so precious a treasure, whose beauty glows with honour and pride,
An epitome of beauty, whose beauty is without comparison a rare Berry,
Thy rhythmic voice a sonorous lyric makes me glued to thy side
For thou art sweeter than honey and more succulent than berry.

My Arabian goddess, until the end of time, I'll forever love you best,
I'll love thee, till the river jumps over the mountains, with thee I'll boast my Pride;
Ne'er will I stop loving thee, for I'll be sure to love thee to thy taste,
Of a truth, thy beauty glitters more than gold, with thee I'll make my Bride.

Valentine Mbagu
Written by
Valentine Mbagu  F.c.t. Abuja. Nigeria
(F.c.t. Abuja. Nigeria)   
     Sajini Israel and Bluebird
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