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Valentine Mbagu May 2016
Lost in the tunnel of suffering and her struggles, 
I saw thick darkness in the broad daylight;
Life became worthless and living disdained, 
For all hope was lost as I cursed my existence.

I was bitten by the venom of struggle and distress,
For the hope within me seemed hopeless;
Agony and sorrow was my wine and feast,
And I cursed the very kind air I'd breath.

Amidst all this I hoped for a better hope,
I yawned for words to heal my solitude heart; 
And I heard these words saying do not be dismayed,
These words I inhaled gave light to my darkness.

As battered, shattered and scattered as I was,
Still I found reason to fight life's poisonous venom; 
These words I inhaled healed my heart and struggles,
For within me I saw hope knocking at my door.

Despite the thick darkness, I saw light smiling at me, 
Words within me came alive and hope was rekindled; 
These words I heard gave me reason to live again,
For life became worth living as I inhaled these words.
Power of positive words. Comfort someone today with your words.
Valentine Mbagu May 2016
Once upon a time in the pages of history 
There existed a ****** earth void of violence;
Her pride was in the nakedness of terrorism 
As she lived her virginity stained in peace.

An epitome of peace she was to her citizens
For she disdained fanaticism and terror;
Peace and harmony was her thirst and hunger 
Until she was deceived with the aroma of power.

The ****** earth that was once a fertile zone
Has now been deflowered by violence and terrorism:
Her pride have been sold to wars and extremism,
It hurts that she traded her virginity for violence.

Let's all fight this battle against violence and terrorism
Cos it's a war for peace_ a war only peace can win; 
Killings, bombings and terrors we must crucify 
So that earth can smoke the nakedness of peace.

It's time that the earth cried peace in place of war
For she has long endured the pain of violence;
Her milk hopes to flow in the absence of terrorism,
Even as the ocean cries so let peace cry on earth.
The necessity for peace and unity to reign in the world as a whole.
Valentine Mbagu Mar 2016
As Jesus wept, his tears were blood,
Agonising in pain as he was tortured;
Yet he was willing to taste the cross.

As he groaned, his pains were bitter,
Showing love for the whole world;
He made himself a sacrificial lamb.

As he wept, his sorrow was heavy,
Dancing to the tune of shame;
He was ready to battle with death.

As he bled, his agony showed love,
Bearing man's suffering and shame;
He cleansed humanity with his blood.

When he died, man tasted freedom,
Having defeated death he rose again;
He now lives and sits on the throne of glory.
Best of my Haiku
Valentine Mbagu Mar 2016
Child, your cry reminds me of my pain
So intense, fruitless and without any gain,
In my mother's womb, I bled my last
Memories of me aborted angers me to lambaste.

I hoped to taste the joy of being born
And caressed like any other child's horn,
But mother did you ever love this child
To have denied him access to your guide?

Hope you gave me when you thought to bare this child
Little wonder I choose a mother like you as my guide,
What then went wrong to have my blood shed?
So innocent a child you gave me no chance to be loved.

On you alone, I placed all my hope and trust
In your womb I thought to avoid rust,
But mother did you hate me that much your own son
To have a harmless child suffer the scorch of abortion?

Mother, you gave me no reason for my crime
To have loved and chosen a mother like mine,
With your hands you murdered your own blood
Oh mother, why the cruelty on this child whom you never did curd?
Man's inhumanity to man
Valentine Mbagu Mar 2016
All ye humans ****** earth art thou without conscience? 
Reaping on the soil wherein thou soweth not,
Thou that poiseneth the sea with thy poisonous science;
Is thy heart so callous that it cannot but produce wrath?

Woe betide ye parasites feasting on planet earth,
Thy experiments have darkened the light of plants;
Careth not thou that they venom poisoneth animals to death?
Thou that tilleth the ground have ye no sympathy for ants?

Ye rippers of earth considereth thou not the health of thy environment?
By thy pregnant hands earth regret her existence,
Thy inhumanity to nature have forced her to retirement;
Art thou not touched by nature's plea for existence?

Thy activities have posed itself a threat to thee,
Woe betide thee for thou has poisoned nature to death;
Seeth not that thou causeth harm to none but thee? 
Yet to thy household thou feedeth venom for meat.

All ye scavengers of nature and rippers of earth
The seed which thou soweth have turned into thorns,
Thy rebellious acts have caused thy citizens death; 
Willeth thou not spare earth seeing thou causeth nature to cry storms?
Man's inhumanity to nature.
Valentine Mbagu Dec 2015
All ye termites hacking ants are you without sin?
Twisting the law to your greed thus dethroning justice
Thou that dis-virgins the law to suit your selfish taste,
Did not equity say that none is above the law?
Money-thirsty vultures seeking positions to occupy.
Law hackers depriving justice and equity of her rights
Equity and justice now lives in shame of her virginity,
Almighty termite, do not your deeds speak evil of your sins?
I weep blood for justice and equity whose daughters you *****.
Is there none whose conscience still breathe or lives?
Power-driven termites making uncountable promises
Yet accomplishing none but your calculated interests.

All ye leaders that preach peace, are you not corrupt minded?
En-slaving accounts meant for public welfare
Yet you claim to have the peoples interest in mind,
Did not the law command you to let equity and justice smile?
Parasitic predators hi-jacking the country's economy
Filthy termites proclaiming injustice upon powerless ants,
Justice hackers, do not your conscience judge your judgments?
I wish that you allow justice and equity have her way.
Law benders at whose feet equity and justice bow
Rippers of the law, at your hands justice is twisted,
Is your nature as humans so inhumane?
Little wonder the earth lives in fear of your tyranny.

All ye slanders of the law, why not sheath your swords of corruption?
Your unchecked power has broken the wings of justice
Thereby making equity a widow without a husband,
Remember your oaths to serve with justice and equity;
Did you deceive the ants that voted you in to serve them?
Chameleons occupying seats of filtered ambitions
Woe betide your conscience for refusing to judge you,
Are you not guilty of molesting the law?
I mourn for the shameful death of equity and justice.
You that crafts the law to fit your suit of corruption
Remember a day comes when justice will laugh again,
And you being powerful cannot escape the law of Karma.

Murderers of the law, will you also bribe karma?
I doubt if you can buy the law of karma with money.
Thou whose gluttony corrupts justice and equity,
Don't you feel guilty that you disvirgined the law?
Equity and justice now roams about in nakedness,
You that preach the law, are you true to yourself?
Heartless spiders cob-webbing the law to entangle poor ants
Did not equity bid you come to justice with clean hands?
Yet with filthy garments you condemn innocent ants;
Mind you that someday the law will rise again.
All ye scavengers of justice and hackers of the law,
Do you think you can **** the law of Karma?
Injustice pronounced on helpless citizens who are powerless and without a voice.
Valentine Mbagu Aug 2015
In loving her for whose heart my heart beats, I let go
An empire with her, I dream not to build without wealth,
I let go of my feelings, seeing I can't prove my love for her to glow
What future awaits her with me, I can't bear the sight of her living in dirt.

I long to groom with her a happy home, filled with the riches and treasures of this world
The mother of my kids I dreamed of her, but what future without wealth awaits her?
These thoughts came to me, as I let go my feelings without a word
Away I go to seek wealth, such riches and treasures to make me worthy of her.

Another found her, he my rival; his love bred riches and wealth
Her affection he soon gained, a brighter future she dreamed of,
To her whose affection you gained, I hope you love her till death
Caress her with care, cheat not nor break her heart; this I ask you of.

My love I sacrifice, seeing I can't bear to see her in need
Her happiness always I wish for, also that you stand by her and love her till the end,
Though I can't be with her, my heart will be merry if she lacks nothing good
This be my request that till eternity, you love and be her true friend.

Shower on her love, with such riches without measure I hope you give her
Build with her an empire filled with the riches and treasures of wealth,
If it be that I return someday having acquired riches and wealth, I still hope to prove my love to her
Until then, who knows when; I hope that you love her till death.
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