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Child, your cry reminds me of my pain
So intense, fruitless and without any gain,
In my mother's womb, I bled my last
Memories of me aborted angers me to lambaste.

I hoped to taste the joy of being born
And caressed like any other child's horn,
But mother did you ever love this child
To have denied him access to your guide?

Hope you gave me when you thought to bare this child
Little wonder I choose a mother like you as my guide,
What then went wrong to have my blood shed?
So innocent a child you gave me no chance to be loved.

On you alone, I placed all my hope and trust
In your womb I thought to avoid rust,
But mother did you hate me that much your own son
To have a harmless child suffer the scorch of abortion?

Mother, you gave me no reason for my crime
To have loved and chosen a mother like mine,
With your hands you murdered your own blood
Oh mother, why the cruelty on this child whom you never did curd?
Man's inhumanity to man
All ye humans ****** earth art thou without conscience? 
Reaping on the soil wherein thou soweth not,
Thou that poiseneth the sea with thy poisonous science;
Is thy heart so callous that it cannot but produce wrath?

Woe betide ye parasites feasting on planet earth,
Thy experiments have darkened the light of plants;
Careth not thou that they venom poisoneth animals to death?
Thou that tilleth the ground have ye no sympathy for ants?

Ye rippers of earth considereth thou not the health of thy environment?
By thy pregnant hands earth regret her existence,
Thy inhumanity to nature have forced her to retirement;
Art thou not touched by nature's plea for existence?

Thy activities have posed itself a threat to thee,
Woe betide thee for thou has poisoned nature to death;
Seeth not that thou causeth harm to none but thee? 
Yet to thy household thou feedeth venom for meat.

All ye scavengers of nature and rippers of earth
The seed which thou soweth have turned into thorns,
Thy rebellious acts have caused thy citizens death; 
Willeth thou not spare earth seeing thou causeth nature to cry storms?
Man's inhumanity to nature.
Behold Nigeria my motherland
A land that sits upon the hills of many waters
A country built on the ancient landmark of heroes band
An Eagle that protects her citizens in the arms of her feathers.

A beautiful Nigeria whose fields are as green as green could ever be
An Iroko that stands on the root of peace and unity
A fertile land that is as fertile as fertility can ever be
A united people, a proud nation void of segregation nor discrimination in her city.

My motherland a land that upholds the staff of dignity and natural endowment
A land of unity and peace glowing like a river of gold across the horizon
A nation that feeds on the diet of heavens supplement
An ocean that runs through the test of raging storms un-torn.

My motherland! My motherland!
A Nigeria that adores her women more highly than the Queen of England
An Olive that yields more than the cedars of Lebanon
A land whose daughters are as beautiful as the daughters of Job in Jerusalem's land
An independent country as powerful as the King Nebuchadnezar of Babylon.

It's Nigeria my motherland
A land that rests on the pillars of her freedom
A country seated on the pearls and treasures of many Ireland
A Nigeria that lives on the soil of heavens wisdom.

— The End —