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uselace Nov 2019
I drove by the Dairy Queen,
Where you found out about feelings
I would rather have stayed hidden
I remember that night
Better than anyone else,
Just like I remember the movie on our first date
That made me cry later,
But not for the reasons they thought
Still, nothing could beat
The first time you held my hand
And we weren't just two girls anymore.

I can't wear my hoodie,
Because it still smells like you
And makes me remember why I hurt
I would brave stares for you
Push through the whispers
Maybe, if you asked nicely enough
I would even brave a broken heart
Really, I just want to know
If you ever find yourself staring,
Wondering what we could have been.
to each of the girls who i thought i loved.
uselace Nov 2019
i feel like i'm trying
to put together a puzzle,
except the pieces are serotonin
and there always seems
to be just one or two missing,
but all it takes is those few missing links
for the whole thing
to fall apart
and i have to start over.
i've attempted this puzzle
for years, again and again-
but sometimes, i have to wonder
will i ever have all the pieces?
i'm so ******* scared that i'm going to spend the rest of my life like this, falling apart over and over.
uselace Nov 2019
everything hurts,
like broken glass
cutting me up
into pieces
of sadness,
from the inside

maybe those pieces
are the leftovers
of what we could
have been,
now forever trapped
inside someone
who will relive,
question every moment
keep them sharp,
and keep hurting.
there's just a hole in my chest, and i'm starting to wonder if it will ever close.
uselace Oct 2019
today i learned
maybe, you can’t
fit two broken pieces
and expect it to last.
uselace Sep 2019
i've forgotten
how to express myself
other than that
i'm so ******* exhausted
and just once
just for a few seconds
i want to be okay again.
only through two weeks of school and i just want to sleep forever
uselace Sep 2019
at this point,
i can't even tell
if it helps anymore
it's just a part of me
ingrained as deeply
as a love of stars
or running
until i can't breathe
just to drown out
the noise in my head
i have to wonder
will these scars
ever help?
i still feel like **** no matter what
uselace Sep 2019
i have so much love,
for the world
for people
and no one
to take it
the greeks would call it agape
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