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people ask me; have you seen angels
and my reply is always "YES" ...
I have seen Angels
in the shape of her Love

people ask me; have you seen Evil
As I slowly took a deep breath I reply "YES" ... I have seen Evil in the shape of people who make a lovable person feeling unlovable,
When in deed they deserve a deep and unrelenting love.

So yes, I’ve seen evil!

Speak love and leave her humble
To be loved and understood for exactly who you are is one of the most powerful things you could possibly experience...
 Sep 2021 Akta Agarwal
 Sep 2021 Akta Agarwal
Eyes are the window to the soul,

But what if,

You don't have one of those?
Shimmering colors of
gold, pink, and blue
fill up the sky
to welcome the
empty moon.

Colors so clear
to the human
eye. Colors so pure
to fill our sky.

The last glimpse
of beauty before
the darkness unfolds.
Beauty so tremendous
to behold.

Keep it long.
Keep it bright.
Do not forget the sight
before the darkest night
happy holidays everybody
Ideas swirl around my head
Each one could be a hit
Each one could be a flop
But trying to write it
Proves difficult

I sit
I write
I scratch
I rewrite

Slowly I take a part of my soul
And the melody shows itself

The song now complete.
 May 2021 Akta Agarwal
There is a light in my eyes
that comes shining through
when I experience the gratefulness that comes from loving you
White moon far above
You’re so beautiful
can’t get enough!
Shine on me
Enhance my colors
with your love!!

Shell ✨🐚
Trough moons eyes I see
A world asleep
Not entirely
I see nightlife
So many wandering at night
Homeless in the cold
Searching for a place to hide
Lovers whispering,  looking at me.

Shell ✨🐚
I would walk a thousand miles for you
If I knew you would walk
to meet me too!

 May 2021 Akta Agarwal
She is an ocean of all her emotions
so quiet and peaceful from above ;
her feelings so deep
but no one knows when she weeps.

She flood others with love ,
and never let other sink.
Her tears make her salty ;
and still she makes others happy .

She always bounce back like the wave
and wipes out her all problems
just like the waves do .
She is an ocean , no one can make  her finite .
 May 2021 Akta Agarwal
Randy Lee
Here is a list of things I do not regret, despite shame’s hot breathing down my neck;

I don’t regret holding your hand, fingers intertwined and all

I don’t regret Traverse City, my favorite day of all

I don’t regret you on the beach in the twilight, not worried about the sand at all

I don’t regret our too long hugs, in public, your car, my porch, your office, or any place at all

I don’t regret our back rubs, even if the final score has you winning it all

I don’t regret telling you I love you, or you telling me first at all

I don’t regret the sneaky pictures, when you weren’t looking that i stole

I don’t regret the days I held you close, anxiety had its hold

I don’t regret being vulnerable, or sharing my secrets so bold

I don’t regret never kissing you, even if my dreams still tell me i do

I don’t regret falling in love with you..

I don’t regret it, no..

The only thing I do regret, is hurting you just so
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