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Mehdi May 2020
When is this gonna end?
We're loosing track of everything
Only memories feel so real
When the reality is just a bad dream

I sleep so I can live
To feel something, to just breath
I hope to see you every night
At all those places we've never been

I remember moments we never lived
Did I imagine a life where we did meet?
I know you're here, just miles away
I need to travel time to find you there

If patience is the key
I am trying hard just to be
To exist and to forget
How long this all might take...

Days will pass I am sure
At the end I will find you
As much as I learned to miss you
I know you're there waiting too...
Mehdi Apr 2020
Water drops, morning breeze
Is it autumn, winter or spring...
I close my eyes and I still can see
The shape of air, the flow of a smell

I am too deep inside, that I feel so out
Laying on this bed, floating over a hill
I'm here, I'm there, not sure even where
Every morning is a start going nowhere

They are coming, they are leaving
I see them while they're not there
A sound increasing behind my brain
The touch of an angel holding my hand

A voice wakes me from this dream
"Open your eyes, you are still here
This is nowhere, but look around...
You're lonely but never been alone"
Mehdi Apr 2020
Does this universe exist...
Or is it our reflections...

I am just what you think you see
You are what I learned to perceive
Have we even met?
Or was it a shadow in my head...

Maybe I don't even know you
But then, how do I miss you...

— The End —