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Jul 27 · 38
Orchid Jul 27

She left all the rocks,
Embraced with the skies,
But landed in a net of deceit and lies
And cried to the sound of a sunset demise
With her heart in the gutter
Nothing was to rise
But the horns on his head
And crimson in his eyes.
Jul 13 · 125
Orchid Jul 13
As two hearts would embrace
Two worlds would collide
"My darling I am yours,
And you are simply,
Jun 30 · 133
Orchid Jun 30
"Come with me, far away." I told you
Eager your bones had clattered
And joined me in that cloudless cave
Where no one and nothing mattered.
Jun 6 · 33
Orchid Jun 6
"A jar of honey has never hurt anyone"


                                                                          Tell that to the guy who's
                                                                      manhood got stuck in one.
May 25 · 36
On the Hilltop
Orchid May 25
I'd count the number of daises,
Dressed with the honey bee buzz,
That played with the wind, a symphony,
Harmonic to the sight of our love.
Orchid May 20
"A life once lived is a life to be known
Whether a bottomless pit
Or a crystal adorned throne

The equality in savages is the one and only balance
For the severity held in man
Has only one single talent..."
May 6 · 602
Orchid May 6

Impossible, fantastical
It cannot make sense at all
I used to pride myself in my posture
But somehow you've made me fall.
Apr 23 · 57
Orchid Apr 23
I've heard that the ocean will often cry,
Cry tears all along the moon pulled tides,
For she knows she can never hold the same beauty,
That the shards of beryl hold in your eyes.
Apr 13 · 38
Orchid Apr 13
"My deranged indulgence
Take me away
Back to the jail I sat
on Mother's Day."
Apr 7 · 53
Orchid Apr 7
It doesn't take much,
I wish it would take more
To get me hooked on your presence
Craving you more and more
My beating heart is easy
My legs not so much
But you've captured my mind
Where many cannot touch
I have felt love before
The pitiful, serpent kind
But something pure lies in-between
Your tongue and doe eyes
I feel sick with a yearn
To hold you, to feel
That vexing sweet smile
Absorb in the depths of teal
I've never felt such hate
For a man I so desire
But your words, oceanic
Soothe my volcanic fires
One moment I smoke fear
The other I am subdued
Waiting for your response
I shine a crimson hue
It is pain and tiresome
But what can I do?
I'm addicted and sick
To you and only you.
It's a game I never wished to play, but I have taken my seat at the table.
I guess it's time to roll the dice.
Apr 4 · 23
The Poet
Orchid Apr 4
Nonsensical in speech
but with deeper understanding
you can follow my words
rise to the poet panting

For he stands and sits
upon those emblem crowns
gives emotion to listeners
adorned in silk gowns
Mar 21 · 233
Orchid Mar 21
For what can I say but disagree with the rest,

The daughter of Poseidon
Caught fishing out a net

With the denial of most
I cannot fear for the man

With the face of a goat
And hoof for a hand.

Fell in love like a blossom
Ripped from it's path

Drifting and floating
Then crumbling when dark,

Held my hand and watched
The snowflakes heave

And move to the sound of a sunset breeze.
Mar 16 · 206
Orchid Mar 16
Roaming the plane soulless spiting rights, spitting facts

Exhausting public eyes whilst rendering a tax.
Feb 24 · 39
Orchid Feb 24
I am the man in the mirror,
The man that lacks common sense
The man taken for a joker,
Crucified to resent
The man who writes up the scribes
That keep the wall of the dead, dead
He awoke in the morning to his wife
Cooking with no head,
It is pain and she thrives
In this frantic hand I know
I am experienced in aching
To be ignored, left alone
For what price can he pay
For the scribblings of the ******
A skinny ***** with the ravishing's
Of a ******* Man
Jan 17 · 41
Orchid Jan 17
I seem to forget, the point of his cries
tears paint his face
then the inside of my thighs

Seasoned with intent
I tire of his ways,
an emotional pit
with a never-ending say
Oct 2020 · 42
Orchid Oct 2020
A young blonde, who's face more evident than her heart  
She'd cerulean eyes and the lips of a ****
A beauty for the senses, honey and innocence faded
Leaving her rotting at the core, a ****** up sadist

She was loved yet never returned the feelings to the ******
Stare you dead in the eyes and your nightmare was planned
Pitied all her life, mother wanted circumcision
So she upped and left with her ******* tilted toward fiction

Spent her days in a wine cellar, the dungeons were full
Her claws scraped at the walls bathed in grape juice that was mulled,
She'd lay on the floor, compared herself to Siddhartha
Lacerate a bit of skin every hour as a sacrifice to her father

Met the love of her life whilst dancing like a *****,
The sluttiest of the bunch, he yearned for an encore
Mother begged and refused, sensed the evil in her eyes,
She was bought around whilst she was wedged between her thighs.
Jun 2020 · 62
Cherry Tart
Orchid Jun 2020
Spent days of rebellion on the shore
Coaxing the libidinous village shuckers,
Exiled as a **** on a raft chuckling
"Carpe Diem *******!"
May 2020 · 80
Orchid May 2020
I know my heart is all you have
But we forget about my pride
My heart is a gelid stone
Holding a reckless divide

If you were to throttle me
My dear you should be so kind
Because "True Love's Kiss"
Is the Devil's tongue in disguise
May 2020 · 68
Orchid May 2020
At this point I'd rather be stabbed
Watch the blood drain out of myself
Than sit here and yearn for someone
Who so clearly loves somebody else.
May 2020 · 81
Orchid May 2020
The devil to me is a better acquaintance
Than the angels that would redeem mankind
As the angels were molded by your potent hand
The same hand that created this lie
May 2020 · 59
Orchid May 2020
I fear
If this fire does not tire.
Refrain from burning me whole
I will die
Having lost sight of everything
I once stood for
A concave grind into nothing
A phoenix
That slept upon ashes
And didn't rise
For it failed to feel something
Apr 2020 · 70
Grand Prince
Orchid Apr 2020
Emptied his stomach
Bloodless puncture in his breastplate
Breath lost before victory
Could be muttered in checkmate
Apr 2020 · 48
Orchid Apr 2020
You miss your Mother’s hand
Being wedged between your thighs
Her intoxicating perfume
Labelled Arsenic trichloride

Fighting all your life
Pain began at circumcision
You spent Mother’s day sat
Awaiting visitation in prison

Needles gave a hug filled with warmth
You were deprived
The first time you said “I love you”
Was the time her breath took flight
Apr 2020 · 95
Orchid Apr 2020
Pages upon pages of lies not turned
For a sorrowful man has spent all he's earned

I live among spirits who died among lager
Their piteous lives condemned to a saga

Laced with a sickly scent of caramelized babies
She's left thrown in a bed that belongs to Hades

Man shall run before they've learnt to walk
Eyes filled with gold artificial to a hawk

Kept down with chains, oppressed with a might
Soon as he is cut he'll get higher than a kite.
Mar 2020 · 78
Orchid Mar 2020
So strange yet wonderful, a dark life we all lead
she spent most of hers perched with a vase full of mead

Fills the crystal up, tis poison to the rim
a paroxysm of choler burnt away with a hymn.
Mar 2020 · 169
Orchid Mar 2020
My humanity was wrenched, torn, as he
Tossed our love on a hearse


Nothing prettier than what's demanded
is allowed slurs.
Mar 2020 · 96
Orchid Mar 2020
An artist crafted you
With fine, fine fingers
Each flare in your iris shall agree

I struggle to acknowledge
What you are
Convinced my eyes have been deceived
He was Bewitching
Mar 2020 · 251
Orchid Mar 2020
The syllables you spit do not walk hand in hand
with the words in your heart.

The pain tears my soul when I see you,
Ill love you till death do us part.
Jan 2020 · 72
Orchid Jan 2020
If it was what your heart desired,
I would ****** the sun from the skies,
Place it inside your arms,
Unbeknownst to my sightless eyes,

I would catch the gleams of the moon,
That bounce off the darkest shadows
Steal the beauty of man
And listen to the wolves harrow,

I would strike a match in a second,
Burn the world in the hottest of fires,
Gather the essence of what was left,
If it was what your heart desired.
Dec 2019 · 181
Orchid Dec 2019
No longer I shall sleep
Unless your hand is upon mine,

Counting the beats of your heart
As our souls entwine
Nov 2019 · 92
Mi Amor
Orchid Nov 2019
Yet who is this I see?
My eyes at first stumbled past
With irises convulsed I melted away,
Beauty, such beauty
How God must've cried to see you depart down from heaven
Shaking his head as he wailed goodbye,
More than mere stares and empty comments
You anchor in our hearts and force the best of us to surface
Mi Amor, I bid thee adieu
For if I stare a moments longer
I'll fall in love with you...
Sep 2019 · 225
High Priestess
Orchid Sep 2019
Under the Christmas tree
Is where Santa got frisky
Mother got tipsy
While she downed the dregs of whisky.

She wouldn't touch rubies
Thought herself divine
Her throat already signed
With the communions red wine.
Sep 2019 · 615
Orchid Sep 2019
The poor shall marvel as the rich will pity,

There is only room for one man in the immigrants city
Aug 2019 · 149
Orchid Aug 2019
At last at peace,
Closing her pale rose lips,

Dawn till Dusk her fingers count,

Until she shall again rise,
Rise and watch the nights moon clasped in the sky's hands

With her long lost orchid eyes
Jul 2019 · 116
The smile
Orchid Jul 2019
“My children,” he said “Be aware of devilry,

                    For as Mankind is held in esteem,

Refrain from catching the ***** tendency

               Or you will become an ill mans dream.”
A forbidden act
Jul 2019 · 228
Orchid Jul 2019
Tear me a shred of the good
Lords Dignity
For what is a man if he
Doesn’t sicken me

Star dusted wishes, blessed with
An angels touch
Look her in the eyes
Convince her that its not lust

I can see why the wise men
said that she is crazy
As she inhaled the scent of Myrrh
And screamed “it doesn’t phase me”
Jul 2019 · 125
Rose Mist
Orchid Jul 2019
See the crimson petals
Dance to the floor

Selfish in nature
Thus labelled a *****,

A pardoned disguise
I pity yet adore her

Her blossom tongue protected
The sweet scent of ammonia
Jul 2019 · 176
Orchid Jul 2019
Broken by laws with misfitted guidance

"Alors on danse" screamed King Midas

I am the creature, temptation for Eve,

i  before  e  yet the whole world screams
Jul 2019 · 213
Orchid Jul 2019
Men have since been lured the same way
By that one that got away

That same angel in disguise

Forever shall she drain the colour of baby blue eyes
Drain them into crimson

A crimson lifeless lie.
Jun 2019 · 283
Orchid Jun 2019
Hush young one
Censored thoughts,

Keep it astray you must

Else a liar shall be spat upon
A scoundrel buried in dust

Sprint away
Without your whimpering cries,

Back to your solid slum

Your mother will be baking your pies,
Honeysuckle apple and plum

Now if you ever were to tell,
Satan would weep to behave

I'll build a wall for you

Patterned with words
Resting upon your fathers own grave
Jun 2019 · 582
Orchid Jun 2019
Pity me from the angel's eyes,
Whose teardrops shine in a selfish pry,

Whiskey in a Mug, that earthly feel,
Wrenched from the bone off the Amazon eel,

Led into a hive, Bumblebees roar
Brunettes being left dancing with a hacksaw,

Born on Broadway, let them scream "Fantastica"
Pictured for suicide, yet only a massacre.
May 2019 · 181
Cherry Tree
Orchid May 2019
God made us blossoms

Beauty a subjective concept,

Yet when she held your soul

She plucked for you the light of sunsets
May 2019 · 202
Orchid May 2019
Up I stay,
Till the moons full in bloom,

Take me away.
I'll run away with you,
May 2019 · 182
Orchid May 2019
How can your soul
roam across this world

while it holds no care?

Drinks jam out of its jars
And sleeps in a bus shelter

Behind the toothless grin

and the dreams of the Boulevard
Orchid May 2019
Glory to God!
In heaven above
I'm sick of your sins
Sewn with

Your tongue
Drowned in lager
Father no saint
Mother a martyr

Tears shed gold
In Christs own name
by man
Pentecostal flame

Roped their arms
Touched all sick
him in
On your crucifix

Condemn you to
The wrath of the Luna
Sallow your pride
Sing Hallelujah
May 2019 · 344
Crown of Thorns
Orchid May 2019
As you sail away into the abyss,
Our fate is sealed by true loves kiss,
A lie, repeated, thrashed pon' waves of guilt,
Sweet as nectar lies, in the babies bottle of milk,

Gaze as the flames dance with a vigour,
Shaken, boiled with Jesus's liquor,
Condensed upon glass, upon glass shall condense,
Bittersweet tears, of which sins may repent

Palm trees whistled as sky held Luna,
The commoners spat and praised 'Alleluia',
Let him breathe, let him sit, let him praise, let him run,
King of the Jews, your chariot has begun,

Pockets cupped and saved torn bibles,
Caressing the minds of the bad disciples,
Lucifer created hell for their own protection,
A crown of thorns worn with failed redemption,
May 2019 · 83
Dearg Due
Orchid May 2019
I swear to endeavour,
As I swear for your kiss,
The one midnight raven,
Keeping me in bliss,
I shall carry on a fool
To make his eyes fall in love,
Combat with the goddess,
A diamond in the rough,
But what strength can sway
Your fair hand to my arms?
Little I am sure
But a verity is in balms,
The locks you possess
Keep my heart sure enchanted,
Your eyes are the remedy,
Taken for granted,
That lotus bud blooms
A deep rose gold,
Your placement is tender,
Your story stays untold,
It is impossible to keep you,
A birds wings chained,
Try as I might to test you
I am the one who remains tamed,
As your father was no surgeon
Perplexed I sigh,
For how did he take cinnabar and
Place it in your eyes,
Toxic yet a beauty,
Take my hand and cry,
Say you're nothing special
But those cheeks blush with pride,
A fallen angel indeed,
Scared for my own life
Your hands as smooth as gin
Your tongue as soft as a knife,
Kept away from humanity
As if a psychopaths answer,
Truth is you're a remedy,
who died a vengeful martyr,
I'm aware you'll drift away,
Back into the moons shine,
Up above those clouds
You are too precious to be mine,
So as I count down the days,
Until I lose that lavender gaze,
My mind becomes a blur,
An incomprehensible haze,
I've accepted that you've gone,
But you say I can join too,
So I've built the tallest building
And I'll try fly just for you,
An ancient, forbidden love

— The End —